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  • This movie is great. It's made for children, and is quite fun and lighthearted. You've got to love Denis Lawson in anything he does. The best line is when Alastair (Lawson) says "I can help you, really! I'm good at this."
  • Ping-623 July 2001
    This movie is a riot, especially for fans of the mystery genre. A young woman finds herself in England, minus the jewels she was supposed to be carrying. Denis Lawson plays a would-be private eye who helps her out. It's a fun romp through the English countryside. If you have a chance, watch this movie!
  • Anton18618 October 1999
    This movie is a great mystery for adults but not to scary for the kids. There is no sex, blood, or gore in this movie which is one of the reasons it is so great. I loved it and I watch it over and over again. It is a wonderful movie and I would recommend it to anybody.
  • There are not a lot of movies out there that trully show off Emma's talent.Most of the time she is reduced to playing prim and proper English women or variants of her character from "Dynasty." In "Bejeweled," she really gets to shine as Stacy Orpington,a guide of a museum assigned to transport a very valuable necklace, but is instead waylaid by kids,an amateur detective and art thieves. This movie gives her a wonderful range of comedic,dramatic and emotional ranges to show off,and she turns out to be a very beautiful actress who proves she more than just appearance.Maybe if she had recieved more roles like this,she wouldn't have stopped acting.
  • ksveit25 February 2007
    It is too bad that films like this aren't being put on DVD. The film is very well done in my opinion. The actors were very convincing in their roles. This film was full of fun, adventure and a little romance. It is a shame that most of these made for TV movies don't get to see DVD status. I think all movies made for TV ought to be put on DVD. Another favorite of mine is Jane Eyre with Michael Jayston and Sorchia Cussock. Putting these movies on DVD would probably get them more attention. Also people wouldn't have to wonder what that unknown, unaired film was like after being told by those who had seen it that it was excellent. They could see it for themselves.