In 2007, William "Billy" Flynn, the man who shot Greg Smart causing his death, was paroled on March 12, 2015, his 41st birthday.

Cinematographer James Glennon and Howard Hesseman had also worked together on Flight of the Navigator (1986).

The character who Chad Allen plays is called Billy Flynn. This is also the name of the character played by Richard Gere in Chicago (2002). Incidentally as New Hampshire is in the title of the film Allen is in, it features a US state, plus as Chicago is the title of the film Gere is in, it features a US city.

This film's director Joyce Chopra has the same Christian name as the author of the novel To Die For, which was inspired by the plot. Her name is Joyce Maynard and her novel was adapted into a film of the same name To Die For (1995), starring Nicole Kidman.