[About East German car.]

Sam Boyd: Is it alarmed?

Pyiotr Grushenko: Only if you frighten it.

Pyiotr Grushenko: Whose ass you Americans going to kick now?

Sam Boyd: Well, always got Fidel.

Elliot Jaffe: Governments come and go. Bureaucracies remain the same. Just look at us,

Sam Boyd: [Sitting down at cafe table] Well?

Natasha Grimaud: Aren't you going to say 'Good evening?'

Sam Boyd: I'm gonna say 'Good evening' right after you tell me the money made it to Zurich.

Sam Boyd: The money made it to Zurich.

Sam Boyd: Good evening.

Sam Boyd: [to himself] Why me? Why take the Battleship Missouri out of mothballs?

Sam Boyd: [Regarding a suspicious safe house] What do you know about this?

Pyiotr Grushenko: Nothing. I just know Halloween when I see it.

Natasha Grimaud: What's good for Toshiba is good for the world.

Pyiotr Grushenko: I don't belong here. I don't belong there. You tell me where is home.

Sam Boyd: Elliot, just hold your dick.