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  • Warning: Spoilers

    I bought this video for three bucks. "Bad Girls from Mars". Now there's a title that shows promise. I saw that Jay Richardson was in it and got excited. Where Richardson goes, naked breasts are sure to follow. I was ready for some cheesy, breast-filled sci-fi action. It turns out that I was only half-right in my expectations. "Bad Girls from Mars" is really a spoof of low budget film-making. The B-movie filmmakers are trying to make their epic "Bad Girls from Mars" but their leading ladies keep getting killed by a bad poetry writing maniac. They decide to bring in a professional. A large breasted blonde, (Edy Williams), shows up and takes her top off regularly. They know they've found the right woman for the job. Many more women will go topless before they get this flick in the can.

    "Bad Girls from Mars" is fine Saturday night entertainment. I know this because I watched it on a Saturday night and it was fine. While it's not a sci-fi flick or have anything to do with Mars, they are plenty of bad girls. Brinke Stevens shows up as the costume girl. She doesn't join the topless parade but does sun herself by the pool. So that's nice. There are about four women who go topless and Edy Williams usually ends up without a shirt on in most scenes she's in. The guy playing the cop was funny and Richardson was on target as the egotistical leading man. "Bad Girls from Mars" is fun. I had a good time.
  • On my quest to see everything famed B movie actress Brinke Stevens has been in, I bought a copy of Bad Girls From Mars.

    Bad Girls stars Beyond The Valley Of The Dolls' Edy Williams and Jay Richardson from multiple other Brinke Stevens films.

    Starting off on the set of a movie (a campy b movie about beautiful female aliens trying to take over the earth) it looks good. The first scene seems so funny that I thought I was in for a treat.

    Unfortunately that was it as the director of the movie shouts out 'CUT' and the movie stars revolving around the cast and crew that are making this film.

    The movie turns into a serial killer movie about the lead actresses. All of them seem to be getting murdered. Enter in Edy Williams as the new actress.

    Some mild who dunnit, lots of Edy Williams disrobing and that's about it for this movie.
  • Spoofs of films only work a small percentage of the time. Very often the spoof is too much like the film it is trying to spoof. "Mars Attacks" is a good example of this problem. "Bad Girls from Mars" is a low budget spoof of the making of a low-budget campy film, and surprisingly it works.

    Everything is hokey, but it is all making fun of the genre. It is sprinkled with some dialog gems. Academy award material it ain't, but if you put yourself in the right mood, it is a lot of fun
  • I was forced to watch this while recovering from a leg injury. The remote fell out under the bed and I couldn't change the channel for almost an hour. Heavy on the "T" in T&A. Light on the acting and plot. This is billed as a spoof. However it's not done well enough to be a spoof. All in all don't waste your time.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    A little Fred Olen Ray cheese about the troubled production of a silly sci-fi spoof called Bad Girls to Mars, where a serial killer in black outfit and mask is murdering off the female leads until Edy Williams(..under a sultry voice) is called in for the part, and doesn't die so easily. A showcase for Edy Williams(..nearing 50 at this time)who doesn't mind shedding her clothes(..she even changes wardrobe as her new director is driving her to a party in his Convertible!)showing off her doctored breasts. Jay Richardson amuses as an always grinning lead actor who raises the ire of his lady, make-up girl, Brinke Stevens(..fatally underused in this film)as he flirts with the bimbo actresses who star opposite him. Stevens covets the female lead role but her boss, director Oliver Darrow, won't give it to her. Darrow's lover, Dana Bentley, is his secretary, whose jealousy of Williams leads to an intense cat-fight! I watched a version which censored the lesbian kiss between Williams and Stevens...aww, shucks. Sub-plot reveals that the producers want the film to fail so that they can collect insurance benefits. I think the reason to see this are the cast(..especially Richardson whose a hoot as a movie-star wannabe, a third-rate actor delusional to the fact that he's not starring in a major project but a dumb sci-fi B-movie) and the sex jokes and zingers..Olen Ray is poking gleeful fun at the Hollywood process using slasher conventions(..mildly, and each death is so silly, including an actress hung by a roll of film strip, you can hardly find them disturbing, even a head in a box)as a tool, while also nodding lovingly at sci-fi flicks of yore. I will admit, I wanted some more Brinke Stevens than is available in this movie, but her sexy presence is in the movie for brief stretches. This film belongs to Edy Williams who plays her part as a bimbo with no inhibitions, who will not back down from physical altercations if challenged, to the hilt.
  • timothyvoss5 December 2018
    It's to cheesy and I like cheesy but this movie went to far
  • I've enjoyed all of the other Fred Olen Ray movies I've seen - Cyclone and Warlords, for instance, are underrated classics of lowbrow fare, and even Scalps has its redeeming qualities - but Bad Girls from Mars is guilty of the worst possible charge that can be leveled against an exploitation flick: it's boring.

    The self-deprecating script is bland, and everything is conducted with such self-conscious camp that no sense of reality or genuine interest is ever generated. Drab synthesized music, lame one-liners, and pointless Ed Wood references don't help matters. Brinke Stevens is underutilized, and the rest of the cast is uncharismatic, the repeatedly bared bosom of Edy Williams notwithstanding.

    Only die-hard fans of Stevens or Ray, or anyone easily impressed by breasts or broad, lazy comedy, need bother with Bad Girls from Mars. The title is as funny as anything in the movie.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    My review is just that. Awful. And Fred Olen Ray is still producing and directing - and is younger than I?

    Slight correction then. Bad Girls From Mars.

    Full of awe.

  • Directed by Fred Ray... he had been directing for about ten years by now, and it was still pretty silly. Quite the soft core porn. Mucho boobs. and dirty talking about body parts. definitely not for the young uns! This one wants to have more plot, so follow along, and watch the boobs, i mean the story. boobs and more boobs. Beverly hills and cadillacs. and more boobs. the plot is pretty bad. old wine? an old cadillac ? Also, more boobies. and a cross that people keep getting tied to. Skip this one... pretty lame. Showing on epix drive in channel.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    I actually saw this on Netflix streaming movies, but it is streamed through my Wi-Fi Blu-Ray player. I watched it for the novelty, I didn't expect it to be good and it isn't any good.

    The silly premise is a low-budget film company are making the ribald movie, "Bad Girls From Mars", and as the story progresses certain cast or crew end up dead. The killer always leaves a 4-line rhyme, but it is a bad rhyme, ignoring the actual rhyming word and putting something else at the end.

    Even though it is a low-budget production, they have managed to hire a well-known stripper, and it is played by Edy Williams as Emanuelle, a lady with no boundaries and who likes to bare her chest any time she gets the chance.

    Now I had no idea who Edy Williams was, and I thought "she looks kind of old for this role." Later I found out she was almost 50, and when she was in her 20s rivaled such stars as Jayne Mansfield and Rachel Welch.

    So this low-budget film of a fictitious low-budget film is just a spoof of other films. There are lots of sexual references, several fairly attractive girls who take their tops off. And they really do solve the murder mystery at the end.

    Very campy, very poor acting, probably purposely.