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  • ataniell9311 August 2007
    This is a great historical piece and if you like historical HK/Chinese movies you will probably like it, but if you are an Adrian Pasdar fan-girl or a slash/BL fan, you will DEFINITELY like it. I don't know if this movie was intended to be as homo-erotic as it is, but the friendship between the men in this movie is treated almost as a romance, whereas their relationships with the women in their lives seem either not to be very serious or to be a matter of status rather than an emotional tie.

    Even if you can only find the Mandarin dubbed version, which is currently the most common one available, Pasdar does a great job with his part--he and John Lone are both invariably awesome. They're beautiful men, we get to see a lot of them, and their relationship, however you see it, is the most important thing in their lives.