Dani: I wanna know you.

Court Foster: You do know me.

Dani: I wanna know you more... I wanna know you all I can.

Court Foster: What do you wanna know?

Dani: I wanna know... your hopes.

Court Foster: Well... I hope your boobs will get bigger and your butt will fill out.

Dani: I want you to be the first boy I ever kiss.

Court Foster: I thought you'd been kissed "so many times."

[Long, awkward pause, then Court leans over and they kiss]

Court Foster: How was that?

Dani: Perfect.

Dani: I love you, Court.

Court Foster: Don't! Don't love me now. When things are so mixed up.

Matthew Trant: She's getting too big to be running around wild as a jack rabbit.

Abigail Trant: It used to be she was too little, and now she's too big. I guess she passed up just right when nobody was lookin'.

Matthew Trant: What time you got?

Billy Sanders: 6:13.

Matthew Trant: You're responsible for my daughter for the next 5 hours and 7 minutes.

Billy Sanders: Yes sir, Mr. Trant. You don't have a thing to worry about.

Matthew Trant: Then neither will you.

Dani: Did'ja ever like somebody so much... that it almost made'ja sick?

Dani: I'm afraid nothing's ever gonna make sense again.

Maureen Trant: Maybe life's not supposed to make sense. Danielle

Dani: Doesn't that scare you?

Maureen Trant: Yes.

Court Foster: You know you don't have to come along.

Dani: Are you sure you can find your way, it's an awful big town.

Court Foster: Are you always in the habit of going where you're not wanted or is this a new thing with you?

Dani: Are you always this nice to people you just met or are you practicin' up to be a horse's butt?

Court Foster: Have you ever been kissed before?

Dani: Sure. Lots of times.

Court Foster: Yeah... I'll bet. Well you just almost got yourself more than kissed, little girl.

Dani: I'm not a little girl.

Court Foster: You are too Dani! You're a little girl and you don't know what you're doing.

Dani: When two people really care about each other, they try to understand things. Even when it's hard.

[first lines]

Dani: I love Elvis so much.

Maureen Trant: You love everybody so much.

Dani: I do not.

Maureen Trant: You do, too.

Dani: No I don't.

Maureen Trant: Okay, you don't.

Dani: Well, I don't. Maureen, sometimes you make me feel like such a baby.

Maureen Trant: You are a baby.

Dani: I wish I could be just like you.

Maureen Trant: Don't talk silly.

Dani: It's not silly. You're the smartest girl in school, you're so pretty it hurts - the boys fall all over themselves when you walk down the street. And I'm just a lump.