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  • The sweetness that "Father of the Bride" exudes does not stem from the fact that it is funny, but rather because it is honest. It's a remake of the 1950s Spencer Tracy classic (which is great in its own right), but has more warmth about it than that film did. It doesn't rely on slapstick as much as it does on the realistic and ironic lead performance by Steve Martin. This is Martin's second favorite film that he has starred in (behind "Planes, Trains and Automobiles" and followed by "Little Shop of Horrors"), and I can see why.

    Martin stars as George Banks, a wealthy upper-class businessman living in Suburban America with a gentle wife (Diane Keaton) and feisty son (Kieran Culkin). His oldest daughter (Kimberly Williams) has finally grown up and departed the house, and the day she comes home with a fiancée he literally has a panic attack.

    She's getting married to possibly the most sensitive man in the world, but George is oblivious to this. All he sees are two big words flashing about the room: LOSING and DAUGHTER. But he is even more upset when he realizes the cost of the wedding: about a couple hundred dollars per head, multiplied by six hundred. You do the math.

    Nina (Keaton) and her daughter hire Franck Eggelhoffer to handle the wedding, and Eggelhoffer is one of Martin Short's finest roles. Short, an ex-"SNL" member, and star of "Three Amigos" (which also starred Martin), is simply hilarious as the ecstatic and eccentric Frenchman. Amidst the ceremony's setup procedures, George cannot believe he is the only one who realizes just how crazy the cost of the wedding is.

    Let's get this straight: "Father of the Bride" is nothing great. It's been done before, and it will be done again (and it has). Yet because of a likable and warm presence, the movie is more than just the sentimental goo that it nearly becomes at certain points throughout. It's truthful, blunt, and occasionally rather funny, which makes for an entertaining and extremely likable motion picture.

    This is not Steve Martin's greatest role. That honor would go to his portrayal of frustrated advertising executive Neal Page in "Planes, Trains and Automobiles." But here he provides us with a character almost as realistic, touching and likable. Neal was the character we empathized with in "Planes," and in "Bride" it's essentially the same for Martin. We're seeing the world through his eyes - which explains the reason it is quite often very overwhelming and comical.

    The movie indeed benefits from Martin's portrayal of a worried father - not as scared by the fact that his daughter is getting married, as he is by the idea that he will undoubtedly lose her to another man. It's a turning point in both their lives, but it doubles for him. Not only has he essentially lost his daughter, but also he has also just been faced with the reality that he is old enough to nearly be a granddad. This would leave good room for a sequel. Oh, wait...

    4/5 stars.

    • John Ulmer
  • I re-watched this movie today after seeing it a couple of years ago. I didn't remember half of what happened in the movie, but even the stuff that I remembered amused me again. Steve Martin is his usual self, very funny, great body language...simply great. It's been a while since I've seen such a good, not laugh-out-loud funny, funny comedy. Most of the newer comedies have less realism, less normal subjects and plots, and try too hard to be funny. While this movie definitely has it's share in sentimentality, especially towards the end, pretty much most of the last thirty minutes, but it is still funny, and you don't lose interest in it. A great family comedy, it is pretty much funny for all ages. This is a good movie to sit down with the entire family and watch. Most people will enjoy it, and most people will find at least a few things to laugh at in it, if not Steve Martins nervous father character then maybe Martin Shorts character with the ridiculous accent. There's something for everybody in this one; well, pretty much, anyway. 8/10
  • I remember a few years ago seeing Father of the Bride on TV, but of course it's edited and I never finished it, it's sad, I call myself a Steve Martin fan and never finished this movie. It's such a classic in itself and is just a nice family film that's a good watch. So I decided to rent Father of the Bride the other day, I just love this movie. It's one of the rare films that is genuinely good and just means to entertain you, your family and friends as well. Steve Martin makes such a great over protective dad, as much as he drives his daughter crazy in the film, you still gotta love him that he's so protective over his baby girl. Father of the Bride is a great comedy and is a good watch with it's sweet story and lovable characters. Before Meet the Parents, there was Father of the Bride.

    George has an excellent life: good job, nice home, beautiful wife, and two loving kids, one of which is his daughter who has just come home from Rome getting her masters in architecture and announces she's getting married to a man she met there, Bryan. George is going crazy, loosing his baby girl so fast and now having to deal with not being the main guy in her life that she will go too for help. George has to also deal with the crazy wedding planner, Franck Eggelhoffer, trying to break up his daughter and her fiancée, and Bryan's rich parents.

    Father of the Bride is a good film and I really recommend it, it's one of those films that you get a few good laughs for and just feel good afterwards. Steve Martin made George such a lovable character, even though he's trying to break up his daughter and her fiancée, you could understand why through his narration and the way he talks, every dad could relate too. Martin Short as Franck Eggelhoffer is a little over done, but still delivers good laughs. Father of the Bride is a just a fun movie that anyone could enjoy, it gives good laughs and might even make you shed a tear.

  • JosiReviews30 September 2018
    Why can't they bring back this genre of movies? Simple, every day life without super drama. Watching a dad have a meltdown over his daughter's wedding is realistic and Steve Martin's character is so relatable. The super market moment with the hot dog buns is hilarious and so dead on. Nowadays it feels like writers/producers have no idea what is happening in the real world. I have watched countless movies where the characters drive new cars and $500k+ houses and are portrayed as the struggling, all-American family lol even though this family has a stunning house, they still come across grounded and humble.
  • OK, OK, the characters are a little bit "Brady Bunch" - sweet little Annie, the perfect daughter, George, the doting and totally befuddled father, and Nina, the soothing, calming, hold-it-all-together wife and mother. They're a little bit larger than life in this classic comic, but who cares! For any father who loves his daughter, this movie simply can't be watched without feeling a tearing at the heart and a lump in the throat. Father of The Bride can be viewed purely as a bit of light-hearted comedy that mocks the way Dads can sometimes be, but by looking just a little deeper, it contains valuable information that could help many a daughter understand her Dad, and offers many a Dad some consolation that he is not alone, and that someone out there understands the separation pains he is going through as his most precious treasure begins to spread her wings and look elsewhere than the first man she ever loved. This is a tough time for many fathers, and mothers and daughters very often don't understand their erratic, paranoid and irrational behaviour. Father of The Bride explores this phenomenon with what was for me an amazingly accurate depiction of the emotional turmoil that goes on in the head of a man who cherishes his daughter's love and feels threatened and reduntant when another man enters the picture. Goodrich and Hackett have constructed it brilliantly, and Steve Martin expresses it perfectly in this most elegant of love stories. The movie takes some shortcuts - for most of us, the separation pains don't do us the courtesy of waiting till the engagement - they come much earlier than that, when out of the blue some stranger comes into our daughter's life. Martin demonstrates the pain and fear and anxiety that every daughter's Dad feels as some blow-in comes and lays a claim on his beloved child. A must for every Dad with a teen princess, and for the Mums and Daughters I strongly recommend that instead of just laughing and saying "hahahah - that's Dad all over", read between the lines to see just why Dad is the way he is. Loved it every time I've seen it (3 or 4 times now).
  • "Father of the Bride" was made back in the days when Steve Martin still had a really funny streak (which unfortunately seems to have ended with the "Cheaper by the Dozen" movies and the "Pink Panther" remake). The plot of course has him as suburban everyman George Banks getting ready for his daughter's wedding, with a series of hilarious mishaps along the way. Some of the scenes just make you die laughing, as you think "Oh my God! They're really doing that!" (you'll know these scenes when you see them). A real treat. Also starring Diane Keaton and Martin Short.

    I wish to assert that 1991 was Steve Martin's best movie year ever. Aside from this, he also starred in "L.A. Story" and got a serious role in "Grand Canyon". He is a genius, you can't deny that.
  • I've watched Father Of The Bride numerous times over the years and it's still a good family comedy to watch Steve Martin gives a hilarious and heartwarming performance. I laughed at the way Martin's character acted when his daughter announced her wedding plans and the scene that was touching was when father and daughter were outside and snow began falling it was nice.

    Martin Short's role as Franck Eggelhoffer was both comical and very funny. George Banks (Martin) a middle class man and owner of a sports shoe company has it all a great job, a nice house, a beautiful wife Nina (Keaton) and son Matt (Culkin). He's in for the surprise of his life when his 22 year old daughter Annie (Williams) comes home and announces that she's getting married to Bryan MacKenzie (Newburn)a computer genius from a wealthy family.

    From then on George is in a constant state of panic because the wedding will cost too much and the fact that his daughter is grown up. However by the end of the movie he finally accepts that his daughter is an adult and has her own life.

    The rest of the cast gave great performances I recommend this movie to fans of Steve Martin who enjoy his comedy antics 8/10.
  • In a remake of the 1950s film of the same name, Steve Martin plays shoe factory manager George Banks whose 22-year daughter Annie (Kimberley Williams) unexpectedly announces her plans of marrying a computer system designer named Bryan (George Newbern) who she only recently met on her trip to Italy. Of course, the new father-in-law gets highly protective of his girl and suspicious about the groom and his wealthy parents (Peter Michael Goetz and Kate McGregor-Stewart). The elaborate and costly wedding arrangements are also a major source of stress for George who must learn cope with the feeling of not being the number one man in his daughter's life anymore.

    Steve Martin is a decent comedian, so the humour works best when it relies on his screen-persona and puts less emphasis on crazy situations. Luckily, the movie stays pretty down-to-earth for the most part and allows Martin to create the mood with his somewhat realistic performance and verbal jabs that invariably work much better than the more outlandish scenes, such as Martin jumping from a balcony or falling into a swimming pool. However, the characters of Martin Short as the flamboyant wedding planner Franck Eggelhoffer and B.D. Wong as his assistant Howard are so grossly exaggerated that they are much closer to irritating than funny. Since the soon-to-be husband and wife aren't really developed enough to make them very interesting and Diane Keaton plays her part as the mother of the bride with a constant smirky smile that makes her come across as rather unnatural in the role, the movie can essentially be called a one-man show of Steve Martin who fortunately suits the role well.

    At the end of the day, the appeal of Father of the Bride depends on the charisma of Steve Martin and the perceived touchingness of the theme of letting go of your daughter. Perhaps the serious story can feel moving to those with personal experiences of seeing one's offspring get married, but others, such as myself, may think of it as cheesy and a bit too soft in the end. Still, there are many successful jokes and the tone is suitable for the whole family, so if the premise sounds interesting to you, you may well enjoy the movie more than I did.
  • Meredith-725 April 2000
    I have never seen the original so I can't really compare the two. On its own merits I thought FOTB to be really entertaining. Of course its predictable, but its meant to be. martin Short is hilarious as the wedding organiser, and Steve Martin is at his dead pan best. Kimberly Williams was excellent in her role as the young bride to be, particularly as it was her debut. The story goes along nicely but I must say the wedding seemed like the most expensive and lavish in wedding movie history, particularly seeming George Banks is your normal suburban father- not a multi millionaire. There are some fairly amusing scenes, but really its a nice movie. Its the type of movie you watch with your mother, or sister and think if only love, life and family were really that simple. In other words its escapism, almost like a fantasy...enjoy.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Where the 1950 version was as stiff as a piece of wood, the 1991 version is more of a reconfiguration of the initial story than a remake -- even when there are scenes that virtually reconstruct the 1950 movie. Now, while Vincent Minnelli's movie depicted a world no one except those living at that time -- and even then, that's a stretch -- could identify with, Charles Shyer brings those upper-crust sensibilities into a contemporary setting and creates a truly poignant study of a father (Steve Martin) who is about to lose his little girl even though she's already twenty-two and an Architect in her own right and is played by Kimberley Williams. We can relate to the complex emotions he has to go through even when some of the situations he gets involved in are the stuff of perfunctory comedy. However, his narration which opens and closes the movie and his quieter scenes point at a deeper study of a man who is perplexed at what is happening, and who's heart is breaking neatly in two.

    Another update is having Diane Keaton's character a true person in her own right, and who better than Keaton to play a real woman? After all, she's the one who created and immortalized a performance as Annie Hall, the quintessential New Yorker of the Seventies. Diane Keaton is a perfect balance to the maniacal antics of Steve Martin who has plenty of slapstick opportunities. She imbues her character with a sense of intelligence and practicality Joan Bennett could never bring to her own -- then again, Bennett wasn't an actress known for her warmth, let alone capacity to play a real person. In many ways, Keaton plays her role surprisingly similar to the way Katharine Hepburn did in GUESS WHO'S COMING TO DINNER? in the way she openly embraces her daughters entrance into adulthood.

    Visually FATHER OF THE BRIDE has a close relation to BETSY'S WEDDING with its warm colors and affluent settings. There are moments in the movie that are so filled with sentimentalism it's a miracle tears wouldn't be shed, and even trivial events -- such as Williams' explosive reaction to a blender she receives from her husband to be, played by the underrated George Newbern -- are rife with realism. This is a comedy that is well aware of the type of story it is telling and is far removed from being an all-out laugh fest. The only moments of extreme comic relief are the ones which introduce and involve Martin Short and B. D. Wong as two bridal consultants from Planet X and while there may be talk that their characters' raging effeminacy only prolongs the stereotypical behavior of homosexual men, I didn't care -- this is comedy first and foremost and neither character was the butt of a joke, but the creator of one.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    I just watched both this movie and part 2 this past weekend,back to back so I'll be reviewing both. I've never seen the original 1950s version,although after watching these,I'm certainly going to.

    In a way this is like Martin's movie,"Parenthood" but not as serio-comic. It's a perfect vehicle for not just his comedic talents but like so many of his intelligent comedies,it shows he's also a good actor.

    He's the perfect example of a man who doesn't adapt to change very easily and practically has a nervous breakdown about his "little girl" coming home and announcing she met a guy in Rome and is now engaged.

    He's a gigantic,cheapskate worry-wart about how much his daughter's wedding is going to set him back. Instead of concerning himself with the real issue that this should be the happiest day of her life. In short,he makes her big moment all about him.

    He does it in great comic fashion,as he gets more and more frustrated and looney until he lands himself in jail for stealing hot dog buns! His wife then sets him straight and he really starts to consider his daughter more.

    While no father is 100% accepting of their daughter's intended at first,George Banks has nothing but pure suspicion of Bryan at first. He thinks,"There's got to be something wrong with this guy". Of course there isn't.

    Martin Short's wedding coordinator not only speaks broken English,it's pretty much torn to shreds funny! : "Do you lahk this $1200 cahk?" George: WHAT?!

    Within all this great comedy is a touching story about the day one's child is grown up and leaves the nest. Done here without a hint of sappiness. The wedding is a spectacular one and the reception is crowded to the point of the house's walls bursting. It's simply a fun little film worth watching,especially helpful for you if your kids are about to get married or leave home.

    9 out of 10. 1 off for the predictable "Dad we had a fight & the wedding's off" scene,sure saw that one coming!
  • i thought this was a really cute,touching movie.i found the performances authentic and sincere as well as how each person reacted to the big event,from the announcement of the big event right to the last scene in the movie.Steve Martin was terrific as George,the Father.Dianne Keaton was great as the for the bride herself,Kimberly Williams,she came off as very real and believable.however,the character i liked the most was the wacky wedding choreographer,played by Martin Short.he was a scream.all in all,a very heartfelt,well done movie.i have yet to see the original 1950 version with Spencer Tracy,Joan Bennett,and Elizabeth Taylor,but i hope to for this remake,i give it an 8/10
  • I first viewed this film when I was about ten years old or so. I instantly fell in love with it and added it to my collection a few days later. This heart warming film tells the tale of a dad struggling to cope with his daughter's impending marriage to a man he's just met. Played by Steve Martin, George Banks delivers a praise worthy comedic performance as he falls into the in laws pool and meets with the wedding planner, Frank, played by the ever inspiring Martin Short. Father of the Bride welcomes newcomer Kimberley Williams to the screen. She gives a decent performance as an ordinary girl in love. There is nothing spectacular about her acting or even her character for that matter. Fans will be pleased to know that she stars in an ABC family original movie entitled "Lucky Seven", in which her character is much more complex. This film as a whole is belly busting hilarious yet never loses the touching effect it was designed to create. A favorite among families and heartbroken women alike, Father of the Bride is a film to be treasured.
  • While not Steve Martin's best film or role, he shines in a very likable and watchable comedy film. His Tom Jones impersonation especially is absolutely brilliant. Diane Keaton sparkles as his uncomplaining wife, and Kimberly Williams is sweet and alluring as his daughter Annie(she looked stunning in the wedding dress), while Martin Short gives a wonderfully fluffy turn as the camp wedding organiser. Onto the other elements of the film, while sentimental in places and perhaps a little unoriginal, what lifts it aside from the excellent performances is the beautiful scenery and cinematography, a nice script, assured direction and a pleasant soundtrack. Plus there were enough laughs to satisfy me, going for subtlety rather than wackiness, making it even more pleasant to watch. Overall, engaging and definitely worth watching. 8/10 Bethany Cox
  • This gets a 6.4, which I struggle to believe is an accurate representation. As I write this I'm aware that it's 25 years old & most people have seen it by now & also read the reviews, which makes mine somewhat redundant. Never the less, I felt it necessary to defend this picture against some of the more negative reviews.

    Maybe IMDb need to look at the way the ratings work. I've seen this with Thrillers as well like: Copycat, The Bone Collector & Kiss The Girls. All commercial successes & which almost define the 90 minute crime thriller sub genre, or shall we say, are the bench mark in which others are compared. Yet none one of these surpass a 6.6. I've read all the reviews for this particular movie & the majority of people (approximately 80%) give this a positive rating - between 7-10 out of 10. The rest between 3-5 out of 10.

    The point I'm making is that the average Joe with a healthy, positive outlook on life will probably enjoy this comedy caper. It's heartfelt & humorous & the photography is wonderful. They may however be put off due to the small amount of embittered & cynical reviews on this page. I get that this is a remake of the Spencer Tracy Elizabeth Taylor classic (big shoes to fill). The original was released in the golden era of Hollywood & it's a wonderful piece of cinema. I get all that, but it's not trying to be the original, nor is it trying to out do or improve on the original. These circumstances are timeless, Daughters will continue to get married & this version simply highlights the subsequent issues & challenges that the current generation face.

    I also understand that the Banks's are middle class. I grew up comfortably too in a nice suburban neighbourhood. But I was taught to speak & act correctly & I was not spoiled, neither are Matty & Annie. Also like the Bank's, my parents are not elitist & are the furthest thing from snobbery anyone could ever imagine. George & Nina weren't always that comfortable, they worked hard to get to where they are & they want the best for their kids, don't we all? Although the Banks's may be able to afford it; $250,000 for a wedding? like my parents, George & Nina grew up in a different time when that kind of extravagance simply wasn't entertained, so I can understand George's reservations.

    I'm afraid social standing has no bearing on this whatsoever. It seems clear to me, these negative reviews that touch on the classes & sociology come from those that are unhappy with the hand that they were dealt or just simply Jealous. Jealousy is where most negativity stems from in my humble opinion. How can a movie (& a family for that matter) with such a good heart be attacked like this, if not for those reasons

    IMDb is amazing, & as a movie fanatic it has been my go to site for many years. However, I think the IMDb fraternity may need to accept a few things. 1: Take negative reviews with a pinch of salt, you can't please everyone. The world would be pretty dull if we were all the same. 2: Although generally speaking in life a 6 or 6 & a half out of 10 may be considered average; don't pass on them due to a few poor reviews bringing the average mark down. That 6 might end up being one of your most favourite movies of all time.

    I site one more example. Twins, in my eyes a classic, I am by no means a massive Schwarzenegger or Devito fan, but it's feel good, hysterical in places & the chemistry between the two leads is undeniable. In my 38+ years I have yet to meet a single person that has got a bad word to say about it. Yet this movie has been at times a 5.9.

    Apologies if this sounds more like a mission statement than a review. Don't get me wrong, I love Jaws, Shawshank, Godfather, Schindler's etc… But let's face it, we're not always in the mood. Sometimes we just want something goofy we can laugh at. Just because these comedies are not critically acclaimed Oscar worthy 8's & 9's, doesn't mean to say they don't have an equal footing in our hearts and on our shelves. Thanks for reading.
  • I didn't even know until recently that this was a remake of another movie. Now, I'm very interested to see the original "Father of the Bride". Anyhow, I thought this movie was excellent. There is virtually nothing to complain about. The story is very interesting and very nice, the comedy is hilarious, the acting is fantastic, everything is awesome about this film!

    All the actors do a great job: Steve Martin, Diane Keaton, Kimberly Williams, George Newbern, Kieran Culkin, Martin Short, B.D. Wong and an extremely small part by Eugene Levy. Everyone else in the film was great too. I think Martin Short and B.D. Wong deserve some special notice for this film. They are both hilarious and play their parts incredibly well!

    This movie is great from start to finish. I would definitely recommend this movie if you're into funny/romantic films. I hope that you enjoy this film as much as I did. Thanks for reading,

  • Father of the Bride is a 1991 comedy remade after the 1950 version. The film starring Steve Martin, Diane Keaton, Kimberly Williams, George Newbern, Martin Short, B.D. Wong and Kieran Culkin was directed by Charles Shyer and is number 92 on Bravo's "100 Funniest movies." Other awards received were Kimberly Williams for "Best Breakthrough Performance" and Steve Martin for People's Choice Award for "Favortie Actor in a Comedy Motion Picture." He was also nominated for a Golden Globe Award for his performance.

    In this remake of a classic Spencer Tracy film, George Banks (Steve Martin) is the owner of a shoe store in San Marino, California. When his daughter, Anne Banks (Kimberly Willams), comes home from three months in Rome, she tells them that she is engaged to a man (George Newbern) from an upper-class family in Bel-Air that she met while on her trip. Early on in the story George begins to freak out at the thought of losing his only daughter. His wife, Nina (Diane Keaton), tries to keep him sane and happy for their 22-year-old daughter. When the wedding takes place at their home with a crazy foreign wedding planner, Franck Eggelhoffer (Martin Short), controlling the whole thing, George tries to remember that his daughter is all grown up and ready to take the next step in her life. If it weren't for the actors, the film would not be as great as it is. Each actor plays off the other to gave you the full effect of the story. Steve Martin and Diane Keaton worked very well together. But even better, was the connection between Kimberly Williams and Geoege Newbern. When Anne and Brian got in a fight over the blender, I didn't know who I felt I bad for. Both actors stole me from the beginning. The chemistry was so great I found myself tearing up with tears of joy when they wed. One character that really added to the story was Franck. Martin Short did an exquisite job. Although his character was minor, Short did an excellent job making me laugh and lighting up the mood when other characters were angry or sad. His accent was hilarious, and he kept me laughing even when the situation in the movie wasn't exactly funny. The actors did such a phenomenal job, they made me feel like I was actually in the movie. My emotions kept changing with every twist and turn in the movie. One part that really evoked emotion was when George saw Anne in her wedding dress for the first time and he thought to himself "This was the moment I'd been dreading for the past six months. Well, actually the past 22 years." That thought had me blubbering.

    This film has a dose of every emotion. Perfect for all ages, this movie will make you laugh and cry. I laughed at all the twists and turns in the movie, and I cried when George was recapping his daughters whole life in his mind. I love to watch this movie when I need to relax and have a good time. George has a part of every father in him, and it is amazing watching him going through the journey of letting go of his daughter, and finding a part of himself that he never knew. I give this movie five out of five stars, from the beginning of the movie all the way through the end credits.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    First, this review is for Father of the Bride 1 AND 2. If run back to back, they run like one beautiful story. This production is great from start to finish. Everything about it is wonderful, including the story, the acting performances and the direction. This is the best example of Martin's versatility as an actor. His comedic style is rather straight with zany insertions to highlight the otherwise serious atmosphere of his performances.

    He plays a wonderful straight man-turned-comic-turned straight man. This movie is no exception. His performance is comedic, yet startlingly genuine.

    Martin Short is hilarious and Diane Keaton is just as genuine in her portrayal of Steve Martin's wife as is Martin's. I love this movie. I love its ability to make you commiserate with Martin's character; with how he feels, and what he's going through.

    This one brings up every emotion in the spectrum, and I love it. It's less about family, and more about life's curves; the every-day things that make us crazy, happy, sad, and ultimately stronger. It's entertaining and at the same time makes you think, consider, ponder the events which have led us to where we are now.

    Combined, they rate 8.6/10 from...

    the Fiend :.
  • samta6915 September 2003
    I laughed my ass off both times that I saw this movie. That should tell you all you need to know about this movie. Steve Martin is terrific, as usual. I highly recommend it.
  • sydneyjean8016 July 2018
    Warning: Spoilers
    I watched Father of The Bride a few years ago and I really loved it! It gave me a lot of laughs and I am a huge fan of Kieran Culkin so I absolutely loved Matty's sense of humor and sweetness! He was such a kind and funny kid who gave me laughs!

    Steve Martin is a remarkable actor that I absolutely loved! He was so silly! My favorite scene was when he fell in the pool! That was such a funny scene!

    I give this movie a 10/10!
  • jamalhugo6 November 2009
    Steve Martin as usual is very good in almost every movie he makes in my opinion. This movie is very funny. The story is very simple, yet, wonderful. In terms of acting its extremely well done. Sets are are also very good, detailed as well. This is probably one of the best "wedding" movies ever, something that made it extremely unique was "Frank", the wedding planner. Every scene he is in, I promise you will not be able to keep your laughs in, I myself, laughed, till I could not breathe. This to me is what makes a great comedy. The humor is mostly oral, not much physical humor. I highly recommend watching "Father of The Bride 2", it is just as funny, if not, funnier, which is quite strange, usually, the first movie is always funnier. Father of The Bride 2 is more the proper ending for the story, although it seems it ends at the first movie. I recommend this movie to people who enjoy a movie that has a simple, yet unique story, and is very funny. Overall this movie is great, there is no particular highlight, everything is excellent, but yes, Frank stands out!
  • I really want to enjoy this movie. It's cute. However, there's a major stumbling block for me. I find it nauseating that the bride in this movie is so incredibly spoiled. She expects her father, who has worked hard all his life to build a successful business, to spend $250 a head for what is probably a wedding of between 200-300 guests? Am I the only one who did the math on this one? I kept waiting for someone to say, hey there bride-to-be, you're asking way too much, but no--everyone gangs up on the father, who is concerned about the price tag, and acts as though *he's* he unreasonable one.

    I know this is just a movie, and I know it's not meant to be the issue we focus on, but I find behavior like this so egregiously offensive that it largely kills the humor of an otherwise cute movie for me.
  • frangg2312 February 2006
    I love this movie. I think it's one of those movies that can make the toughest man a little boy on the inside. It brings to mind how every daughter in a family will always be a baby to the eyes of the men in it. Kimberly Williams does a fantastic performance as the all grown up but still innocent daughter. Steve Martin and Diane Keaton make brilliant performances as well.

    I don't think the old one is better, I watched it recently and it is indeed good. But it's a serious family drama; personally, I couldn't see the humor in it. This one is much more modern and sensitive. I highly recommend it for men with daughters or little sisters.
  • "Father of the Bride" is a charming, family-accessible movie that showcases Steve Martin in one of his most likable roles. It has its flaws, some of which get on your nerves, but it never pretends to be more than pleasant fluff, and it will endear itself to you.

    It's been commented that this almost seems like a parody involving the silly obsessions of rich white people, and you certainly get a sense that there is a lack of perspective on the part of all the characters, and not just Steve Martin, as it's supposed in the film. I mean, $250 a head for 300 guests comes out to $75,000, and that is a ridiculous amount to spend on a wedding. (The original guest list was almost 600 -- for a house wedding! -- and George's insistence on drastic reductions is portrayed unsympathetically.) The poutiness of the daughter, who is otherwise played to perfection by the beautiful Kimberly Williams, makes her seem like a spoiled little brat.

    Also, in the first part of the movie, when Martin's character meets his daughter's fiancé, the natural fatherly impulse to dislike Brian (ably played by George Newbern) gets stretched beyond reality to something like a reverse Electra complex, and it gets kind of creepy for a couple of minutes.

    However, I don't find it particularly offensive that Martin and Diane Keaton as his wife both own successful businesses, nor do I find it odd that the daughter is working on a Master's degree in architecture at 22 (most students get their BA/BS at 21 or 22). Just because two people have made successes of their lives does not mean they are bad or money-obsessed people, although Martin's reaction to the in-laws certainly suggests that he is insecure about his own status. In the Spencer Tracy original, the family was rich enough to call their maid by ringing a crystal bell, as I recall, and the naysayers don't seem to have a problem with that.

    I found FotB to be mostly charming, given that it never really takes itself too seriously. Diane Keaton provides a steady and strong balance for Martin's frequent outbursts of nuttiness, and Williams and Newbern give a realistic portrait of a young couple in love -- even to the inevitable pre-wedding blow-up, which is resolved by an unlikely source. When my wife first saw this (I had seen it when it was released), we were in the middle of planning our wedding, and to this day we can watch this movie and find events that recall our own experiences. It's easy to relate to the movie and to most of the characters, most of the time.

    Give yourself a treat, drop the class warfare for a couple of hours, and just watch this for the enjoyment of it.
  • Peach-229 November 1998
    Father Of The Bride is a great wedding comedy. Steve Martin is terrific in this film. The direction is solid and the rest of the cast is very good. Other than Martin, the real standout is Martin Short. Short adapts a very strange accent and chews all the scenery in every scene that allows him a bit of leeway. I found this movie very entertaining.
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