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  • Dinosaurs is one of my all time favorite comedy shows. Especially the baby (I'm the baby, gotta love me!) is great! The best episode is the one in which the baby turns 2 years old and he becomes out of control. Earl and Fran call the babysitter and what follows is one of the best parodies I've ever seen along with Eekpocalypse Now from the Eek the Cat show (but you gotta have seen 'the Exorcist' for this one). 'The power of rice compels you!'

    See it and see it again... and again... and again. (Even the re-runs are funny as hell!)
  • 'Dinosaurs' was a great show, it really was. And not some copycat on 'The Simpsons.' I was quite young when the show began and ended, and it was an all time favorite of mine. I loved it b/c it was so funny. Many episodes had messages about our society today. Even though I was little, and there were some things I didn't get, I still remember those shows. Like this one episode where Earl, the dad, went and bought the two animals, considered delicacies, for his and Fran's anniversary. It turns out that they are the last of their kind, so Robbie tries to protect them. Sadly, Earl's boss eats them. But not before Robbie persuades them to reproduce and when Earl comes home with a heavy heart and trying to tell Robbie and tragic news, the adorable offspring hatch from their eggs. Or two episodes where Earl is arrested for bad parenting and the one with Robbie being head or the household. This show was good, but it was underrated and now, not even a decent number lousy fan site is out and about with it.
  • I'm still wondering why they ever decided to cancel this great show. It had great production value (those dinosaurs look really great, and this is pre-CGI) and it's one of the funniest shows I've ever seen. I still enjoy watching the reruns on German TV.
  • This show was fantastic, really funny with the baby being the funniest character, he was always hitting Earl Sinclair on the the head with a frying pan and saying "Not the Mamma". Its just a shame the cancelled it and you can't get the videos anymore.
  • The comedy never ends in this amazing show--it ranges from small but hilarious expressions to in-depth jokes. The characters are entertaining and believable, and their situations are unique and enhanced by their different ways of dealing with them. The dinosaurs themselves are very realistic, and make you want to truly believe in their prehistoric world that is so much like our own. There are also important and much-needed lessons to be learned from this wonderful show, and the humour is almost completely clean.
  • stars: Stuart Pankin as Earl Sneed Sinclair. Jessica Walter as Fran Sinclair. Jason Willinger as Robert Mark Sinclair. Kevin Clash as Baby Sinclair and Howard Handupme. Sally Struthers as Charlene Sinclair. Florence Stanley as Ethyl Phillips. Sam McMurray as Roy Hess and Mr. Lizard. Sherman Hemsley as BP Richfield. Suzie Plakson as Monica Divertibrae. (episode 14 plus) Chris Meloni as Spike (1991-1992) Jason Alexander as "Sexual" Harris, Gus Molehill, Job Wizard, Grown up Baby and various others. Michael McKean as Various. Tim Curry as Various. Brian Henson as Arthur Rizzic, fridge food and others. With Performers: Steve Whittemire, Dave Goelz and Bill Barretta.

    Based on an idea by the late, but great Jim Henson, Dinosaurs is about Megalasaurus Earl Sinclair, who is your average dumb father. We have his slightly overbearing wife Fran, his baby who craves attention, his teenage son robbie and his unpopular but trying daughter Charlene. The show brings dinosaurs to life through animatronic puppeteering through facial movements, which looks great and really cool sets. The show kind of turns actual situations into dinosaur situations, like Charlene wanting to grow a tail because her friends have them and the boys will like her, or dirty politics (most plots containing Earl's boss). It actually shows how ignorant man can be. earl is a tree pusher, and pushes down trees for no reason. The dinosaurs eat anything smaller than them because they're big. It has clever dialogue that helps it along too. Other than the family, we also have Ethyl Phillips, who is Fran's paraplegic mother who hates Earl. There's Roy, Earl's bud at work. There's his evil Triceratops boss Mr. Richfield and Fran's long necked, four legged friend who just sticks her neck in because she has no hands. I totally recommend this show, and I hope you enjoy it!

    My rating: 4/4. TV rating can differ, can contain some sexual candor or mild language. TVPG.
  • This show is hilarious! Whether it's Baby hitting Earl with a frying pan while saying, "Not the mama!" or Robbie accidentally becoming leader of a gang, or Charlene and Fran having another discussion about money... ...this is a show that was guaranteed to make me laugh out loud. People say it's a ripoff of the Simpsons. Well, in my view it's BETTER than the Simpsons.

    And then the stupid TV execs decide to give it the axe. Grrrr! But it had one of the best and most heart-tugging final episodes of any TV series.

    In fact, the time is right for a new series, in my view...
  • Our dinosaur family are as follows Earl, a megalosaurus. Earls name I'd always heard as Earl Sneath Sinclair (not Sneed as the trivia says). Fran (who we didn't know if she had a middle name), Robbie (Robert Mark Sinclair), Charlene (no, no middle name there either) and Baby Sinclair (who was originally named Argh, argh, I'm Dying you idiot Sinclair). Family friends Roy Hess a t-Rex, Monica Devertaborough (some sort of diplodocus or bronotsaurus). Other people included Ethel Phillips (Fran's mum) and B.P. Richfield (earl's boss, a triceratops who seems to be a carnivore). Howard Handupme (a TV presenter of news), Spike (school bully & friend to Robbie), Mister Lizard ( a science presenter) and Timmy (who Mister Lizard kills in every episode, WE LOVE IT!)

    The family are like a Dinosaur version of The Simpsons only funnier and more entertaining with actual messages in their shows.

    Jim Henson only created 65 episodes which was enough to put the show into syndication in the US.

    The show was and is still well loved if you go by the amount of interest all Henson Dinosaurs ebay sales create. I own all the videos that were released in the Uk. I was annoyed to see there were holiday specials that never made it to VHS and will have to wait until there is ever an official DVD release.

    This was an excellent show and provided me with many afternoons of entertainment and still does. I can still watch the video's and enjoy them on many levels especially "Ask Mister Lizard" which I love and think should have got it's own show.

  • "DINOSAURS," is my opinion, is an absolute ABC classic! I don't think I've seen every episode, but I still enjoyed it. It's hard to say which episode was my favorite. However, I think it was always funny when a mishap occurred. I always laughed at that. Despite the fact that it was a short-lived series, it was nice that all the main characters stayed with the show throughout its entire run. It seems that no one stays with a show throughout its entire run. Everyone always gave a good performance, the production design was spectacular, the characters and everything about them were well-designed, and the writing was always very strong. In conclusion, I hope they bring it back on the air for fans of the show to see.
  • This is one of those magical shows that has the perfect mix of writing, cast & crew that comes together far too seldom and provides you with something that's about as sublime as can be mustered. Also, it entertains on many levels so that anyone watching will be able to laugh at, and learn from, each episode.

    The show enjoys a terrific cast of voice actors, some well-knowns (Sherman Hemsley, Sally Struthers, Florence Stanley, Christopher Meloni) along with lesser-known talent but who were equally as gifted here, and their chemistry together worked very well.

    Each show had a heady topic to be dealt with, such as marijuana; sexual harassment; stealing; job loss; children switched at birth; steroid use; cataclysmic forces in nature; arrogance; caring for the elderly; et al, all while doing so in as light-hearted a manner as possible and with a plethora of humor thrown in along with a gem of wisdom at the end.

    This show is a combination of The Honeymooners, The Flinstones, and All In The Family (Sally Struthers is here also, once again suffering an obnoxious father), but is crafted as an inverted Flinstones in that the dinosaurs are the intelligent ones that live in homes, watching TV, and the cavemen live outside in the wild or are the family pets.

    The lives of everyone seem to be ruled by the domineering, fearsome "WeSaySo" corporation (it's only funny because it's true) which is the company that loud-mouthed father Earl works for under the thumb of the tyrannical BP Richfield, an odd carnivorous triceratops expertly voiced by Sherman Hemsley. Earl is equal parts Archie Bunker, Fred Flintstone and Ralph Cramden, but possessing about 1/100th of either's intellect, and his best friend, Roy, is a near clone of Ralph Cramden's best friend Ed Norton, who even uses phrases such as "Pally Boy" in this show.

    Beyond WeSaySo, the family suffers trials and tribulations at near every turn, from a volcanic eruption closing school for an "ash day" (eg: snow day), to the continent breaking apart, all the way down to the food in the refrigerator (who's vermin leader, I might add, has a cabbage for a hand) taking your family hostage.

    Rounding out the family are level-headed mother Fran, tree-hugging son Robbie (perhaps the only one that can see their species is on a path of self-destruction (again, only funny because it's true?) and is forever trying to educate the imbeciles around him), shopping-crazed daughter Charlene, difficult mother-in-law Ethel, and lastly the tyrannical sadomasochistic scene-stealing Baby (I'm the Baby! Gotta love me!).

    If ever a TV show generated classic one-liners as found in the realm of a cult-classic movie, this show is it. A decade and a half later, many of those one-liners are still fresh with me today: from overused fare such as "Not the mama!" and "Again!!!", to more obscure ones such as Spike's offering for the school science project "I don't do projects" which then leads to "I call this: What's inside a TV"; to Mr Lizard's oft used "We're going to need another Timmy!"; to pea-size-brained Roy's discovery of a suggestion box, which he speaks into saying "This is Roy...What do you suggest?" as he then leans his ear to the slot listening for a response; to stoned-out hippie BP Richfield's take on Jimmy Hendrix's "Purple Haze" when under the influence of the Happy Plant at work; and lastly bumbling BP's groping for words, trying to say something flattering to the enormously-necked Monica Devertebrae which finally comes out as "Neck! Small! Neck small! My, my, my, what a LoVeLy neck small!", this show is absolutely overflowing with one-liners.

    Remarkable still today, the Henson company developed the animatronic puppet for this show, one that employed the use of a person inside a huge rubber body suit for each character. Each puppet required about (if memory serves) four to seven people to operate the facial expressions and certain movements to bring the character to life, all while syncing up to the voice actor for that puppet. Quite a heady task, and it was typically pulled off with great aplomb, the exception being the first episode which was a bit clunky.

    Although a terrific show for children, any person of any age can enjoy this gem of a show as it is also chock full of humor that only an adult would get. If you haven't yet seen Dinosaurs, do yourself that favor and check it out - you will immediately be hooked!
  • I have a major bone to pick with "Dinosaurs". As it appears to be a kids' show, why did the producers forget to make it totally suck?! After all, there is an unwritten rule that says kids and their parents should not be able to watch and enjoy the same shows. With the exception of this show and "The Simpsons", I have noticed that kids' TV must be terrible, broadly written and annoying--such as with shows like "That's So Raven", "Hannah Montana" and the like. Shame on the creators of "Dinosaurs" to have imaginative characters, LOTS of inside jokes for adults, great Henson-created costumes and FUN! However, since the show only lasted two seasons, it appeared if some big-wigs at ABC realized their mistake and promptly canceled the show. Good for you--as this will insure insipid programming for our kids.
  • I was thrilled to see "the Dinosaurs" being re-published on DVD. As an adult of 62 years I know cartoon characters are a little far fetched for an interest. I am, as an adult of 62 years, not only fond of the Dinosaurs but "just plain crazy about them". The characters and moral teaching done within all of the episodes was outstanding and human and highly entertaining. Sitting here writing, I am not speaking of a single episode but of every episode that was aired. I can't think of a better teaching tool for values or better entertainment for children or adults. There is no blood and guts, no bad language, wonderful animation, no dysfunctional family but real togetherness all done in the most heartwarming ways. I am remembering so many of the stories as I write and can't fault a single one.

    I purchased all of the tapes I could find and hope to add all of the upcoming releases on DVD, I wouldn't miss adding them to my collection. I just can't speak highly enough of every single episode I was ever privileged to see. My rating is a 10. RSBlain
  • This show was so funny!It's my favorite TV show, I have to say. I'm so glad they are on DVD now. My husband and I watch them over and over. One of our favorites is the episode where Robby has to see the job wizard who tells Robby what career he's going to have for the rest of his life. I love Earl's co-workers reactions when he takes Robby to work with him! I wish they made more of them. The writers on this show were fantastic and very creative! And it's also a very family friendly show. It's amazing what incredible work the performers and puppeteers did. They don't get half the credit they deserve. The pilot episode is another one of my favorites. I love this show!!
  • There are a lot of things I love from my childhood. Turns out, most of them suck. I'm not much for hanging onto something just because it makes me happy. There are a few things here and there, I can't let go of my love for Deborah Kaplan and Harry Elfont's work ("Can't Hardly Wait", "Josie and the Pussycats") for example. But most of the time, I look back at something I loved as a kid and it turns out to be unwatchable tripe.

    When I got the DVD of "Dinosaurs" in the mail, I was scared that this would be another case of being let down by discovering how truly abysmal my taste was (is?).

    Fortunately, "Dinosaurs" is not only not terrible, it's excellent. The animatronic dinosaurs are fascinating to watch. The voice acting and lip syncing is solid and the jokes are damn funny. This isn't just some kids show, a lot of love and effort when into it.

    Where most "family" television settles for entertaining the kids and maybe throwing something in for mom and dad every once in a while, "Dinosaurs" is chock full of giggly moments, I even found myself laughing out loud once or twice an episode. But then, I'm a sucker for animatronic anything.

    The characters are well defined and act in a logical and consistent manner throughout the course of the series. The character designs are attractive and story arcs are dynamic. There are even a few episodes that took things in places I was totally unprepared for. And then there is the series finale that deals with extinction is a poetic and prophetic manner.

    Along the way though, the series hits the notes of every major sitcom before and after. There is the drug episode, that worked as a drug episode when I saw it as a youngster and works as a parody of "very special" drug episodes now that I'm older.

    Sure, there are a few off episodes, and many jokes, like an on-going gag about a "Barney" type kids show feel stale or dated, but by and large the series still holds up as exemplary TV.

    If you've got kids, this is the one to buy. I was utterly enchanted with it when it first aired, and equally charmed by it today. Your kids will probably want to watch it on a non-stop loop as youngin's are wont to do, which is fine because the episodes are filled with enough subtle jokes as to enrich re-watch value. Also, the 4 disc set with 36 episodes is sure to keep you from growing tired of the show too quickly.
  • Just like my favorite romance movie, the Princess Bride, or even Rocky and Bullwinkle for that matter, here's a show that's clearly written for two completely different audiences- the kids that love them, and the parents that watch with them. If you want the most cutting example of this, watch the Dinosaurs episode in which a Barney-like animal (a Hippo, if I remember right?)hosts a daytime TV kiddie show, but he's really a manipulative bad guy when the TV cameras are off. Throw in the French Resistance, complete with horrible Clouseau-like frrrrench accents, and, well, you get the idea. Absurdist humor at it's best. I guarantee you'll laugh at this one.

    One other noteworthy episode is the last one- it appears that they knew that the show was cancelled, so they put together a parting shot; very different in tone from the rest of the series. Thank goodness this series FINALLY came out on DVD. Now I can throw all those videotapes away.

    Watch this with your kids, if you have any. In the words of Baby dinosaur, "AGAIN!!!!!"
  • Possibly one of the greatest concepts in television history. It is a beautifully done show; with amazing characters, set, and stories. The most important thing about this show is the social satire that it puts forth... It is on the same par as the Simpsons and South Park for making one think about social norms in the US society and world culture... the final thing I will say about the show is that there isn't a laugh track in the background, it can be a little weird if you haven't seen the show in a while, but then you realize how brilliant the show's just an honest and wholesome show for everyone. Get it for the kids, get it if you remember the early 90's and want to remember how awesome it was, or get it for the first time and learn how good t.v. can be.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Dinosaurs (1991-1993): Starring Stuart Pankin, Jessica Walker, Jason Willinger, Sally Struthers, Kevin Clash, Florence Stanley, Sam McMurray, Sherman Hemsley..Director Michael Jacobs, Bob Young.

    Let's face it. Television for children or pre-teens during the 90's was a lot better. Dinosaurs, created by Michael Jacobs, was a hit on basic television and then moved on to cable (Disney channel I believe) and had a successful run on TV. Now, Seasons 1-2 are available on DVD starting May 2nd, Tuesday. This delightful series dealt with a family of working-class Jurassic Age Dinosaurs (think of the Flintstones without the humans and we have only highly intelligent, human-like dinosaurs instead). They are: Father Earl Sinclair (Stuart Pankin) an average guy, Homer-Simpson like, loves beer, hanging out with his buddy Roy, is constantly demanding respect which his children don't give him, and is completely owned by the company he works for, a totalitarian work environment whose aims are ruining forests, cutting down trees so as to build malls, houses, commercial buildings etc. His boss Mr. Richfield (Sherman Hemsley) is the boss from hell. He runs his company like a dictator. We only see his backside and he is immense, towering over his smaller employees. Earl's wife Fran (Jessica Walters) holds the family together and although she's a housewife and doesn't work for a living, is far more resourceful than her dim-witted husband. She solves her children's problems at school, maintains order in and out of the family and is a blend of 1950's sweet housefrau and 90's intelligent, liberated and skillful woman who could do well, if not better, on her own. Her son Robbie (Jason Willinger) is a hormonal, rebellious, tough teenager who loves wrestling, girls and is always fighting with his sister Charlene (Sally Struthers). Charlene is a smart, sassy girl who endures the typical teenage girl problems in high school. I had no idea she was voiced by Sally Struthers! Kevin Clash, the actor who does the voice for Elmo of Sesame Street plays the loud-mouthed, obnoxious, spoiled, bratty and destructive wild infant Baby Sinclair. "I'm the baby, Gotta Love Me!" was his mantra. He was even a talking doll at one point. The show had a lot of heart beneath all the hilarity and visual and written jokes. The family tackled issues that kids watching in the 90's could relate to - having to say no to drugs, using protection during sex or waiting till marriage for those who can, and was an earth-friendly show. In fact, at the very end of the show, it is Mr. Richfield's company, which has for so long destroyed the earth's surface, that brings about the end of the dinosaur age itself, creating a long winter that we are forced to believe the Sinclair family will not survive. Before that climatic ending, we get to see the Sinclairs face rivalries with other families, Charlene risks her life by proving to the ignorant Elders that the world is round, Robbie takes hormones and learns that it is a mistake, Earl learns to love his family uncondtionally and be a good dad even when the kids, like the Baby, are hell-raisers. During this time, the show spoofed various films, including The Exorcist in which Baby Sinclair hit his terrible Two's and acts possesssed. Florence Stanley provided the voice of the elderly, wheel-chair bound, seemingly Jewish grandmother Ethyl Phillips, Fran's mom. She was hilarious in a Cloris Leachman sort of way and in fact they could have easily cast Leachman for the part. This was not only a highly entertaining, creatively crafted show, but one that actually got kids into dinosaurs and pre-historic times. I remember that in school, several kids suddenly thought dinosaurs were cool based on the popularity of this show. I hope all the seasons and their episodes make it to DVD!!
  • I'm so excited to see that Dinosaurs has been released on DVD! I've certainly missed this show. Yes, it may be very similar to the Simpsons, but so what? The Simpsons sucks now and this show never did! I read all the comments listed, and none of them mentioned about how the characters are named after gas stations. Sinclair gas features a dinosaur on its signs, BP Richfield references BP gas, and Roy Hess references Hess gas. It's no surprise that BP Richfield pushes Sinclair around, since Sinclair gas was a much smaller company than giant BP. My favorite episode was when Baby Sinclair was born. So rent it, buy it,borrow it, whatever you have to do! A new generation must be exposed to the greatness of Dinosaurs!
  • Have none of these people ever seen the Flintstones, or its antecedent, the Honeymooners? It was exactly that in formula, but I think the plots and even some of the jokes were deeper and more subtle than these other shows.

    I really enjoyed it, though I can understand that why it wouldn't appeal to a lot of the TV audience. First of all, the average channel flipper probably wouldn't watch a Muppet-style show long enough to follow the storyline, characters, and jokes. Secondly, the dry wit wouldn't have been to the taste of some of the audience that did give it a few minutes. Still, if King of the Hill has managed to maintain enough of a demographic to stay on the air as long as it has, Dinosaurs should have been able to get a longer run as well... it was a much better show (IMO).

    This is one of the few series I would buy on DVD. Hope to see it eventually available.
  • This show ran the gamut from really bad to really amazing. I for one never was a fan of the obnoxious baby (no, I don't gotta love you), but the rest of the characters were very well-done. Several episodes were hilariously spot-on.

    Fran & Earl getting their marriage license renewed ("Earl, let's go upstairs and pretend it's Thursday" is a line I *still* quote to this day).

    Robbie "coming out" a vegetarian. ("I can't be an herbivore! My dad's a carnivore, my mom's a carnivore..." "Well, it's not necessarily hereditary.").

    Robbie's howling (featuring Robbie buying the "So You Want to Learn to Howl" 8-track).

    The two-episode "Nuts to War" ("What happened to your eye?" "A pointed stick with my name on it." "Gee, what are the odds?").

    And although the finale was extremely heavy-handed and depressing, I give them credit for doing a completely unexpected and serious one instead of the traditional "and they all lived happily ever after".

    Best self-referential joke: Real watching sock puppets on TV. "Hey, Fran, you gotta see this. Sure, they're puppets, but they're really funny." To which Fran says, "Forget it - I'm not watching puppets." Probably the reason the show didn't make it.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    The "Dinosaurs" series was not only funny, it was poignant AND it offered rather profound insight into all of the silly madness of modern life. The master stroke of setting 20th century, ostensibly American life within an imaginary context of dinosaurs should say enough about the aim of the show. There was a strong environmental message within it. In the last episode, the corporate entity which ruled the Pangean subcontinent made a grave error which caused a climatic change resulting in eternal snow and the Dinosaurs' extinction. It was a genius of a finale and terribly sad, especially for those of us who'd come to love the somewhat hapless but nearly invincible Sinclair family.

    Visually, the production was a real delight, and a lot of grist was packed into the 23 minutes each episode ran. The humor was not entirely topical and thus endures well. The show lacked the raw "edge" of the Simpsons, for example, leaning instead toward a sweetness and softness that are long gone from television, and in the end (except at the very end), everything turned out all right for the Sinclairs. Its appeal, therefore, is quite a bit different from a show like the Simpsons, to which it was often compared. But it is a different genre entirely, much more refined, purposeful, and more gracefully done.

    This show was a big commercial gamble for ABC and had no precedent in commercial television. And it did what good television should do: entertain, inform, delight, and even stir the imagination. When it had run its course, it became another part of television history. But unlike most of recent TV history, this one is not only memorable, it will always have redeeming qualities, which will only become more apparent as the world goes in the direction the show predicts.
  • OK, so I bought an old VHS of this the other day (May 2018) and watched it for the 1st time in like 20-odd years. (Think I last saw this show in 1997 in Germany where it was pretty big; didn't understand a word mind !) As an adult I don't really get it; seems really mediocre, 'cool' 1990s and generally All-American.

    That said, maybe that's sort of the point ! Interesting to see how EVERY other review on here is of high appraisal and practically 10/10 ! Interesting all the comparisons to The Simpsons. OK, so as a kid I guess I just thought it was cool + funny (the latter in a quite superficial sort of way). Maybe I was too young to get it; maybe this is - as the comparisons to The Simpsons would suggest - a social parody of working-class USA. After all, what else would a US show featuring a lumberjack, housewife, baseball-jacketed son + sparkly-clad daughter be about !?

    So I'll give it 5/10 to be safe; good compromise considering my being on a stepping stone to getting its purpose !
  • I'm going to echo what a lot of other reviewers are saying and just simply state that Dinosaurs was a very good TV show. I'll be honest, though, and say that in my opinion it's not particularly the most laugh-out-loud funny sitcom I've ever seen, and it doesn't have the same emotional impact as some other shows of a similar nature. For example - I've never felt quite the same emotional resonance as I did some some of the more sensitive-themed episodes of similar sitcoms, such as how much more I felt very sorry for Will Smith in several of the more emotional episodes of Fresh Prince (which overall was a very lighthearted and funny show as well), than I ever did for any of the Sinclair family members.

    Still, the joy of this show is in the original setting and the creative spins they put on both major plot lines and all the minor details, references, and in-jokes. While the show's structure is pretty a standard family sitcom, it's SUPPOSED to be. Jim Henson himself wanted that. The fun comes in when the all-too-familiar sitcom tropes are given a prehistoric spin. The situations are fun, the characters are colorful, the prehistoric elements are clever and naturally integrated. Though I mentioned that it's not the funniest show I've ever seen, it's still quite high up there on the list.

    Overall I'd give it a 9/10. Great, original programming. It features very awesome characters that are not just impressive in terms of the life-like properties of the puppets (just look at their facial expressions!) but also their personalities. The plot lines and little details are great, and though the show is a little corny at times, it's still quite funny and enjoyable.
  • VeneratedVestige28 December 2013
    Wow cannot believe I never watched this show before... "Dinosaurs." Amazing commentary at least on par with if not better than South Park (plus it doesn't rely on pop culture). It doesn't even matter if you watch with kids, because they'll still find it amusing and yet it's filled to the brim with insider jokes for adults and in my opinion they still crack you up as much as SP albeit in a less vulgar manner. I should stress this show is for people who are open-minded about watching dated visuals and special effects, as the show simply overrides these faults with the rest of it's material. I on the other hand, love most everything about it, and consider it a gem.
  • SanteeFats6 May 2013
    Warning: Spoilers
    I love this series. The animatronics are fantastic. The humor is great and the characters have well developed personalities. The baby is especially funny with his antics and wisecracks. The mother in law is really funny once she joins the family after Earl can not hurl her into the tar pit. This show reminds me very much of the Honeymooners with Jackie Gleason and Art Carney. Of course Earl is not a bus driver and his buddy is not a sewer worker but listen to the voices and the type of give and take and I think you will see what I mean. The two older kids are so typically teenagers that they actually seem to resonate with today's teens. The talking and thinking "food" is well done. I like when Spike shows up and befriends Robby, shades of the Fonz.
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