Regarding the scene where Luke is lying next to a lion, Terence Hill stated in an interview that the lion was from Colorado. It was a wild lion, not a tame one. Pieces of meat were placed around Terence, who was told to stay very still and pretend to be asleep, so the lion would not attack him. In the end, the lion attacked the camera, then ran away towards the saloon.

Terence Hill dedicated this to his two sons, Ross (1973-1990) and Kevin.

Based on Lucky Luke (1971), the first film adaption of the comic books by Morris, which was turned into an album in 1982.

The scene where Lucky Luke refuses chief Prairie Dog's peace pipe because he gave up smoking is a reference to the comics. A regular smoker since his early appearances in the 1940s, Luke gave up smoking in 1983 and traded his cigarette for a straw starting in the album "Fingers".

Rantanplan the guard dog, a regular character from the comics, who also starred in his own spin-off series, makes a short cameo appearance in the scene with the Daltons in prison. He is referred to as "Bushwack", his name in the English dub of Lucky Luke (1983).