A scene with Bunny shown in the trailer did not make it into the theatrical release. It shows her throwing raw hamburger onto a window which Bingo is looking out with her saying, "raw meat". The context for this joke is unclear.

The end of the film announces the sequel "Bingo's Big Fix" which was never produced after this film did not make enough money in theaters.

The last film Matthew Robbins directed.

Following a long line of female dogs portraying males in films/TV - Bingo was actually a female dog found by Hollywood Animals in a shelter.

The two terriers at Duke's, Magic and Snickers, are related to the dog Higgins from the film Benji (1974).

Even though they ultimately lost to the Green Bay Packers in the film, the Detroit Lions were given a rare dose of respect, considering their track record since their heyday in the 1950s. (They were going into the game as being in first place in the division, and only lost by a field goal.)

David Rasche who plays Hal Devlin and Kurt Fuller who plays Lennie appeared in an episode of Sledge Hammer! titled "Hammer Hits the Rock" from the Second Season.