Jim Norman: [after Vinnie takes out a switchblade] Do you wanna give that to me?

Vinnie Vincent: Oh I'd LOVE to give it to you.

Wayne Norman: Run Jimmy Run!

Vinnie Vincent: You always wanted to be like your brother didn't you Jimi?

Richard Lawson: Dead.

David North: VERY dead.

Vinnie Vincent: [to Chip] Still not scared?

David North: No, you're as cool as a corpse, right Chip?

Richard Lawson: You know I bet Vinnie here a whole nickel, that your old clunker wouldn't burn rubber Jimmy. But I was wrong, everything burns.

Richard Lawson: How much money do you got?

Jim Norman: 12 Cents.

Vinnie Vincent: Liar!

Richard Lawson: [to Chip] Time to rock, jock!

Richard Lawson: [Lawson, Vincent and North have Chip trapped in their car] Well boys, what's it gonna take to scare this guy?

Vinnie Vincent: [smiles] "The face"

Richard Lawson: ...North, you do it.

David North: Nah, it's for kids.

Vinnie Vincent: I'll do it.

[Vincent looks away, and looks back. He shows his real face, his dead face - he laughs]

David North: No, it ain't working man, he's not scared. Are ya Chippie, ya nuckle head!

[North noogies Chip's head then he turns dead too, so does Lawson. Vincent and North each grab one of Chip's legs and his shirt]

Richard Lawson: [Turns round and takes out a switchblade] Time to rock, jock!

Vinnie Vincent: [to Jimi] Speaking of family, how's that kid of yours?

David North: I bet he's chicken; just like his old man.

Jim Norman: Those Punks... said they transferred in from Milford... I checked, I can't find any Milford High.

Old Officer Neil: That's because It isn't a school.