Hot Shots! (1991) Poster


Kelly Connell: Air Controller


  • [Wash Out can't read the number on the runway he's landing on] 

    Jim 'Wash Out' Pfaffenbach : I need clearance to land on runway thirty... thirty... something!

    Air Controller : Thirtysomething's been cancelled.

  • [Jets start their engines] 

    Admiral Benson : God, that's loud! My ear canals are very sensitive. They're stainless steel. Took a bullet at Corregidor, 1945. Passed straight through my head from one ear to the other. Here, look at this.

    [Admiral Benson takes a handkerchief and inserts it in his left ear passing it through his head and out the right ear] 

    Air Controller : [air controller gets his earplugs out]  We have these to hold down the sound, sir.

    Admiral Benson : Oh, good. Thanks.

    [Admiral Benson swallows the earplugs] 

    Admiral Benson : Let's hope they do the trick. Hand me the microphone, boy.

    [the air traffic controller hands the Admiral the microphone, but it accidently hits the Admiral in the forehead] 

    Admiral Benson : Ow! Be careful! Ever since D-Day, 1944, this plate in my head has been sensitive.

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