Father of the Bride (1991) Poster

Diane Keaton: Nina Banks



  • Nina Banks : [Waiting for Brian to arrive]  So, can you see him? What does he look like?

    George : He just drove up.

    Nina Banks : And?

    George : He drove too fast.

  • George : You look like you're enjoying seeing me in here.

    Nina Banks : Enjoying? Do you think it's enjoyable to get a phone call telling you to come down to the police station because your husband's been arrested for stealing hot dog buns?

  • Annie : Listen, I'm going to take Bryan for a drive and show him around.

    Nina Banks : Okay, honey. Good.

    George : Annie, it's a little nippy out. You might want to put on a sweater.

    Annie : No, Dad, it's okay. I'm kind of warm.

    George : There's a chill in the air, and you've been on a plane.

    Annie : Dad, I'm fine.

    Bryan : Annie, it is kind of cold out.

    Annie : It is?

    George : Yeah.

    Annie : Alright. Thanks. I'll get my jacket.

    George : [in voiceover]  Right then, I realized my day had passed. She'll always love me, of course, but not in the same way. I was no longer the man in my little girl's life. I was like an old shoe, the kind we manufacture and get all excited about and then, after a few years, discontinue. That was me now: Mr. Discontinued.

  • Nina Banks : [Nina comes to bail out George from the city lock-up]  Hello, George.

    George : Why do you look happy to see me in here, Nina?

    Nina Banks : Happy? No, no, no. I'm not happy George. You think I was happy to tell everyone that I had to come down to the city jail and bail you out for stealing hot dog buns?

    George : I wasn't stealing...

    Nina Banks : Ah!

    George : I was just...

    Nina Banks : Ah! I'm going to have to ask you not to talk, or I'll have to call Officer What's-his-name over there. You've been more than I can handle, George. Annie's wedding is not a conspiracy against you. It's just a wedding. People have them every day in every country in the world. I know it'g going to be expensive, but: we don't go to Europe. We don't own fancy cars. I don't own expensive jewelry, so we can afford to have a big wedding.

    George : Nina...

    Nina Banks : I'll get you out of here on one condition, Banks: that you agree to the following. Now, repeat after me. "I, George Stanley Banks..."

    George : [Swallowing his pride]  I, George Stanley Banks...

    Nina Banks : Promise to pull it together and act my age.

    George : I will stop hyperventilating, rolling my eyes, unbuttoning my top collar button...

    Nina Banks : I don't unbutton my top collar...

    George : Oh, no, you mean this bit here?

    [Motions to her collar] 

    Nina Banks : [Feeling his, realizing she is right]  I will stop hyperventilating, rolling my eyes, and unbuttoning my top collar button.

    George : I will stop making faces in general, and I will certainly stop telling everyone I meet how much this wedding is costing.

    Nina Banks : I don't tell everyone how much it costs!

    [Officer clears throat] 

    Nina Banks : He told you, right?

    Nina Banks : $250 a head?

    Nina Banks : Oh, well thanks.

    George : I will try to remember my daughter's feelings, and how, with every roll of my eyes, I am taking away a piece of her happiness.

    Nina Banks : I love you, Nina.

    Nina Banks : Just repeat the last bit.

    George : I will try to remember my daughter's feelings, and how, with every roll of my eyes, I am taking away a piece of her happiness.

    Nina Banks : I love you too. Let's go home, okay?

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