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  • In the early 90's, there was a definite, consistent presence in action movies: slow motion cinematography, wild gun-play, and funny one-liners. Granted, there are still some of those today (2004), but it just wasn't the same as back in the day. Now there are so many special effects in the current action films that it drowns out what used to be the great style of a "popcorn flick".

    Die Hard paved the way for these type of movies, and some of the offspring of this did well and did not. The Last Boyscout was one that did well. This was a very intelligent and fun action/thriller/buddy-comedy that can still be enjoyed to this day. Tony Scott is the master of under-appreciated action movies in the 90's, such as this and True Romance.

    My suggestion is to get a 6-pack, go rent this movie, sit back and enjoy the ride.
  • Although this film receives a lot of credit for reinvigorating the action/buddy genre movie, the praise is too often misdirected. For instance, whilst Bruce Willis gives a solid performance as low-life private eye Joe Hallenbeck, we have seen the act a dozen times. There are remnants of Die Hard's John McClane in every knowing smirk and pained cigarette inhalation. Equally, Tony Scott's direction is still based on an obsession with placing bright lights behind the actors and turning up the volume of car chases and gunshots. Jimmy Dix, the faded football hero, is given a suitably comic persona by Damon Wayons and the action sequences are as good as you will find elsewhere in Hollywood. However, these are not the attractions of the film for me.

    You might think, from what is written above, that I disliked the film but you would be mistaken to think that as I believe it to be an absolute classic of its kind. I truly think The Last Boy Scout should be used as a teaching tool at film schools the world over. In spite of its glaring limitations it is a movie that has everything! The opening scene is a modern movie classic - up there with those of Raiders Of The Lost Ark and Goodfellas. If there is a film-goer alive whose mouth didn't gape in wonderous amusement at the climax to the opening scene then I am amazed. The plot, as far fetched as it is, provides a perfect vehicle for the key elements that go towards making this the gem of a movie that it is.

    First in the list of key elements is the wonderfully funny dialogue. Shane Black's hallmark of snappy one-liners is all over the sizzling repartee between the two heroes. Even Hallenbeck's daughter gets a couple of laugh-out-loud lines. Secondly, the story benefits from the ideal combination of: sport, gambling, violence, comedy, the odd topless dancer, important values of family and friendship, revenge and honour. Take out the topless dancer and they pretty much all feature in The Godfather!

    The third crucial component for the success of The Last Boy Scout is the perfect casting of the bad guys. Milo, played to chilling perfection by Taylor Negron, is a bad guy with a difference. He isn't just a mindless hard man. His brilliantly annoying habit of calling people by their elongated names is a superb touch (Joe becomes Joseph, Jimmy becomes James and so on), as are his attempts at civility when trying to "do a formal introduction" with the kidnapped Hallenbeck. Other bad guys are fleshed out and distinguished by quirky traits or funny lines. They are not merely there to make the good guys look good.

    Overall, this film is not a piece of celluloid art. It is, however, a perfect example of popcorn-friendly entertainment. It is the sort of movie you imagine the makers would like to see as movie-goers themselves. Without being utterly contemptible or mindlessly low-brow it entertains. An ideal Saturday night movie to watch with a group of friends.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    The pairing of director Tony Scott ("Top Gun"), producer Joel Silver ("Lethal Weapon" and "Die Hard", among others), and screenwriter Shane Black ("Lethal Weapon", "Long Kiss Goodnight") led to one of the most brutal action films of it's time. In his review of the film, Roger Ebert gave it three stars, but not without citing it's misogynistic and degrading qualities. True enough, it's not a pretty picture: people are beaten, shot, and maimed in all sorts of ways; women are slapped around and degraded; a 13-year old girl cusses, is cussed at, has a gun pointed at her temple by her own father, and is put in the path of thugs.

    Despite all that, I enjoy watching the film, but not for any of the above qualities. The movie has an energy and a chemistry between the two leads (Willis and Wayans) that is missing from most action films. Shane Black's screenplay is full of hilarious gems (see the "Quotes" section.) There's a freeway scene where our heroes attempt to alert someone of a bomb. Wayans pulls out a pen and paper and draws a picture. Willis replied, "That doesn't look like a bomb; it looks like an apple with lines coming out of it! They're gonna say don't open the briefcase, it's full of fresh fruit!" Wayans spells out B-O-M, and shows the paper to the person they're after, only to have the person fire a shot at them. Willis replies, "I meant to tell you: bomb means 'f**k you' in Polish." It's a scene that represents the comic timing of the film.

    Of course, the nastiness of the film is what most remember about it. There's a good amount of foul language and an even greater amount of graphic violence (the villain meets a really gruesome end.) And of course, women aren't spared in this one. The relationship between Willis and his estranged wife is one of friction: when he catches his best friend with her, he pulls out a gun and shoots, hitting their wedding photo. And at the end, as the two reunite, he embraces her and whispers profanity in her ear; not the most loving sentiment.

    The bottom line: this isn't really a film for the faint of heart. It's a rough film, as it almost should be. The easily offended might consider something lighter and fluffier. All others might consider giving this film a shot.
  • We watched this on an encore channel and given it's mediocre 2 star rating and age of 14 years we didn't really expect much. First, we aren't connoisseurs of the action flick and maybe it's too uneven to please people who really dote on the genre. There are a couple of places where the plot is advanced without much pretext other than the need to cut to an exciting bit of action. And there are a couple of action scenes that a good editor would simply have cut.

    But Willis and Wayans give energetic and nicely tuned performances. Chelsea Field is just perfect in a limited role as the detective's wife. The villains are far better drawn than the usual bunch of lazy thugs. And Danielle Harris steals the show as Darian Hallenbeck, the feisty and foul-mouthed 13 year old daughter. She grows during the film with barely an effort – by either writer or actor. A part written with great comic creativity. Really the best thing about a film that has a lot of imaginative lines and action moments.

    And there are lots of places in this film where the writers give us lines that are head and shoulders above typical film dialog – and way, way beyond the norm for most action movies. A quick guess would be that there were a dozen places where a good line turned up instead of the usual clichés.
  • The Last Boy Scout is loud, vulgar, trashy – and great entertainment. Bruce Willis plays Joe Hallenbeck, a disgruntled former Secret Service agent struggling with personal demons, a dysfunctional home life and an unsuccessful attempt at living as a private detective. When his newest client, Cory (Halle Berry), is murdered, her boyfriend (Damon Wayans) joins Hallenback to find out why she was killed. What follows is typically Tony Scott – accentuated action, male bonding and loads of violent, gruesome deaths followed by outbursts of comic one-liners.

    Written by Shane Black (Lethal Weapon) and directed by Scott (Top Gun), Last Boy Scout works thanks to Bruce Willis and Damon Wayans. The script is stupid, borderline ludicrous – quickly stretching beyond believability, ending in an explosive (somewhat literally) climax that resorts to all the clichés of the genre. However, there is some self-satire to be found within the material. Villains are referred to consistently as "the bad guys." Loads of genre clichés are fooled with, spun into jokes – the car chases and action sequences become satirical in nature, whilst the personal life of Hallenbeck – something that might normally be sugar-coated in another genre film – is totally f***ed up, leaving us with a pre-teen daughter who uses profanity like it's going out of style, a cheating wife, and a weary father who stopped giving a crap about it all a long time ago.

    It's the stuff like this that makes Last Boy Scout succeed past its own sources. Shane Black is excellent at writing this type of stuff, and it really shows. Willis is given the best one-liners of his entire career, making Die Hard's crackling dialog look like child's play. Willis in particular is so good, and so at ease with his character, that his cynical and edgy performance makes the film worth seeing – and heck, even worth owning. It's the ultimate Stupid Male Action Film with Great One-Liners and Loads of Action, a genre I'd like to hereby declare official.
  • The Last Boy Scout is without a doubt one of the greatest action movies ever made. There is nothing a good action film needs that isn't woven into Tony Scott's vision of Shane Black's screenplay. We have shootouts.... lots and lots of shootouts. We have Bruce Willis. We have football. We have some beautiful women at our disposal. There are some fast cars. There are drugs. And the profanity-laden dialog is so well-written that virtually the entire script can be read in the memorable quotes section of this site.

    Our story, though completely preposterous, has some real depth. We have multi-dimensional characters and we are taken on quite a ride with them as the action unfolds. Bruce Willis plays a burned out private investigator who helps a disgraced former pro football player solve the murder of his girlfriend. Before our story ends, we have a dirty US senator, a greedy football team owner, and about a hundred seedy henchmen thrown into the mix. Things move so quickly that only towards the end does one of our characters actually speak a line that sums up how ridiculous it all is. Damon Wayans, who plays the former football star gives Willis some sobering insight. He points out that Willis must be one of the dumbest people alive. He is not only trying to save the life of the man who ruined his career, but also trying to avenge the death of the man who was f*#king his wife! But somehow, we the audience care about the outcome, and getting there couldn't be more fun.

    The film has dated fairly well up to this point. Being as though it came out in 1991, you can still see a high top fade on a black character or two. The football uniforms have changed a little, too, but these are minor things that take nothing away from the enjoyment of the story. Water is still wet, the sky is still blue, and this is still one hell of a movie...and then some!!! This film scores a perfect 10 of 10 stars. It couldn't have been made any better.

    So sayeth the Hound.
  • It's been 14 years since Tony Scott's The Last Boyscout was released and it was not a major hit at the box office.

    Too bad.

    Still, this guilty pleasure is one of funniest action movies ever made. The movie starts with the rocky (and cheesy) theme "Friday Night is A Great Night For Football" sung by Bill Medley. You can't top that way to begin a movie.

    But then Scott surprises us again. the opening sequence, where a football player is going to use any way possible to score a touchdown, is breath taking too. Enter Joe Hallenback (Willis) and Jimmy Dix (Wayans) two fallen heroes. One, a detective, the other an ex pro of the Stallion's league. The mob is there too, gamble, money, bets, a murdered young girl and big explosions. All of this wrapped up in a great story, which I won't spoil. This film is one of Tarantino's favorites. It's full of one liners and classic scenes. Violent and graphic. "Touch me again and I kill you..." says Willis' character to one of the gangsters. You should see the result. Written by Shane Black (Lethal Weapon) you've got a guarantee you're going to have a great time. Taylor Negron is great as Milo, the villain, a young and beautiful Halle Berry is Kory a girl that knows too much, the sexy Chelsea Field is Hallenback's wife and Danielle Harris is her daughter a great characters that nearly steals the show.

    This is not an "art" movie. It's pure entertainment, an excellent flick. Is anything better than that?
  • Before commenting on the movie itself I would like to explain my position on "judging" movies (since I'm a newbie here). Namely - IMHO, one has to analyze the "how", not the "what". Meaning - if you, for instance, compare this movie to a, for example, Pasolini / Bertolucci / Tarkovski / Whoever-else, you won't get far. There's no way to choose between a melon and a steak - one is a main course, another is dessert. Now then, all I gotta say on the actual movie is: an excellent specie of a purely commercial entertainment for grown-ups with a lot of kid stuff inside. The advantages and limitations of the genre - which is your typical action with a twist of comedy - are played on beautifully by the great action hero (who, IMHO, is also much more than that) Bruce Willis with his usual charisma and self-irony. Damon Wanes gives a very decent, even if a bit "afroamerican-comedy-club stereotype" performance, every note is in it's rightful place, though he is not as yet the actor we know from "Bamboozled". Danielle Harris is easy-going, natural and convincing as a teen daughter of the Last Boyscout. Chelsea Field is a bit shallow in this, your standard "wife". I think the role needed more "soulsearching". Taylor Negrin was too "cartoony" for my taste, a bit over the top, so didn't affect me as scary, which was obviously intended. The screenplay is fast, alive and has a good balance of drama/comedy, without rubbing our faces in either. Tony Scott keeps it interesting with his very own and unique visual style. On the whole - a highly enjoyable quality entertainment. WATCH IT - HAVE FUN!
  • Great movie excellently interpreted by Bruce Willis who personifies magnificently the archetypes of the excellent antihero. By means of a marvelous and elegant script, the action develops to pace of video - paper clip, with a perfect aesthetics, action to streams and a sense of the sarcastic, intelligent and brilliant humor. The prominent figures are worn out, leaving each one his personal stamp in the film; as curiosity, the exuberant appears Halle Berry in one of her first appearances on the great screen. We are before an impact ante and entertaining movie, which it(he,she) seems to improve with the years, turning practically into the classic one of the cinema of action.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Joe Hallenbeck (Willis) is a jaded private detective just trying to keep his family life together when he takes on the case of Cory (Berry), a stripper involved in a blackmail plot. When Cory's boyfriend Jimmy Dix (Wayans), a former pro-footballer for the L.A. Stallions gets involved, the two unlikely partners become embroiled in a conspiracy that guessed it, all the way to the top. Along the way, they have to avoid many perilous situations, trouble from goons, and perhaps a surprise appearance from Dick Butkus. Will Joe Hallenbeck truly be THE LAST BOY SCOUT?

    Shane Black for President, man. Shane Black for freakin' President. That pretty much sums up our feelings for this great film, and if you haven't seen it in a while, we say it's time to revisit it. We guarantee you won't be disappointed. The great Mr. Black was the writer behind Lethal Weapon (1987), and here he develops that style even more - it's cool, it's funny, it's tough, it has action, it's totally entertaining, everything works, and everything ties up beautifully. As a writer of intelligent, masculine movies, Black is the heir apparent to John Milius. We're happy to give the movie this sort of enthusiastic praise.

    It all opens with a slam-bang opening featuring fan favorite Billy Blanks, and never lets up from there. Even the accompanying video/song "Friday Night's a Great Time for Football" by Bill Medley sets the tone well. Bruce Willis is at his absolute best as the burned-out, grizzled private detective - smoking heavily, spitting out un-PC dialogue, and engaging in the sort of witty repartee you just don't see in movies anymore. Damon Wayans, also at his best, is "action Wayans", and we should have seen more of that later in his career. Despite their supposed character flaws, both men remain likable, and the viewer is highly invested in their fate.

    While the movie was allegedly beset by production problems and changes, it remains extremely coherent and you'd never know that if you didn't read about it somewhere. If it's this good as it is now, one has to wonder would it be as good if there was no studio meddling - or maybe better? We'll never know, but let's appreciate what we have. It's also packed with many familiar names in the supporting cast, and although a lot of action movies feature a daughter, Danielle Harris as Hallenbeck's daughter Darian has to go on record as the one with the most edge. She has a lot more attitude than the normal tot (she's 13 in the movie but we tend to call them tots). There's even a WYC (White Yelling Chief) to top off the overstuffed package of punching, shooting, chasing, blow-ups, plot developments, and clever dialogue.

    Sadly, they don't make movies like this anymore, but at least we have gems like this. What Shane Black has done is essentially fashion a Philip Marlowe or Sam Spade tale, but updated for 1991. The results are stellar, and we strongly recommend The Last Boy Scout, a movie that has proven itself over time to have reached classic status.
  • There are chick flicks, family flicks and guy flicks; and so there should be. No prizes for guessing which category this one falls into.

    My favourite action movie is 'Die Hard' (the original, not the pumped up sequels), but I don't mind telling you: this one ain't far behind. There are cars, guns, chases and foul language, and you can cut the testosterone with a spade. Exactly the way it should be. And some of the funniest dialogue you'll ever hear.

    Bruce Willis was made for this kind of movie, and his shambolic, wise-cracking Joe Hallenbeck is easily his best creation since John McClane. Damon Wayans, who I don't normally like, is also surprisingly good as the sidekick; and Danielle Harris must have been the envy of the 8th grade when she made this. What a script to give to a 13-year old kid!

    You want culture: go see 'Amadeus'. You want thrills and fun and laughter: leave the critical faculties at home and go see this. I wish there were more like it.
  • The Last Boy Scout is an action hero movie with a dirty mouth. It's one of the first mainstream movie to use the F word in all its variations and glory multiple times in each scene.

    The good. Plenty of action. Funny banter. Tough hero. Interesting intrigue.

    The actors. Bruce Willis plays a dirty version of his seminal role, John McClane. Halle Berry started her rise on the big screen in this flick.

    The bad. The hero does a lot of killing, yet he's not handcuffed once.

    The ugly. The lackeys are walking caricatures.

    The result. Nice action entertainment with a bit of intrigue. If you're a fan of Willis, I highly recommend it.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    You cant talk about underrated action flicks without mentioning The Last Boy Scout. I mean this movie came and went and stayed off the radar for a while. Let me give you a brief description of what its about.

    Bruce Willis plays Joe Hallenback, a down on his luck private investigator who comes home and finds his best friend sleeping with his wife. He later teams up with an ex-football player named Jimmy Dix(Damon Wayans) whose girlfriend Cory(Halle Berry) just got murdered.

    Opinion: Lets do a quintessential buddy cop checklist and see if this movie meets those requirements.

    Does it feature an unlikely pairing? Check. Does the unlikely pairing work well together? Check. Does it have moments of humor since one of the stars is a comic? Check. Does it give you one hell of ride from start to finish? Check

    So what the hell are these people expecting? This was made to be a popcorn flick but it was one hell of popcorn flick. Bruce Willis still shined as the action hero of the movie. Damon Wayans was funny but he also fared well when it was time to do a serious scene. I still laugh at the scene where Jimmy claims that Joe has to be the dumbest man on planet Earth because Joe is trying to solve the murder of the same best friend who slept with his wife. The audience still cares even we we come to the realization also. This movie came out at a time when you can expect a good action flick and the director Tony Scott hadn't dropped the ball yet in that department. If you don't expect Oscar material you might like this one but I still think its one of the most underrated buddy cop movies of all time.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    The Last Boy Scout is set in Los Angeles where Joe Hallenebeck (Bruce Willis) works as a private detective, Joe gets a call from his best friend & fellow private detective Mike Matthews (Bruce McGill) offering him a job protecting a stripper named Cory (Halle Berry). Later that morning Joe discovers that Mike is having an affair with his wife Sarah (Chelsea Field) but still accepts the job since he needs the cash, while keeping an eye on Cory he is attacked & knocked out & Cory is shot dead in front of her ex pro-football player boyfriend Jimmy Dix (Damon Wayans). Affter being let go by the cops Joe & Jimmy team up to find out the truth behind Cory's murder & they discover a plot to legalise sports gambling & an attempt to assassinate a US senator. Up to their necks in trouble with people trying to kill them left, right & center as well as the cops after them Joe & Jimmy decide to save the day & take the bad guy's down...

    Directed by Tony Scott I will openly & freely admit that I have a real soft spot for The Last Boy Scout, I just think it's almost perfect at what it sets out to do & I find it a very entertaining film to just sit down & watch. I must have seen The Last Boy Scout a dozen times or so over the years & it never fails to entertain or make me laugh & there's not many films out there I can say that about, for instance I recently saw Face/Off (1997) again for the first time in years & I was extremely disappointed by how dull it was & that it just wasn't anywhere near as good I remembered it but watching The Last Boy Scout again last night it was definitely every bit as good as I remember it from when I first saw it all those years ago. There are several reasons why I like The Last Boy Scout so much, for a start it's one of those infinitely quotable films full of filthy foul mouth one-liners that are genuinely funny & never fail to at least raise a smile. The action is very violent & at times maybe a little too much emphasis is given on hurting people but the set-pieces which include car chases, shoot-outs, fights & explosions are fun & varied enough to stand out. The plot is a little weak & the main story about a corrupt senator & a businessman trying to legalise gambling is a bit lacklustre but the character's really make it work. Joe Hallenbeck the down on his luck, bitter & cynical detective is great as the hero, he has his flaws but that's good & you do end up really liking the guy by the end of the flick while the Jimmy Dix character is a more clichéd black partner to bounce jokes off type of guy but he holds his own & he too also becomes rather likable by the end although he never seems that upset about witnessing the love of his life Cory get viciously gunned down in front of him. The Last Boy Scout is a mix of some of the best bits & ideas from classic action flicks like Beverly Hills Cop (1984), Lethal Weapon (1987) & Die Hard (1988) but that's no bad thing, I mean if your going to steal you might as well steal from the best, right? The bad guy's aren't that good or overly memorable but nothings perfect I suppose.

    The films pace is a little slow to start with but the funny one-liners come thick & fast to keep one entertained. The violence is often excessive & there's a lot of killing, punching & general hurting of people. The action scenes are fairly well done although I am not sure how a car ends up falling straight down into a pool when it clearly has forward momentum as it launched itself off the roof of a house. The film is full of profanity & bad language so if you don't like swearing The Last Boy Scout is not the film for you although I never got the impression that it was swearing for the sake of swearing & most of the profanity is very funny. Apparently the original script was quite different as the entire last third of the film was to be set on water & Hallenbeck's grudge again the senator (who was the President in the original script) was different & the senator's son Louis (who isn't even in the final shooting script) was to be one of the main villains.

    Obviously blessed with a decent budget the production values are high & it's well made. Apparently music composer Michael Kamen hated The Last Boy Scout when he first saw it & only wrote & provided the score for it because of his personal friendship with Bruce Willis & producer Joel Silver. Bruce Willis is a likable guy & he was just born to lay these foul mouthed wisecracking hero types & puts in a great performance here while his buddy buddy partner Damon Wayans does fine too although I think a young Danielle Harris is also great as Joe's foul mouth daughter with an attitude.

    The Last Boy Scout is a real guilty pleasure from the 90's that holds up extremely well even today, it's go some great action, some hilarious one-liners that are guaranteed to have you quoting them to your mates & Bruce Willis probably the best action film star of recent times & any film that kills off the supremely untalented Halle Berry has got something going for it.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    This is the perfect film to demonstrate why Bruce Willis is still an action star to this day. In my opinion his machismo is second only to Clint Eastwood himself. Willis is kick-butt and always has been but he always proved it in gritty, witty, exploding, wicked action flicks and The Last Boy Scout gives us his perfect action hero which is kind of an amalgamation of all his other heroes. On top of that director Tony Scott knows how to tell a good story amidst gun fire, and explosions, possibly better than anyone else although I feel he has stumbled a few times with the likes of the deplorable Domino. But that was later in his career, this was when he was flying high and it shows. The movie has plenty of everything you'd want from the perfect action flick, Bruce Willis, wise cracking side kick, explosions, gun fights, kidnappings, undercover work, a good solid mystery, car chases and so on. The movie is gritty and slick and fun to watch. It's almost too dark to really do itself justice but it is still a wicked good time. Scott takes what could be a run of the mill action flick and gives it edge, gives it purpose and makes the most of a solid cast too.

    As I said before Bruce Willis is the best of all versions of himself...or rather his heroes. His wise cracking, cigarette smoking John McLean of Die Hard, but then he's also estranged from his family, especially his daughter whom he loves dearly but hides it, he's a washed up alcoholic private detective who was once a secret service agent that saved the President until an over zealous bad Politician ruins him. How great a character is that for an action flick? Willis is perfect to look rough and tired and constantly ticked off and still give the perfect one liners and no matter how mean and cranky he is you root for him every minute. Damon Wayans is really the perfect balance in the film to Willis' character. Wayan's is the wisecracking side kick who ends up working with Willis much to his dismay but become the best of friends...again the perfect action flick mix. Wayan's character reminds me very much of a more athletic and crack addicted version of Eddie Murphy's Axel Foley...coincidence? Tony Scott directed Beverly Hills Cop 2 four years earlier. Wayans and Willis make an unusual team and yet they are terrific together. Halle Berry makes a small appearance in a role as Wayan's girlfriend and a major point in the entire mystery. Her role is graciously small (I'm not a huge fan.) Chelsea Field and Danielle Harris are Willis' wife and daughter. Field's is decent but doesn't get a lot of screen time but Danielle Harris is really something as his feisty, foul mouthed daughter. She's perfect for the part.

    The Last Boy Scout has a very interesting plot and a really in depth mystery that unfolds very well as each piece of the puzzle falls into place but for an action movie I felt like it was missing a key element. The villain. Yes there are bad guys and there is a main mob boss who they are trying to take down ultimately but he's not at the forefront of the story really. He's not as much of an adversary as an annoyance that they try to take down. I would just like to have seen more connection between Willis, Wayan's, and the boss (played decently by Noble Willingham.) As with any action film you have to suspend a certain amount of belief but the last scene of The Last Boy Scout has always really annoyed me. It's not cool as much at is just a shade too much to swallow. It involves a football being thrown to block a bullet. Nonetheless you won't stop being entertained with the intelligent story and terrific performances by the buddies Willis and Wayans who work great together. I think if they wanted to they could have serialized this but it didn't do well enough apparently. I think it happens to be one of the more intelligent action flicks with plenty of everything you love and a good story to boot. Definitely check it out!! 8.5/10
  • malkane3161 February 2005
    Warning: Spoilers
    One of the last great action movies, before the days of massive CG explosions and battles kicked in, The Last Boyscout signalled the end of an era- No-one wanted to see the 'one man taking on an army' kind of film anymore, though cleverly this film shows the irony of that with its sharp script. Many critics complain about the sexism in the film (the same critics say nothing of this fact in Gone With The Wind and countless other 'Classics'. And don't give me any nonsense about how things were different back then- as long as there are men and women-there will always be sexism, and the treatment of women here is nowhere near as bad as they would have you believe). Halle Berry stars as a dancer, her character is not the sharpest, she falls for a simple trick and is killed. The men who treat women badly in the film are shown to be scumbags, and each of these men gets what they deserve. In the case of Joe's wife, she is strong, but side-lined for most of the film (she was screwing her husband's partner remember), but his daughter, played by the magnificent Danielle Harris- who makes Dakota Fanning look like she has never acted in her life, is witty, intelligent and strong, and saves the day on a couple of occasions. Yes it is a macho film, but it is aware of that fact, and that within this genre such a fact can be subverted. Admittedly this has been done much better in other films, but The Last Boy Scout still tries to be 'one for the men' mainly.

    Now the plot- Joe, a washed up ex-bodyguard, played by Willis, is hired to protect a washed up NFL star's dancer girlfriend. Wayans- The NFL star doesn't like it, believing he can do the job himself. When she is killed, the two form an unlikely partnership and investigate her death. The uncover a plot which involves senators, and coaches, and they race to save the life of the scumbag Senator Willis once worked for. Joe's daughter is kidnapped, and he comes to remember that family is the most important thing he has, and he will not let anything harm that. After many explosive fights, the 3 square up against the bad guys in a final encounter.

    The stunts are worthy of mentioning in the same breath as those of Die Hard, but as they are not in a confined space, they have less of an impact. However, the script is far superior than most action movies, and it must surly rank in the top 10 quotable movies of all time. It seems that every line of dialogue is repeatable. Wayans is excellent, almost equalling Eddie Murphy's BHCop performance, Willis is perfect as Joe, Harris proves she is easily one of the best actresses around, but for some reason she never gets the big parts, and the rest of the cast is strong. There are countless funny moments, the action (by Shane west of Predator and Die Hard fame) is adrenaline charged, and the direction is fast and controlled by Scott. This was widely overlooked for a variety of reasons, but all self-respecting action fans should definitely get this on DVD as you won't be disappointed. 9 out of 10.
  • One of those movies that strains plausibility to the breaking point, and beyond. However, Bruce Willis's down-on-his-luck, easy-going but tough-as-nails character makes this work. At least, in whatever alternate universe this stuff could possibly happen, anyway. The American Public is fed up with pro football?...yeah...right. Damon Wayans does not look or act like a seasoned professional quarterback, some of the football players look woefully out of shape and overweight, a prominent politician is a sexual psychopath, and nobody has a clue?. Hmmm...

    Anyway, Willis's pull-up-a-chair, have-a-beer, guy-next-door character works, and makes this an enjoyable action movie. He is a tough guy when he needs to be, but yet is vulnerable in his relationships with his wife and daughter. He becomes a character that you root for.

    Many of the other actors work well also, even in this cartoon plot. Not an award winner, but a decent enough way to spend a couple of hours.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    This is either the funniest action movie ever or the most violent comedy. The screenplay by Shane Black is priceless - even if I have seen it countless times, The Last Boy Scout always brings a smile to my face. And of course we have the duo Bruce Willis / Damon Wayans, with great chemistry and comedic timing.

    Private detective Joe Hallenbeck (Willis in his "sardonic action hero" mode) has a messy personal life. His colleague Mike (Bruce McGill) asks him to protect Cory (Halle Berry) from mysterious threats. When both Mike and Cory are killed, Hallenbeck and Cory's boyfriend Jimmy (Wayans), ex-quarterback, team up to solve the case.

    The two leads are perfect, but the supporting cast is also brilliant, with Halle Berry, McGill as Hallenbeck's sleazy pal, Taylor Negron as smug baddie Milo and young Danielle Harris in a vivid turn as Hallenbeck foul-mouthed daughter.

    A great action comedy, and one of the late Tony Scott's best movies. To quote Joe Hallenbeck, "You can't just walk up and slap a guy, you have to say something cool first".

  • Tony Scott's The Last Boy Scout arrived at a time when the macho action thrillers popularised in the 1980's were starting to die out. This, combined with its odd Christmas-time release, meant that the film would go on to underwhelm at the box-office, although it would prove a hit in the rental market and reignite Bruce Willis' action career after the failure of Hudson Hawk. It also took a beating from critics, many voicing their displeasure at the foul-mouthed dialogue and particularly brutal violence. It's a shame really, as looking back, The Last Boy Scout really represents the pinnacle of this overly masculine sub-genre, even though it arrived at a time when audiences were growing tired with it. Yes, it's preposterous, crude and slightly misogynistic, but it's also funny, clever and features screenwriter Shane Black at his most quotable best.

    The movie begins with making a mockery of American Football's televised musical intros, before diving right into the thick of the action on a particularly dark and rainy night. Running back Billy Cole (Tae Bo guru Billy Blanks) is having a great night on the field before outside pressures and a hit of PCP lead him to shoot up half of the opposition before turning the gun on himself. Deadbeat private investigator Joe Hallenback (Bruce Willis) is acting as a bodyguard for young stripper Cory (Halle Berry), whilst dealing with his own marital problems in a cheating wife and brat daughter. When Cory is killed, her boyfriend - disgraced former quarterback Jimmy Dix (Damon Wayans) - finds himself reluctantly buddying up with Joe to slowly unravel a conspiracy that may expose corruption on a massive scale, and offer an explanation for Billy Cole's mysterious suicide. Their snooping isn't appreciated however, and they soon find themselves the target of a criminal gang desperate to cover their tracks and see their plan through to the end.

    The Last Boy Scout was famously dogged by production problems, where producer Joel Silver was often cited as the cause of it all. Silver and Willis allegedly took over production, forcing Scott to film scenes he didn't approve of and altering Black's script so much that the finally story barely resembled his original idea. Scott would take revenge in his next film True Romance, where the role of a controlling, cocaine-fuelled producer was modelled on Silver. On top of everything else, Willis and Wayans hated each other. Impressively, these troubles somehow can't be seen in the final product. The chemistry between the two leads is one of the movie's strongest suits, and the plot unravels coherently with more car chases and shoot-outs than you could ever hope for. Scott shoots the film with a glossy commercial aesthetic that works well in the context of the tacky world the film is looking to expose. But the real winner here was Black, who pocketed a cool $1.75 million for his efforts after suffering a setback in his personal life. Despite the changes, this still has the writer's fingerprints all over it, even eclipsing what is undoubtedly his most popular work, Lethal Weapon. They just don't make 'em like this anymore.
  • I saw this movie three times in the theater with a buddy of mine when we were still in high school. Yes, Three Times! And it got better each time I saw it. Before too long, I could recite every line spoken by Bruce Willis in the movie because at one point, Willis was my hero. I even copied his hairstyle and mannerisms, without getting busted, of course. This movie had more action and humor in it for the time. Bruce Willis and Damon Wayans were a poor man's version of Mel Gibson and Danny Glover of the "Lethal Weapon" saga. And nothing could stop these guys to be the heroes of the moment! To me, I found "The Last Boy Scout" an excellent, Hilario's adventure from start to finish. In fact, I loved it so much the first time, I refused to take a bathroom break during the final 30 minutes of the film because I feared I would miss a great action scene or so. What's missing about "The Last Boy Scout", sadly to tell you, is a sequel. I hoped and prayed that it would come to be in the future. But it never materialized or any news came through. A real bummer because the ending left the door wide open for a "Last Boy Scout Part 2". But I definitely do not want a sequel with different actors playing Bruce Willis and Damon Wayans' roles should there be one. These guys kicked Major League Ass! You Can't Miss This One By Any Means, Buddy!
  • This is going to sound really cheesy but...they REALLY don't make'em like this anymore. This is a film that is as close to matching the level of Lethal Weapon and Die Hard as any early to mid '90s action flick has ever come. Damon Wayans is no Danny Glover or Sam Jackson, but there is a definite chemistry with Bruce Willis, and you can really tell on screen how much fun they're having during the shoot.

    The Last Boy Scout is everything a male action enthusiast can desire: there's enough wit to last three movies and the action is generously displayed by Tony Scott on screen. The pacing is actually done well for a change (which is more than can be said about most in the genre). The acting of the supporting cast may not be top notch but then again, that wasn't the case for the Lethal Weapon films and they managed to entertain me for four editions.

    The villains are hilariously dorky but that's part of the fun of watching these 'old' action movies. You see bad eighties haircuts and the music playing in the background is as wrong as it gets (usually 'Miami Vice'-like). Take everything with a grain (or a bag) of salt and just lay back and enjoy. There isn't a man alive who can't enjoy TLBS on some level (even if it's just as a guilty pleasure).

  • Warning: Spoilers
    Where do you begin with a movie like The Last Boyscout? I was a teenager when this movie came out, actually the same age as Danielle Harris. This movie is great. Sure it's not an intellectual movie, but who cares. It is what it is. I remember using the massive amount of one liners at school. This movie delivers them in droves. The movie shows the redemption of a down-on-his-luck detective. Many complain of it being anti-woman, but I see a man still in love with his wife and forgives her at the end. Many don't understand what he says to her at the end of the movie, but they weren't paying attention at the beginning to get the point. Great action, lots of bullets, lots of brutality, and lots of comedy. I believe this to be one of Bruce Willis' best movies. They just don't make em like this anymore, well maybe they try but can't get it right. Having Joe kill a man by punching his nose into his brain, and then casually pick up a cigarette and sit down and smoke it has to be one of the best scenes, i've ever seen. Do yourself a favor and treat yourself to this action classic, you won't be disappointed.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    This is a fantastic and unique "Buddy" "Buddy" film that's extremely entertaining to watch, with an amazing performance from Bruce Willis!. All the characters are wonderful, and i thought the story was awesome, plus, Bruce Willis is simply amazing in this!. Willis and Wayans had fantastic chemistry together, and i thought Taylor Negron was extremely menacing as the main villain, plus the finale was simply awesome!.It has to be one of the most graphic "buddy "buddy" flicks out there, and i thought some of the stunts were absolutely fantastic, and while the opening is absurd, it's absolutely awesome just the same (Ain't Life A Bitch! Billy Cole). It has to be one of the most unique "Buddy "Buddy" film, as it it at times just plain odd, however i like odd, so it was quite refreshing to see something a bit different, plus Danielle Harris is wonderful as Willis's daughter!, And Wayans was fantastic!. This is a fantastic and unique "Buddy" "Buddy" film, that's extremely entertaining to watch, with an amazing performance from Bruce Willis, and i say Go see it now!. The Direction is excellent!. Tony Scott Does an excellent job here, with amazing camera work, awesome angles, lots of other crazy shots, and he kept the film at an extremely fast pace!. This movie is loaded with blood and violence!. We get TONS of extremely bloody gunshot wounds, LOTS of bloody gunshot wounds to the head, with blood and brains spurting,quite a few bloody broken noses,plenty of bloody wounds,tons of harsh bloody beatings,very bloody stabbing in the leg, and someone is ripped apart by a spinning helicopter blade!. The Acting is amazing!. Bruce Willis is AMAZING as always, and is amazing here, he is extremely likable, had some of the best one liners you will ever hear, kicked that ass, was fantastic in the acting department,had wonderful chemistry with Damon Wayans, and while his character is very violent, i absolutely loved it!. (Willis Rules!!!). Damon Wayans is fantastic here, he had wonderful, chemistry with Willis, was often hilarious, had a great charm, and was the perfect choice for this role!, i loved him. (Damon Wayans rules). Danielle Harris is AMAZING as always, and is amazing here, she is extremely likable, was often hilarious, especially when she was spurting out the rough language!, i just wished she had more screen time! (Danielle Rules!!). Taylor Negron is awesome as one of the main villains, he was quite chilling, and always had a sinister look on his face, i liked him lots!. Noble Willingham so so as the other main villain, he was quite bland, and wasn't menacing at all. Halle Berry had a somewhat memorable role here i guess but i am not a fan of hers at all. Rest of the cast do great. Overall Go see it now!. ***** out of 5
  • pmtelefon10 November 2019
    I've been a fan of "The Last Boy Scout" since I first saw it at the drive-in (Westbury, NY). It's a very funny, exciting movie. It has some terrific dialogue. It's well acted by everyone involved, especially Bruce Willis, Damon Wayans and Taylor Negron. I've never been a fan of Negron's stand up comedy but he was a pretty good actor and he plays a great villain in this movie. Sure, you can nit-pick at a movie like "The Last Boy Scout" but why would you want to? It's a loud, fast moving movie with quite a bit of emotion thrown into the mix. Flawed as it may be at times, "The Last Boy Scout" is a wildly entertaining movie with Bruce Willis at the top of his game. I wish this movie was a hit because I would have loved for it to have had a sequel.
  • Die Hard in all but name. The Last Boy Scout is one underrated and unfairly overlooked gem. It is actually one of my favourite Bruce Willis movies. In many ways it might seem like the standard action movie that he has done so many times but there is much more to this movie. It has many similarities in the feel of it to the Die Hard series and Willis character Joe Hallenbeck is pretty much John McClane. So far that this movie could easily have been transformed into a Die Hard movie with minor rewrites. The Last Boy Scout is a far worthier sequel than the fourth and fifth movie, that pretty much goes without saying but it might actually be better than the second one as well.

    The Last Boy Scout was written by Shane Black and it has all his trademarks, humour, interesting story and great characters . The plot is really surprisingly well written much more complicated than one would be expecting. Action movies seldom focus much on the story because it´s not the selling point. The Last Boy Scout has a great plot that takes many surprising twists and requires your attention all the way through. The first time I saw it I didn´t grasp how it all hung together. Then there's the dialogue which is just excellent. So many memorable and hilarious quotes perfectly delivered and most of them by Bruce Willis. Brilliant dialogue is just obvious if you know Shane Black and have seen Kiss Kiss Bang Bang or more recently The Nice Guys. Bruce Willis and Damon Wayans are perfect in the leads as two unmatched buddies that are forced together. Allegedly they did not get along but maybe it was to the movies advantage. Taylor Negron is likewise great as the menacing villain. The action is thrilling and very brutal. What´s great however is that it´s well thought out and not overdone like that it goes on for too long and just becomes cartoonishly over the top like often happens. The action is sporadic but totally intense and thrilling when it comes. Of course it´s not realistic but more thought out than many. Great directing from Tony Scott.

    The Last Boy Scout is a top-notch comedy action thriller unfairly forgotten that hopefully is being or should be rediscovered.
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