Frank: Somebody was boring me, I think it was me.

Maria: [to Raffael, holding up a joint she's smoking] Don't ever smoke this stuff in front of the law. You smoke this stuff in front of the law, the law gets upset.

Joe: I tried to tell myself I did my job. That it was in self-defense. I didn't believe me.

Frank: There's only two kinds of men in this hell...

Joe: With your record you could do a year on this.

Frank: What can I say, I fucked up! I get in a violent way, look around a room, I wanna bust it all up!

Joe: [about Frank] Where is he?

Mr. Roberts: Columbus. Now he didn't send a card, but a girl named Dorothy. "Dear Mr. and Mrs. Roberts, Frank hit me. My daddy says he has to go to jail. But don't worry because I'm here to take care of him."

[he and Joe laugh]

Frank: I see a guy like that, I want him to look at me cross-eyed!

Joe: My brother Frank was due back from Vietnam within the week. We hadn't seen each other since I'd lost the farm in '65, and took the uniform job to make ends meet.

Joe: We didn't see or hear from Frank for a good six months, when our lives took a turn.

Joe: You got a place to stay? You got money?

Frank: I already took forty dollars from your wallet.

Maria: [Hugs Frank] Joe's gonna be so happy to see you!

Mr. Roberts: They say some of the boys coming back are coming back real confused.

Mr. Roberts: You know Joe, it didn't sit right with me when you married a Mexican woman. But I look at her today, she's beautiful. She's a beautiful and good woman.


Mr. Roberts: Boy was I wrong. I was dead wrong.

Frank: The bigger they come, the harder they fall.

Frank: What are you doing here? D'you come here to fucking guilt me to death?

Dorothy: [Staring a bearded lady smoking in a corner] That woman's got a beard.

Mr. Roberts: Gonna sell the house, I think.

Joe: Are you?

Mr. Roberts: Think so.

Joe: We're you thinking of living?

Mr. Roberts: There's a trailer park over on Bright's. They got a pretty good deal there.

Maria: It's nice there. They have a vegetable garden in the back where you can rent a plot. Grow your own.

Mr. Roberts: [Talking to his baby grandson] Did you know your daddy grew vegetables Raphael? Your daddy was a farmer before he became a po-lice-man.

Frank: [leering at a large-built woman] D'you have a nice walk up here?

Joe: This place looked better when I had it.

Frank: I'll bet it did. You know why? Because you had fire in you.

Joe: [about how he used to own farmland] I burned.

Frank: Land must churn

Joe: I burned!

Frank: It's always turned.

Joe: I burned!

Frank: They took what you earned.

Joe: [Grins] Lesson learned.

Frank: [Smiles back] Meetin' adjourned.

Joe: I thought you were done with this shit.

Frank: Well...

Joe: What about Dorothy? What about the baby? Can you touch that?

Frank: Outside party.

Joe: What?

Frank: Outside party. Give me a light.