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  • I used to watch many kids' shows on TVO (a Canadian station) when I was around eight/nine years old. Of all those shows I watched on that channel, I don't think "The Miraculous Mellops" was ever one of my favourites, but it certainly wasn't my least favourite, either. I was obviously seeing all reruns, since it was a few years after the show was made, but that didn't matter. Although it has now been a long time since I saw this show, I still have some fairly clear memories of it.

    The Miraculous Mellops focused on three teenagers, all siblings. These siblings were Michael, Samantha, and Jason Mellop. While the family experienced difficulties trying to keep their business going, they were contacted by the Moonlings, who had come to Earth searching for as new leader, as the moon's current leader, the Grand Baby, was dying! One of the Mellops would be chosen to replace the Grand Baby! After this, the lives of Michael, Samantha, and Jason were obviously not the same!

    From what I remember, the show was very exciting and never got boring. There was also a fair bit of humour in the show, so not only did viewers get to enjoy the excitement, some of them also might have gotten some good laughs. I can remember some impressive special effects as well. It has been a long time since I last saw this show, and I'm not sure what I would think if I saw it now, but I'll always remember it well. I don't know if there's any channel out there that still plays reruns of "The Miraculous Mellops", but if there is, I recommend the show for kids who like sci-fi adventures!