Alternate Versions (5)

  • When Laura first goes to Ben's house for dinner and the pot roast is on fire she knocks and says "Fire Department." In an alternate cut she knocks and asks "Is this what they mean by warm welcome?".
  • Much of the violence and sex is removed in the version aired on broadcast television.
  • In the US theatrical release, the sex scene cuts out right after Martin and Laura return from the party and they kiss. In the uncut version, from when they kiss, Martin is seen pulling Laura up onto tables and against furniture as he has sex with her. This version was used for the worldwide Blu-ray release.
  • In the preview it shows multiple scenes that do not appear in the movie as it was released. There is a scene in which Martin says, "She was the only thing that I ever loved", another in which Ben says, "What is it with you?" and "If you need help, I'm here".
  • To receive a 15 rating for UK cinema in 1991, the BBFC removed a minute of footage from the opening sex scene, which brought the film in line with the US theatrical version. This same cut version was passed for release on VHS later in 1991. The uncut version, with the longer sex scene intact, was passed for video release in 1992 with an 18 rating, before the film was re-rated for DVD in 2001 in its uncut form with a 15 rating. However the Blu-Ray release features the cut US theatrical print.