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  • The shy teenager Tom McHugh (Ethan Hawke) worships his sexy neighbor Geena Matthews (Teri Polo) that lives on the other side of the street, but he does not dare to talk to her. When his parents travel with their dog for a competition and his self-confident big brother Craig McHugh (Brian McNamara) unexpectedly arrives from California for a visit with a classic 1959 Cadillac, Graig decides to call Geena and schedule a date with Tom. He lends his clothes and his credit card to Tom, who cuts his hair like Craig, buy flowers while Tom calls a limousine service. However, the driver has an accident and Tom decides "to borrow" the fancy car to impress the girl. When Tom is mistakenly taken as being Craig and finds a body in the trunk, his dream-night with Geena becomes a nightmare.

    "Mystery Date" is one of the funniest adventures of the 90's and completely underrated in IMDb. The enjoyable story is delightful, with Ethan Hawke and Teri Polo showing a magnificent chemistry in the beginning of their successful careers. My vote is eight.

    Title (Brazil): "Que Garota, Que Noite" ("What a Girl, What a Night")
  • bkoganbing28 July 2010
    When someone even if it's your brother offers to fix you up on a date with the girl of your dreams, watch out because if it's too good to be true, it usually is. That's the position that young Ethan Hawke who worships his older brother Brian McNamara.

    McNamara is however not studying to be a lawyer, but instead is a crook who has stolen from a Chinese gangster played by James Wong and who wants his goods back. What McNamara is doing by even giving Hawke his car, his fashionable wardrobe and even his credit card is set up his younger brother while he deals in relative safety. So that first date with Teri Polo is an experience not likely to be forgotten.

    Mystery Date definitely has a few laughs in it, but throughout it I couldn't really get all that amused over the plight of Hawke and Polo. I mean this kid really worships McNamara and this guy is such a sleaze to take advantage of that. Kind of puts a damper on the humor.

    Funniest performance has to be from Fisher Stevens who plays a psychotic floral delivery guy who McNamara stiffs for a tip and then goes berserk, taking it out on poor Hawke, the schlemiel. It doesn't make up for the overall weak plot premise.
  • SuperBaes20 July 2001
    Mystery Date doesn't offer a thrilling suspense, doesn't have an intricate plotline, and doesn't have mind-boggling special effects. It does, however, give an entertaining hour and a half.

    This film may be able to be counted as the last eighties movie; the type where the hero is a jerky, awkward boy who does not realize the situation he is in. He does manage, however, to end up in the end with the girl of his dreams. If only one of the Cory's (Haim or Feldman) could have made a guest spot.
  • This movie brings to life all the "first date" fears you could have and makes them come true for poor Tom. Sort of "After Hours" meets "Risky Business." The plot is a bit unbelievable, but it isn't predictable and is a lot of fun. If you are the type to say "now why would he do that?" and insist on plots that are believable, you probably won't like this movie. At one point our hero is driving around with a dead body in the trunk and treats it with the same urgency as a rip in his pants he doesn't want his date to see! Still, it's a fun romp that's easy to watch. A good date movie.
  • Seeing as how I caught this one nearly twelve years ago, when it was in theaters, it's not surprising that there's a little bit of nostalgia attached to my enjoyment of this movie. All of that aside, this is a pretty funny movie with some good characters and hilarious situations.

    Tom McHugh is a likeable, but very shy, teen-ager who has the hots for the girl who's housesitting next door. He's been eyeing her for quite a while now and he would probably never work up the nerve to ask her out. When his freakshow parents leave town to take their terrier to a dog show (ever see "Best in Show"?), older brother Craig decides to pay a little visit. See, Craig has supposedly been away at Law School and he just decides to show up in his vintage Cadillac to pay little bro a visit. Not two seconds after Mommy and Daddy have left for the weekend, in rolls Craig. See, Craig is the kind of guy who actually enjoys being slapped by a woman and his philosophy is that "Women love it when you treat 'em like $#!t." Well, he may not be the best one to take dating advice from, but since this is Big Brother we're talking about here and Tom seems to idolize him, he decides to learn from the master.

    Well, it's not long before Big Brother is showing little brother the ropes. Not only is he giving him dating tips, but he's gone so far as to get him some slick clothes, a new haircut, and even his Id. He's even set up the date himself and arranged for a limo to pick him up. Of Course, all plans of a limo are screwed so Tom ends up having to use the forbidden Caddy (darn).

    Pretty soon the date is on, and everything's going fine and dandy until there's a small case of mistaken identity and before you know it, one case has turned into many cases and now the cops, the Chinese mafia, and a deranged flower delivery boy, are on Tom's tale for obvious reasons. Surprise, surprise, Craig has not been at law school. This all adds to the fun. Throw in a hilariously quirky Fisher Stevens as Dwight, the p***ed off flower delivery boy who was stiffed on his tip, and you've got a winner. His character alone is reason enough to see the movie. Just all the bad things that happen to him thoroughout are great. B.D. Wong turns in another great performance as Lew, and Teri Polo is typically adorable as the love interest.

    There's also a scene in which Craig is driving along in a Chevette, rapping along to Tone Loc. Priceless.

    Go get this one.
  • Hey there IMDb viewers, Seriously - I took a chance on this film when it came to TV and I honestly have to say that, if you can watch it for what it is - i.e. pure entertainment - your gonna have a blast! It stars a young Ethan Hawke (Training Day) and a very attractive, younger Teri Polo (Meet The Parents). When Tom McHugh's (Hawke) older brother Craig (McNamara) sets Tom up with Gina (Polo) for a blind date everything for the beginning part, starts off well... until Tom finds himself chased throughout the night by cops, a psychotic flower deliver man (Stevens) and a mob Boss by the name of James Lew (Wong) - it seems everyone wants a piece of Tom... or is it Craig and why?... Watch and find out! A great date movie and one to watch when your in one of those "I want to watch something, but i'm not sure what" type of scenarios. Cheers.
  • Saw this movie in college, thought it was hilarious, and somehow not very many people I've asked have seen it. Did you like the paper boy in Better Off Dead? (also riotously funny) Then you will like the flower boy in Mystery Date. It's true, if you are into reality and seriousness you will NOT like this movie. But if you like a bit of ridiculous fun, and watching someone dig deeper into trouble, (*for example, if you liked Meet the Parents) you would like this! NOTE: The girl in it was the girlfriend in Meet The Parents last year. It's weird that she made MD 10 years earlier. She doesn't look THAT much older to me.
  • I watched "Mystery Date" as a kid and liked a lot, although I couldn't remember almost anything except that Fisher Stevens was very funny playing a annoying delivery flower guy who keeps bothering Ethan Hawke's character in many scenes. But I watched this recently and it turns out that all the fun disappeared and the story is incredibly similar to many other films of the 1980's and 1990's. Except for the amazing soundtrack that includes hits from INXS and Seal the movie doesn't offers much quality or funny things.

    The clichéd story of a shy guy named Tom (Ethan Hawke) and his first and troubled date with his beautiful neighbor Geena (Teri Polo). Trying to impress the girl he picks the impressive car of his brother Craig (Brian McNamara) with whom Tom is going to be confused and involved in crazy situations with corrupt cops, the Chinese mafia and the flower guy played by Stevens.

    I love stories that happens in only one day. Films like "Superbad", "Nick and Norah's Infinite Playlist" and "After Hours" are incredibly funny and it gives you the sensation of living or enjoying the lives of the characters of these movies, the situations are very well presented and you enjoy easily. "Mystery Date" tried to be a teenage and dangerous version of "After Hours" (or at least is that what I think for I can remember a few things of Scorsese's film) and all the adventure aspect of 1991 movie took out some of the fun, it was very exaggerated in some points, things very difficult to laugh at it. As an adventure it goes well, as an comedy it's not so funny. Hawke's very nice as the lead guy and Teri Polo is quite suitable for the role of the girl next door, but the movie is only interesting because of the few scenes of Fisher Stevens, while trying to get a tip from Tom after delivering the flowers. Watchable indeed. 6/10
  • It isn't ever going to be considered an Oscar caliber classic, but it is a very well written, directed, and performed movie. Almost all the lines are referenced to each other at one point or another. The soundtrack is phenomenal. Even the extras (with the possible exception to the guard shack guy) are even good and believable. The movie captures all the nervousness and awkwardness of that first date with a woman you are trying hard to impress. If you have a date and don't know what to see, take a chance with this (rental or go all out and buy it if you can find it). I don't think anyone going in with an open mind will be disappointed. PLEASE STICK WITH IT THROUGH THE FIRST 15 MINUTES. It does pick up. The only (if it has one) downfall of this movie is that it starts slow but you have to pay attention from the opening credits to after the credits. Worth your time and money.
  • I caught "Mystery Date" on TV one night. It portrays nerdy Tom McHugh (Ethan Hawke) learning from older brother Craig (Brian McNamara) how to ask a girl out on a date. But when it comes time for the date, a series of things go wrong, and before you know it, the whole thing looks like Dave Barry's novel "Big Trouble".

    I should identify that "Mystery Date" isn't a bad movie. It's just that the ending seemed a little improbable. Otherwise, most of the movie's acceptable. Victor Wong had a fairly goofy line, and it was interesting seeing Teri Polo in the years before she became the woman in "Meet the Parents".
  • Warning: Spoilers
    The shy teenager Tom McHugh worships his sexy neighbour Geena Matthews who lives on the other side of the street, but he does not dare to talk to her.

    When his parents travel with their dog for a competition and his self-confident big brother Craig McHugh unexpectedly arrives from California for a visit with a classic 1959 Cadillac.

    Craig decides to call Geena and schedule a date with Tom.

    He lends his clothes and his credit card to Tom, who cuts his hair like Craig, buy flowers while Tom calls a limousine service.

    However, the driver has an accident and Tom decides "to borrow" the fancy car to impress the girl.

    When Tom is mistakenly taken as being Craig and finds a body in the trunk, his dream-night with Geena becomes a nightmare....

    It appears to be, and I have thought for twenty years, that this was just going to be one of those goofy comedies, where the guy keeps falling over and eventually gets the girl.

    I had no idea that the film had such a ruthless streak in the middle of it, pretty much in the same vein as 'Adventures in babysitting'.

    It's not the best story in the world, and the narrative ensures that you need an unhealthy pinch of salt to take the plot events, but the two leads are likable, and it goes at such a quick pace, it's hard not to be entertained.

    it's one of those early nineties films that are still stuck somewhere in the eighties, that should have it's own sub genre. it's dated badly, thanks to the fashion and the hair.

    But it's still a guilty pleasure nonetheless
  • Easy enough to watch if you really got nothing better to do. Very much a RISKY BUSINESS for the 90's. Ethan Hawke has the hots for cute Teri Polo next door but some unsavory associates of his lowlife brother tend to wreck his evening through circumstantial misfortune. Plays rather like a Corey Haim flick with a touch of the NIGHT ON THE TOWN's!

    Cerebrally unchallenging but equally, passably entertaining. Having picked this flick up for $2 yesterday at our local video-store's annual clean-out sale, I don't feel like it was money wasted!
  • dariuslanghoff15 August 2017
    Warning: Spoilers
    Uneasily set between two genres, Mystery Date begins as a teen comedy, then becomes a thriller full of guns, explosions and sinister villainy. Tom (Ethan Hawke) a lost, not-so-happy teenager perpetually overshadowed by his suave, good-looking elder bro Craig. Tom dreams of a rendez-vous with the beautiful girl next door Geena (Teri Polo), but cannot even bring himself to say hello.

    Things are to change when Tom's parents are away for a weekend and Craig pays a surprise visit. He calls Geena and arranges a date for Tom. Then turns Tom into the virtual image of himself: hipness incarnate. At Craig's suggestion, Tom calls for a limousine which does not arrive. So Tom borrows his brother's cool car.

    The date kicks off wonderfully. Geena is nice smart and pretty, and she seems to really like Tom. But wherever they go, strange things happen. Women slap Tom and men threaten to beat him up - all mistaking him for Craig. Then matters turn truly ugly when Tom finds an armed corpse in the trunk of his brother's car.

    For the most part this movie works quite well, balancing black comedy and thriller skilfully. Ethan Hawke's acting is endearing. The denouement is a bit of a let-down, but that doesn't mar what is essentially a rather enjoyable picture.
  • I bought this movie for two dollars at a table full of used movies. That was the best two dollars I've ever spent. Though the film was made in the early 90's and now it's the end of 2001, the topic was amazingly interesting and outdated elements were not overly distracting. Something to really appreciate about this film is that is looks to be shot with mostly natural lighting which is unusual now, but more common during the time Mystery Date was shot. It's a tense movie that's interesting to the end.
  • I just loved Teri Polo. I think she is so beautiful in this movie. I've been trying to find this movie so I can find it but with no luck. It's about a boy who has a crush on a girl next door who is house-sitting.

    His older brother comes home and gives him some types, some clothes, and his credit card. Little did Tom know that a lot of people don't like his older brother. I guess it didn't help stealing his car. I recommend this movie to everybody.
  • I thought Mystery Date was a great movie just like all the other ones Ethan Hawke is in. He was so hot and made the movie worth watching. It also had a great storyline and I'd watch it over and over again!!!! Luv ya Ethan!!!
  • I love this movie it is wonderful, if you enjoy ANYTHING, watch mystery date!!! Unless you hate everything...even still, this movie might cheer you has everything!!! A+++