In one episode, Mona (Tawny Kitaen) mentions during a photo shoot that her favorite baseball team is the Angels and her favorite player is Chuck Finley. Kitaen was dating Finley at the time and was married to him for seven years.

In the original series, there was never any mention of where WKRP's AM dial position was. In this installment, the station is at AM 1530, which was the actual dial position of WSAI in Cincinnati. The station is now known as WCKY (1530 Homer...The Sports Animal).

Gordon Jump, Frank Bonner, and Richard Sanders reprised their roles from the original show, while Howard Hesseman reprised the role of Dr. Johnny Fever on a recurring basis. Other original cast members came in for guest spots, with Loni Anderson returning for two episodes and Tim Reid for one episode. Several more minor characters from the original series, such as Mrs. Carlson, Lucille Tarlek, Buckey Dornster, and Johnny's ex-girlfriend Bunny, make appearances throughout the series.

Among the criticism from broadcast professionals was the charge that the WKRP station, broadcasting on the AM band, was still playing Rock 'n Roll music in the early 1990s, long after FM was established as the industry's leading band.

Michael Des Barres (Jack Allen) appeared in an episode of the original WKRP in Cincinnati (1978) as Sir Charles "Dog" Weatherbee, leader of the punk band Scum of the Earth.

According to an article in Daily Variety, the reason this version of the show was canceled was that it did not make enough of a profit for show backers. It made money, just not enough.

WKRP's phone number is 555-9577(WKRP)