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  • Seeing that this movie only received an average vote of 4.3, I felt that I had to set the record straight; it deserves at least a 6. True, the plot isn't the best, but the lines are superb. Richard Pryor and Gene Wilder (a great double team) really work wonders together. So please, do yourself a favour and go rent this movie, it's worth it.
  • In this 1991 Tristar Pictures release, Richard Pryor once again portrays a con man and once again Gene Wilder is his costar. Their fourth collaboration may most likely be their last as Pryor's increasing signs of multiple sclerosis made filming extremely difficult for him to get through. It's a real shame in the world of contemporary film comedy as Pryor's possible cinematic swan song (if you don't count his cameos in two 1996 films, "Lost Highway" and "Trigger Happy") turns out to be one of his funniest films and best performances. Pryor portrays Eddie Dash, a con man who has just been released from prison but still has to serve time for community service. He is assigned to be a public escort for a pathological liar (Wilder) who has just been released from a mental hospital. What Pryor doesn't initially know about Wilder is that he is the pawn in a scam to claim a brewery inheritance. The two of them eventually wind up running for their lives when some greedy businessmen decide that they want to cash in on the fortune. Plenty of funny moments from the always dependable duo of Pryor and Wilder.
  • i liked another you since i was in the second grade and i laughed my ass off all the time when i saw this film. Wilder and Pyror are a hit again in this film about a scam artist(pyror) that takes in a con artist(wilder) and these two start trouble. Anywho, i know not many people and critics agree with this film, but i have liked it.
  • This being the last of the Pryor/Wilder Partnership, was a commercial and critical failure, However that said, it was always going be tough as Pryor's multiple sclerosis illness had become more serious and is very evident in the film. His usual fast and erratic luney behaviour is reduced to a very frail skinny man who is obviously in pain and trying very hard just to walk.This would of also have reduced the creative input that Pryor contributed to his films. All this aside, Wilder is actually very funny in the movie, his timing is excellent(especially the restaurant scene) and he carries the film well. Pryor is still funny at times but understandably has more of a supporting role.

    A fan of the Pryor Wilder films should still definitely see this, there are many laughs,with some funny impersonation scenes with Kevin Pollack, but its one for people with a love for their comedy partnership. As a film on its own to an outsider it will more than likely disappoint.

    It is available on DVD
  • I found this movie to be incredibly funny, and I really don't think it's been getting a fair shake by voters out there. If you enjoyed Silver Streak, Stir Crazy, or See No Evil, Hear No Evil you will definitely enjoy this flick.

    Richard Pryor gives a wonderful performance as a con man, and nobody plays crazy better than Gene Wilder! Like all of their movies, Pryor and Wilder have amazing chemistry together. This movie was a laugh a minute!

    This was Pryor's last movie with Wilder. It's a sad sight to see Pryor so far along with MS as he is in this movie, his movements are sometimes stiff and forced, and I don't think he raises his arms above shoulder height once :(
  • "Another You" is a jaw droppingly awful "comedy" that represents a low for Gene Wilder and Richard Pryor. There is not one single laugh in this movie. Pryor's health problems are more than apparent and there is a scene between Wilder and future Oscar winner Mercedes Rhuel that involves yodeling that is so embarrassing it has to be seen to be believed.

    Once upon a time the comedy team of Wilder/Pryor gave us good laughs in "Silver Streak" and "Stir Crazy" and even in "See No Evil Hear No Evil" which looks like a classic compared to this atrocity.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Gene Wilder is one of my favorite people in the biz. He has a fanatical side which instantly makes you embarrassed for him, while at the same time, he has an open honesty which makes you feel for him every little thing which his characters go through.

    He was one of the best of the best before his beloved Gilda died in 1989. And has slowly let the sadness permeate to his very soul, every day since.

    To look upon Gene Wilder today, you don't see the nervous little fuss-budget of a man he once was. You don't see the carefully happy and deeply devoted husband he was to Gilda during those years, anymore either. What you see now, is a sad, sorrow-filled Gene who is struggling to maintain the grip he has on his bootstraps, that makes you love him all the more for his courage.

    He has worked little since; his 1990 comedy "Funny About Love" having already been filmed at the time of his wife's demise, was the last of the greats to be released by Wilder. His 1991 comedy "Another You" bore the brunt of Wilder's grief, and it showed in his performance, complete with a death skit worked into the plot line where the beloved deceased rose triumphantly from the grave, and was not the hit Wilder desperately needed at that time.

    His defunct TV series was another tremendous let down for the star, but that did not destroy his spirit. Wilder has made several Made 4 TV movies over these last few years; keeping himself busy amidst struggling with his grief, and is now, some sixteen years later, heading once again to the big screen.

    This newest endeavor (Instant Karma - 2005) is also centered around death and the reincarnation factor, and carries several big names. It is unclear which of these superstars will be the lead, but the list of cast members includes Pierce Brosnan, Dom DeLuise, William Katt, Eartha Kitt, Billy Preston, Burt Reynolds, The Rock, Mira Sorvino, and Gene Wilder (among others)! This film has had NO press even with the all-star cast. New Line Cinema appears to have little faith in the project or they would be hard-spinning it by now.

    If I could say one thing to Gene Wilder, it would be this..."We never get over losing the ones we love dearly. But somehow, we do get past it. I hope your heart heals one day, Mr. Wilder, for as things are, we not only lost Gilda that fateful day. We lost you, too."

    I care not for what other people have to say about this movie. I have loved the Wilder/Pryor comedy team since the very beginning, and this movie is no exception. They haven't done a single movie together which I would dog, and this is no exception.

    Another You is about George, a habitual liar who has spent the last three years in an institution to try to help him stop lying. Eddie Dash is a washed-up con artist who somehow qualifies for unemployment. His case worker finds him a position as a sitter/caretaker for George, who is about to be released. Eddie starts out trying to con George, but soon learns that there are bigger fish to fry.

    When confronted on the street by Abe Fielding's bookie who owes Abe a ton of money, the bookie mistakes George for Abe (in front of Eddie) and the con is on.

    Before you know it, George IS Abe, living in Abe's house, boffing Abe's wife, and Eddie has moved into the small mansion as an ex-fighter who needs a little "recovery time."

    This is a wonderful premise, and the movie is both touching and hilarious.

    While it lacks the "epic" feel of Silver Streak, it is every bit as good as Stir Crazy, and at least 2 notches above See No Evil, Hear No Evil. This is a wonderful movie.

    It rates a 7.6/10 from...

    the Fiend :.
  • Unpleasant final teaming of Gene Wilder and Richard Pryor. Mr. Wilder (as George) and Mr. Pryor (as Eddie) had to have already been contracted and paid for this film to see completion. Otherwise, there are no credible responses to the remarks, "You guys are awful!" and "This is NOT working!" The most jaw-dropping unfunny moments involve yodeling. Mercedes Ruehl (as Elaine aka Mimi) has an sexy and effective black underwear scene. Pryor has a good sequence, upon arriving at the Fielding mansion. Wilder impersonates Cary Grant and Desi Arnaz. If you don't count Lucy, Ethel, and Elvia Allman working in the candy factory (on the Fielding's TV), the early 1990s Hollywood location footage is the film's only real strength.

    ** Another You (1991) Maurine Phillips ~ Gene Wilder, Richard Pryor, Mercedes Ruehl
  • Another You is considered the last of both worlds in terms of Richard Pryor and Gene Wilder. Pryor appeared in a few movies as a cameo after this, but not many and Wilder just quit after this and started doing few TV films, but never did another theatrical film after this. Richard Pryor and Gene Wilder were accused of not giving it their all in this film. Pryor can be excused because of his illness during this which is noticeable. I really cant see how neither actor was good because they seemed to be enjoying themselves and having a blast.

    Another You revolves around a man named Eddie Dash (Pryor) who is sent to take care of a mental patient named George who is mistaken for a man named Abe Fielding. Encouraged to play along by Eddie, George is now in the mix of a bookie and his "wife" who thought he was dead now believing he is "Abe Fielding". Eddie keeps encouraging George to lay along so he can get money and take expensive items from their house.

    Pryor and Wilder play a hilarious duo who both cant be denied as one of the best comedy duos of 1980s. They worked on four movies together (Silver Streak, Stir Crazy, See No Evil, Hear No Evil, and Another You). Its a shock that they, like many duos most notably McManhon and Carso, did not get along. Wilder wrote in a book that Pryor was a big pain on set of Stir Crazy demanding nice treatment and even claiming racism for one thing. Its a surprise because their chemistry on camera is rare to find in a duo in Comedy.

    I will watch Stir Crazy and Silver Streak soon, but it saddens me that both ended on a bad note. This was a flop and it really wasn't a bad film. Many critics hate this movie which isn't a surprise. Though this film is loaded with slapstick and has some cute one-liners, its amusing and the chemistry like stated it great. This wasn't as funny as See No Evil, Hear No Evil since its hard to beat that, but its still amusing. So to conclude this, Another You is another Comedy you should check out. Plus both Stephen Lang and Vanessa Williams give a good performance.

    Starring: Richard Pryor, Gene Wilder, Mercedes Ruehl, Stephen Lang, and Vanessa Williams. Directed by: Maurice Phillips.
  • This movie is incredibly bad. Watching this film nearly inspired me to leave the auditorium and complain to the manager.

    Teaming Pryor and Wilder seemed to guarantee laughs when you consider their performances in the exceptional films, Silver Streak and Stir Crazy. Their chemistry began to sour in See No Evil, Hear No Evil. In Another You, their comedic attempts are no match for this rancid script and storyline.

    At some points in the film, the dialog is so bad that the actors seem embarrassed saying their lines. Wilder gives an over-the-top performance that became the watermark for his later films (Haunted Honeymoon, Funny About Love).

    This film tries to be a silly comedy but insults the audience with terrible situations (an intolerable yodeling scene) and an excruciating script.

    An unfortunate error for these comedic legends.

    Bottom line: Rent Silver Streak of Stir Crazy
  • The Wilder/Pryor comedy team made some really amazing, pretty much perfect comedies in their time... and even though this movie does not hold a candle to their best (See No Evil Hear No Evil, Silver Streak, Stir Crazy) it is still a really funny movie. Any scene with either of them is already funny, but putting them both together always results in some magic. It's not the best script they've ever had to work with but they still have a lot of funny scenes and like most of their movies it still has a surprising amount of heart underneath all the slapstick type comedy. I highly recommend all their movies and RIP to both of them!
  • Another You (1991)

    ** 1/2 (out of 4)

    Eddie Dash (Richard Pryor) is a con man who is forced to do community service so he agrees to take George (Gene Wilder) out of his sanitarium and go to a museum. Eddie is meant to show George a good time but before long George is mistaken for Abe Fielding, a very rich and very popular man. Eddie sees this as a way to get some quick cash so he plays along.

    ANOTHER YOU has a really awful reputation for a number of reasons including the fact that it had a lot of pre-production issues, script re-writes and various other problems that ran into the production. It turned out to be a box office disaster and in fact it would be the final theatrical film for Wilder. With all of that being said, I think time has been quite friendly to the fourth and final teaming of Pryor and Wilder.

    That's not to say that ANOTHER YOU is some sort of masterpiece because it isn't. You can call it the worst film that the duo made but that's just because they made three very good movies together and this one here it at least very funny in spots. There are many hilarious moments scattered throughout the film but the highlight from me happens early on when Wilder's character finally breaks and begins to lie. This long sequence inside a restaurant has Wilder at his very best as he goes from one personality to the next and it's very funny.

    As you'd expect, Wilder and Pryor have some wonderful chemistry together and they just bounce off one another so perfectly that it's bound to get some laughs. You can tell Pryor was in the early stages of his Multiple Sclerosis but he still offers up a good performance. The film clearly belongs to Wilder who gets the better of the two roles and does a fine job with it. Mercedes Ruehl is also a lot of fun in her role and we get a nice supporting cast including Stephen Lang, Vanessa Williams, Peter Michael Geotz, Kevin Pollack and an uncredited Michael J. Pollard who also appeared in BONNIE AND CLYDE with Wilder.

    The problem with ANOTHER YOU is that the last forty-minutes are pretty much dead. There's a twist in the story and the entire film changes, which is really too bad because this twist does nothing but add extra characters that weren't needed. What was working so well between Wilder and Pryor is pretty much thrown out the window and sadly the film does end on a sour note. Still, there are enough laughs here to make ANOTHER YOU worth watching.
  • gridoon201924 July 2017
    Warning: Spoilers
    "Another You" is a decent comedy, but it's most likely the weakest of the Richard Pryor - Gene Wilder collaborations. There simply aren't enough big laughs in it. The two stars still work well (and affectionately) together, and Mercedes Ruehl has an amazing lingerie scene (at age 43, no less!) that's probably the highlight of the picture. ** out of 4.
  • 'Another You' at the time, and still is now, the most poorly received Gene Wilder and Richard Pryor film in terms of box office and critical reaction, being both a box office failure and considered by a good many as their worst.

    From personal opinion, 'Another You' is agreed their weakest, but it is nowhere near as bad as its reputation while also having potential to be much better. Of their four double act collaborations, my personal favourite is 'Silver Streak' while also really enjoying 'Stir Crazy' mostly (where the partnership between the two is more equal and even more inspired) if not as even (with a second half that doesn't fare as well as the first half). 'See No Evil, Hear No Evil', a critical failure but unlike 'Another You' a box office success, was uneven and not a great film by any stretch of the imagination, but was also not as bad as reputed.

    There are good things about 'Another You'. It looks pretty good, really liked the rustic costume and set design and the photography doesn't look too cheap. Charles Gross' music is a good, sometimes quirky, never over-bearing and rarely mismatched, fit.

    Wilder and Pryor work very well together and show what a great double act and comedy duo they were. Wilder does give the better performance here, being full of energy and sometimes very funny. Pryor is hampered by the multiple sclerosis that he was suffering from at the time, which makes him look ill and stiff, and he is a little underused and for Pryor fairly subdued, this said he still provides enough entertaining moments and is very much watchable.

    Some of the dialogue and jokes are fun and witty too. That quality doesn't come through consistently enough, but 'Another You' is one of those films that has its good moments and elements and hardly irredeemably bad. The supporting cast do well with what they're given, what 'Another You' has over 'See No Evil, Hear No Evil' is that the supporting cast are better here.

    However, the story mostly is non-descript, and what there is of it is jumbled and disjointed. It also has erratic pacing, sometimes rushed, at other times with a few dull stretches, and it could have done with being 10-15 minutes longer to tie things up more tightly. Despite a decent premise, the laughs don't come consistently. Parts of the dialogue are lacklustre, there are some tasteless and less than subtle jokes about the mentally ill (which is one of the reasons why 'Another You' is Wilder and Pryor's weakest, because despite a lack of subtlety in places 'See No Evil, Hear No Evil' handled its premise nowhere near as distastefully as it potentially could have done) and the yodelling scene agreed is an embarrassment and should have been left on the editing room floor.

    Overall, Gene Wilder and Richard Pryor's weakest film but not as bad as reputed. 5/10 Bethany Cox
  • After 3 successful collaborations together, Gene Wilder and Richard Pryor came together for the final time in Maurice Phillips's 1991 film Another You. The two definitely did not save the best for last in this story of mistaken identity. Maybe it was a case of wearing out a good thing, or poor directing, or something else entirely; whatever it was, Another You didn't work.

    After being in a mental hospital for 3 years, for his pathological lying, it is believed that George (Gene Wilder) is ready to be re- introduced to the world again. Eddie Dash (Richard Pryor) is a con- man trying to stay on the rehabilitated side of life when he is assigned to community service for the remainder of his probation. He is assigned to spend time with George, helping him find an apartment and aid him on his re-introduction to life outside of the mental hospital. On the way to the museum, George bumps into a man who mistakenly believes he is a millionaire to whom he owes a lot of money. George is wholeheartedly against going on with this lie as he is trying to rehabilitate himself from lying. Eddie, however, has no interest in becoming a better person and leaving the con game behind. Seeing this as a great opportunity for getting a lot of money, Eddie urges George to go along with the charade. George then meets the real Abe Fielding's wife and sees the beautiful mansion that he is supposed to live in. Going along with the charade proves difficult when it is revealed that the real Abe Fielding is missing and believed to be murdered.

    Everything about this film was disjointed. It's hard to believe, by watching this film alone, that there were 3 other film collaborations of the two principles. Another You is completely missable, likewise, miserable. A flat storyline that never fully develops or works enough to engage the audience, even my intense love of Gene Wilder's work wasn't enough to save this picture for me.
  • Another turn out for the Pryor/Wilder duo which does have some funny scenes and amusing dialogue. However, Another You does drag its heels and seems to lose its way halfway through. Just a little too slapstick and not a patch on the fantastic 'Silver Streak' and very funny 'Stir Crazy. I'll give it a 5.
  • I'm totally suspicious to write about Pryor & Wilder,l love their pictures,probably the best comic duo and white, con and nice guy,immoral and moralistic...they are quite opposite each other, but they complete themselves,although they weren't close friends in real life...Pryor is my favorite black actor for all times,he makes jokes about own skin... fantastic, priceless...sadly he is no longer among us after snort tons of cocaine...but Pryor is a definitive Hero to me!!!


    First watch: 1993 / How many: 4 / Source: TV-DVD-R / Rating: 7
  • perhaps the best movie ever made! Like a wonderful dream just before you wake up, when you feel in total control but start to question "why is this obnoxious turd, Gene wilder", in my dream??

    have never seen or even heard of this movie before and am only now about 40 min into it, but this is far superior to any other Pryor/Wilder films I've ever seen. I now get these guys chemistry''''''''''
  • My mum bought this film for me in the 90s from a pound store (I live in the UK) and I've loved it since dispute it's flaws. I'd rate it 8 out of 10 but most people will view it as a 5 or an average showing and it didn't do well in the box office upon release. I think this is because it's got an unusual plot and very simple humour.

    It's not Wilder or Pryor's best film but it has some amusing moments and show cases their comic double act and the fact they loved working together. Some of the scenes are very good and clearly has the Wilder and Pryor improvised touch. The best scene for me is at the end of the movie where the two characters hold up a partner's forever sign is a fitting tribute to their wonderful comedy partnership. May they both RIP as a comic duo who perhaps don't get as much reward or recognition as they deserve.

    See No Evil Hear No Evil, Stir Crazy and Blazing Saddles are better films but I consider Another You to be a film that is very under rated... most will rate it average though. The story is a little jumbled but the whole plot idea and some of the jokes are very 80s/early 90s.

    The idea of a con man teaming up with a pathological liar just released from a looney bin is a great plot but I think it suffers because the film is only 1 hour and 20 minutes long, the actors try and do well but it needed another 15 minutes or so to expand the plot and explain things.

    This is a simple film that you might watch when you want a some humour and nothing as intense as Lord of the Rings or Star Wars. It's not really for kids but young adults and older.
  • At the time this film was made, Richard Pryor was ill and had but a few years to live; Gene Wilder was a man in his late sixties. Without knowing these facts until a moment ago, my reaction to the film was that Pryor lacked the energy that had characterized his earlier performances; Wilder still performed with zest, yet, it would seem to me, the phenomenon of which George Burns(regarding he and his wife, Gracie) and Jerry Lewis, among others, have spoken, that at a certain age, the characters with whom once they were very successful, now were too young for them to play credibly. Clearly Wilder found that the fey youthful character he had created no longer suited him. Nonetheless, there are enough funny routines here, enough good lines and visual action, to make this quite a pleasant diversion.

    Sadly, Pryor's medical condition escalates and is visible in the movie. Facial reactions are not present much, and his overall frame is stiffening. One would simply guess that it's old age, but it distracts you when you're watching the movie. Pryor should have been in a hospital rather than a sound-stage and Wilder's misplaced manic energy cannot carry the load. An ignoble end to the team's movie career.

    Overall rating: 6 out of 10.
  • There was always a certain charm and dynamic energy to the teaming up between Richard Pryor and Gene Wilder, however "Another You" never really kicked into gear and went up to where their other movies together were. And it was a shame.

    Gene Wilder is the main focus here in this movie, and Richard Pryor seems a little bit put into the background, not really given a chance to put in his full repertoire.

    The story told in "Another You" is about Eddie Dash (played by Richard Pryor) who is a con artist who ends up having to do community work and look after George (played by Gene Wilder) as he is released from the asylum. George is a pathological liar and is really good at it, and the confusion becomes even bigger when people treat him as Abe Fielding, a rich entrepreneur and business man.

    For a Pryor / Wilder movie, then the comedy is fairly weak and seems much more toned down compared to their other movies. As such, then "Another You" isn't really as enjoyable as their other collaborated movies.

    There is a good ensemble of actors and actresses starring in "Another You", I will say that much. And people did good jobs with their given roles.

    "Another You" is a part of the Pryor / Wilder legacy, yes, but individually, then this is the weakest of their collaborated movies. But still, it is entertaining enough for a single watching.
  • jonsicky5 January 2007
    i think this is a great movie and it does not deserve a 4.6 thats crap. I gave it a 7 because it a great movie its so funny and please rent or buy this movie.also see see no evil, hear no evil.they are both really funny movies I watched the both of them two times when i got them this passed Christmas they were so funny so do yourself a favor and buy this movie it is definitely worth it.If you do not like these movies then you do not know a good movie and do not know the meaning of comedy. Gene wilder and Richard pryor starres in four movies together this one, see no evil hear no evil silver streak ans stir crazy but see no evil, hear no evil and another you are the best i like the old nineties and late eighties comedies better than the newer comedies but the new ones are still good.