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  • Waking up from a PTSD nightmare about a incident that happened 20 years earlier, which his father, the reckless fighter pilot Lt. Leland "Buzz" Harley ejected from his plane that went out of control and his co-pilot Dominic "Mailman" Farnham was killed when the plane crashed. Discharged former fighter pilot Topper Harley is visited by naval officer Lt. Commander Block who informs Topper that he has been reinstated and is being recruited for a mission to destroy a Israeli nuclear weapons plant which is code-named "Sleepy Weasel". After meeting the other recruits, Topper is sent to see psychiatrist Ramada for a psychiatric evaluation, as it's believed Topper's PTSD is affecting his flying abilities and that he is cracking under pressure. But, Topper denies it. But, Topper soon develops romantic feelings for Ramada which causes her boyfriend Mailman's son Kent Gregory to get jealous and hostile towards Topper who he bares a grudge against for his father's death. After pilot Pete "Dead Meat" Thompson is killed in a training mission, Topper, Kent and the other pilots go aboard the naval aircraft carrier SS Essess commanded by incompetent Naval officer Admiral Thomas "Tug" Benson and Topper and the pilot set off on the mission. But, the planes have been sabotaged by airplane tycoon Mr. Wilson and Topper's PTSD is triggered and Topper suffers a panic attack and Lt. Commander Block is forced to reveal to Topper the real truth about Mailman's death and confesses he was present when it happened and that he witnessed what really happened. Edit

  • Kent's father was Buzz Harley's co-pilot Mailman. During a mission, Buzz lost control of his plane. Mailman could not eject due to the ejection seat mechanism seat jamming and Buzz jumped off the plane and parachuted. Buzz's plane crashed, but Mailman survived. But, Mailman was mistaken for a deer and was shot and killed. Kent fears Topper will do the same thing to him. Edit

  • Most likely PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder). Edit

  • Topper disobeyed a direct order during a mission and lost a $13 million fighter in the process. Edit

  • Sean. Edit

  • Two uses of f**k were removed, as was dialogue about inbreeding. Edit



The FAQ items below may give away important plot points.

  • Topper and the pilot fly out off on the mission to destroy the Iraqi nuclear weapons plant. But, Topper suffers a panic attack and Block is ordered to abort the mission. But, it's too late and they are surrounded by enemy aircrafts. Block refuses and tells Topper to listen him and he tell Topper the real story of what happened with Buzz and Mailman and that he was there when it happened and was a witness and that Buzz tried to save Mailman but failed. A proud Topper snaps of his panic attack and uses his piloting skills and takes out the enemy aircrafts and Topper manages to destroy the nuclear weapons plant with a missile. Topper's aircraft which has sustained heavy damage returns to the aircraft carrier and Topper and the pilots celebrate their victory. A wounded Block undergoing a blood transfusion apologizes to Topper for keeping the truth from him and tells Topper that Wilson sabotaged the planes and Wilson is arrested. Returning home to California, Topper and the pilots are greeted by a crowd, but, Topper flies away when he sees Kent embracing Ramada and wrongly assumes Ramada has chosen Kent over him. Topper returns home to the Indian reservation and informs Owatonna that they won and Topper also tells Owatanna that he is heartbroken about Ramada. But, Topper is surprised to find Ramada is there and has been waiting for him and that she dumped Kent for him and Topper and Ramada kisses and embraces. Edit

  • Buzz Harley and his co-pilot Mailman were on a mission. During the mission, Buzz lost control of the plane and Mailman's ejector seat was jammed and Buzz tried to save him, but failed and fell out of the plane. Edit

  • Block had wanted Buzz to fail and be the Number One fighter pilot in the United States Navy and that he was in love with Buzz's wife (Topper's mother). Edit

  • It's never revealed what happened to Buzz Harley after he fell out of the plane trying to save Mailman. In the flashback he's seen safely parachuting to the ground. Edit

  • Block tells Harley that Buzz tried to help Mailman whose injector seat was jammed. But, Buzz failed and fell out of the airplane. Edit

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