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  • ...which would seem like an oxymoron, when we consider the reputation of the Lifetime cable station (unless each story involves the horror of a cheating husband or the suspense of a stalking ex-boyfriend), but I remember it being rather well-done (if rather obviously on a shoestring), particularly an episode which adapted a short story by the well-regarded horror and science-fiction writer Lisa Tuttle...the first a/v adaptation of her work with which I'm familiar. I would like an opportunity to review these episodes again, but suspect something like the Museum of Television and Radio will be the only hope, since not only the various fantastic-drama cable and satellite stations but everyone else seems to have forgotten about the series.
  • I loved the episode with Amanda Plummer, I'd give anything to have it on tape or DVD. I've never seen such an intelligent, sensitive story told so well, and the acting was great too. I didn't watch the rest of the series, but I can recommend the episode "A Type of Love Story" without reservation. I wish quality was the criteria for putting things out on DVD, this would have been released long ago.