Woman: Are you the Ethereal Lucy?

Monte: That's Lucy the Ethereal.

Woman: And who might you be?

Monte: Monte... the Emasculated.

Monte: AGGH! God, you're alive! I thought that rabbit was eating your head.

Lucy: You know perfectly well, new sex is like crack.

James: You're going to have to take that rag off your face if you expect her to read your lips.

Vivian: She can read my tits!

[last lines]

Lucy: We should go to the park this weekend and watch all the children shooting squirrels with their BB guns.

Vivian: True. We don't appreciate nature, enough.

Vivian: The simple plan is, no one in this room is going to have sex with anyone else in this room. We'll be platonic... like our parents.

Vivian: You need to get laid.

Lucy: YOU need to get laid!

Vivian: I don't need to get laid. I stored it up before me and Hector broke up.

Lucy: Stored up? What are you, a chipmunk?

Vivian: You don't just make out with someone in a meat locker who you're indifferent to.