Danny Embling: I don't think fate is a creature or a lady... like some people say. It's a tide of events sweeping us along. But I'm not a fatalist, because I believe you can swim against it... and sometimes grasp the hands of the clock face... and steal a few precious minutes. If you don't... you're just cartwheeled along. Before you know it, the magic opportunities lost. And for the rest of your life... it lingers on in that part of your mind... which dreams the very best dreams... taunting and tantalizing you with what might have been.

Danny Embling: Suddenly, there were much bigger worlds again, and some small place in them for me.

Nicola Radcliffe: So what did you actually do together?

Thandiwe Adjewa: I beg your pardon?

Nicola Radcliffe: No, it's all right. You don't have to tell me. I think... if I liked somebody enough... I'd want to...

Thandiwe Adjewa: Have you ever?

Nicola Radcliffe: Of course not.

Thandiwe Adjewa: Almost?

Nicola Radcliffe: Well... Do you remember the young guy who was fixing the bell tower? I used to take him a cup of tea each morning before assembly. I rather liked him even though he never said anything much. I used to... close my eyes... and sit on a chair... and let him touch me all over... as long as he promised not to take anything off. I thought it was so exquisitely daring I'd almost faint. I'd have to sit down because I was trembling so much, my legs would've given way. Afterwards I'd be reading the lesson, convinced all the teachers must know because... because I was so shivery delicious all over.

Thandiwe Adjewa: I'm amazed.

Nicola Radcliffe: So am I when I think of it. Which I do most of the time, especially in maths. So, here's to risks.

Thandiwe Adjewa: [Tired of hearing the other girls making jokes about her being of African dissent, she gets up from watching TV to leave the room, but not before intentionally bumping into the table the record they were listening to was on to make it skip and anger them]


Thandiwe Adjewa: Oh, I'm sorry. I must've slipped on a banana peel.

Melissa Miles: Good game.

Danny Embling: Yeah. Three badly injured so far.

Melissa Miles: You don't sound very patriotic.

Danny Embling: No, I'm not. I'm here for anthropological reasons.

Melissa Miles: Huh?

Danny Embling: Football. It's a form of mating ritual. That's why you're here, isn't it?