Quotes (15)

Willie Red: I think she fix... I think she fix , or she don't walk outta' here.

Willie Red: Pretty soon you be feeling all unnecessary.

Kristen: Yeah, but it's a fine line, Dodd.

Gaines: You came real close this time, Pancho.

Dodd: You don't have to do this, you know.

Kristen: I know.

Dodd: It isn't going to be the way you think it is. It gets ugly.

Kristen: Yes sir, I know.

Dodd: No, you don't know. You get ugly with it.

Dodd: Ms. Cates, this is Jim Raynor. He was pretty himself once.

Jim Raynor: She's got an edge to her, don't she?

Dodd: Jimmy, the girl ran track somewhere, man. That doesn't mean you want her watching your back. Look it, Nettle ain't going to want to throw her in with you. First thing he'll think is you'll bang her. You know how he is about that. Second thing he thinks is if she gets hurt, how's that make the department look? Throwing a little girl like that into the world. Man, I can just hear what he's going to say.

Jim Raynor: She looks stout to me.

Jim Raynor: Broke in Montana. I kept meaning to get it fixed, then I came down here, where it's warm, and I lost my motivation.

Kristen: Is that where you're from, Montana?

Jim Raynor: The eastern part. The Big Empty. And now, I'm from Caddo Lake, Texas.

Kristen: Were you a narc up there too?

Jim Raynor: Ruins you for everything else.

Kristen: [laughs]

Jim Raynor: That's probably not a joke.

Jim Raynor: Feels like a lone ride to nowhere, doesn't it?

Kristen: You know, after I finished with the grand jury, they applauded me. It made me feel sick. I feel sick.

Jim Raynor: You pick a side. Because you have to. And it's supposed to be the right one. Difference being, our intentions were good. But...

Kristen: Difference is there isn't any difference.

Walker: You mind if I just lay here awhile? Don't feel too comfortable in my own place anymore, you know?

Kristen: You know what scares me? The thought of all those people getting up in court, telling what we did.

Jim Raynor: Nobody believes them. It's above the dealers and other cops. That's what makes the whole thing work. You never admit to anything. Someone's holding evidence in your face... nothing.

Jim Raynor: Look, I need something you've got.

Gaines: Somebody told me you're a bad-ass.

Jim Raynor: There's no bad-asses. Ain't nobody can't die.

Gaines: Tell me something, bad-ass: you think I'm stupid?

Kristen: [Walker has arrived at her place having driven a Yellow Cab, which he's apparently stolen] A cab?

Walker: On it like a hawk on a June bug. Well, everybody's always sayin', "Why don't you just take a cab?"

Kristen: What'd you say if we told you Gaines isn't dealin' drugs?

Nettle: I'd say, "When are you gonna make the case?"

Kristen: Will Gaines isn't dealin' drugs. At least not to us. We've tried to get next to the man for five months. He won't come across with anything. Nothin'. He won't even talk about it.

Nettle: [unperturbed] Now, Will Gaines is a dealer in drugs and pornography, and that is a fact. Make the case.

Kristen: Are you tellin' us to plant evidence?

Nettle: [glances at Dodd, then back to Kristen] I'm tellin' you that sometimes good work is accomplished in mysterious ways.

Nettle: [appearing before a public city council meeting] As you gentlemen and ladies know, I took over the job of Chief of Police six months ago.

Mayor: [correcting him] Acting Chief of Police.

Nettle: Acting Chief of Police - yes, sir. Now, at that time I had only a cursory knowledge of the volume of drug trafficking within the city.

Nettle: [Holds up a drug syringe with a Police Department evidence tag on it] This syringe was found two weeks ago on a playground at Lamar Junior High.

Nettle: [holds up another syringe from evidence] A high-school teacher took this off a sophomore.

Nettle: [holds up a small revolver] This here came off a little colored boy who was selling marijuana joints to his friends.

Mayor: I believe we've seen enough now to appreciate your point, Acting Chief Nettle.

Nettle: With all respect, sir, I think the people of Katterly need to know what their children are facing when they send them off to school in the morning.

[hearty applause from the audience]