• Audio/visual unsynchronised

    In the final phone call, as Lecter says "I have no plans to call on you, Clarice. The world's more interesting with you in it", his facial movements don't match the spoken words.

  • Continuity

    As Hannibal escapes, he kicks the cell door onto the guard, causing the door to be in between Hannibal and the guard. Yet in the very next shot, the guard is right in front of Hannibal so he can bite him.

  • Continuity

    The body Clarice discovers in the basement, presumably Mrs. Lippman, is lit almost entirely by sunlight. Moments later, Buffalo Bill kills the power and whole room turns pitch black.

  • Crew or equipment visible

    At the end of the film, when Hannibal tells Clarice about having "an old friend for dinner", a camera crew can is reflected in Hannibal's sunglasses.

  • Errors in geography

    In the cut to the scene outside the Memphis Police headquarters, after Lecter has escaped, an ambulance with Hamilton County tags roars across the screen and stops. Memphis is in Shelby County, 400 miles west of Hamilton County.

  • Errors in geography

    The red herring house is supposed to be in Calumet City, Illinois, but mountains are in the background. The closest mountain to Calumet City are the Appalachians, roughly 400 miles to the east.

  • Factual errors

    Although a human skin garment is implied, most of the sewing examples are blatantly wrong to anyone experienced in tailoring. For example, while Clarice stands in the first victim's sewing room, she recalls the diamond-shaped pieces of skin removed from the girl found in the river, and thinks of the darts commonly used to reduce fabric bulk in the waistline, making a garment more fitted. The problem is, the dart shapes cut from the skin resemble the unwanted pieces of fabric that are wasted. Later it shows him sewing on one end, single thickness. He's not sewing anything to anything else, and he's using a piece that is typically cut off and discarded during garment construction.

  • Incorrectly regarded as goofs

    When Buffalo Bill cocks his gun, the shadow of Bill's hand holding the gun is clearly visible on Clarice's back as he raises it to shoot her. Although it might be thought that there are no shadows in pitch blackness, Buffalo Bill is using night vision goggles, not thermal imaging. Either his device amplifies what little light there is, or it is shining infrared (invisible) light on the scene and converts the image to a visible light equivalent. In either case, shadows are possible because the image is produced by reflected light. This can be seen because Clarice is clearly recognizable, which she would not be with the thermal imaging that does not have shadows.

  • Incorrectly regarded as goofs

    Gumb's basement, while larger than the "red herring" house in Illinois, is proportional to his house in Ohio.

  • Revealing mistakes

    After Hannibal escapes from his temporary cell in Memphis, the police believe Dr. Lecter is cornered, injured and unconscious, on the top of an elevator. The officer is told to shoot him, non-lethally, in order to determine whether he is alive or not, and wounds him in the back of the knee with his police issued 9mm handgun. The body showed no reaction to the shot, so they decided he was dead. Even a dead limb would move away from the direction of the shot.