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  • Best show ever, if you like Tom Clancy this is nothing, is the best, all the episodes rocks, since the pizza bomb to the Storm Operation grounds in a high level of suspense, dramatic and few comedy, Don't miss Undercover.

    Maybe touch some dangerous points about CIA and maybe that's why cancelled the series, but each episode is remarkable, is excellent, all the transportation, travel, countries and episodes have memorable phrases, is a excellent series, some episode like Minotaour contains description of a real virus, maybe is a dairy of a ex or former agent of CIA.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    A married couple (Linda Purl and Tony Denison) are spies but hide this fact from the world including their three children (two girls and a boy). This short-lived series (ten out of fourteen episodes were aired) was disappointing because it had an interesting premise but only once realized its potential.

    In the best episode--without which I would never have given the series a rating as high as six--the oldest daughter finds out her parents are spies. (Think of the episode of the "Sopranos" in which Meadow finds out what her father really does.) The two daughters on "Under Cover" were Megan (Arlene Taylor) and Emily (Marnette Patterson) and I'm not sure which was the oldest daughter, but the actress is good as her character goes through a crisis that also sets off a crisis for her parents and their employers. Their boss (Josef Sommer) tells the parents not to let the girl know that they are spies and to convince her otherwise if possible, hinting at dire consequences if she tells anyone what she suspects.

    Her father talks with her at the end and doesn't deny he is a spy but doesn't say he is, either. The daughter asks if it would be dangerous for him if she told anyone about what he does. He admits that it would be. She has now gotten to the point where she realizes that what she knows could destroy her family, and she sees that she must share the responsibility for keeping the secret. It's a fine, if edgy, coming-of-age story. I don't know which episode it is, although it might be "Truth and Consequences," which aired January 26, 1991, or "Family Album," which aired February 9, 1991.