Chuck Connors's final TV project.

Reba McEntire was called up to play the role of Burgundy Jones a few months after the plane crash that killed seven of her band members and her road manager. Wanting to get the tragedy off of her mind and to do something different she accepted.

Jack Kelly's final performance.

During filming, in order to be ready for her scenes, Reba McEntire had to take cuts in the food line at dinner. The other cast mates retaliated by wrapping her golf cart with duct tape.

This movie reunited many of the stars from 50 and 60. TV westerns including Chuck Connors and Johnny Crawford from The Rifleman, Hugh O'Brain from Wyatt Earp, Clint Walker from Cheyenne, Jim Drury and Doug McClure from the Virginian and from the 1970's David Carridine from Kung Fu all playing their old characters.

Chuck Conners and Johnny Crawford reprised their roles as 'Lucas and Mark McCain' from the TV series "The Rifleman".

Christopher Rich and Reba later played exes in the TV series Reba

Claude Akins and Dub Taylor also appeared together in "Movin' On: The Old South Will Rise Again", "Falling from Grace", "Black Gold", and "Laredo: Limit of the Law Larkin" and "Darkroom: Uncle George".

Claude Akins also appeared as President Theodore Roosevelt in Sherlock Holmes: "The Incident at Victoria Falls".