Plot Summary (3)

  • A male prison escapee heads for his hidden loot electronically attached to a female prisoner.
    —Rob Hartill
  • Frank (Rutger Hauer) has been convicted of stealing millions of dollars in diamonds, which have not been recovered. In his unisex prison, each inmate has an unknown partner. When the two are separated by more than one hundred yards, an explosive collar kills both inmates. Frank and his female partner escape and head for the money, but they are hotly pursued by his double-crossing colleagues.
    —Rob Hartill
  • After stealing diamonds in a robbery, diamond thief Frank Warren (Rutger Hauer) is betrayed by his best friend Sam (James Remar) and his fiancée Noelle (Joan Chen), who turns him into the authorities. Frank is sentenced to twelve years imprisonment at Camp Holliday, an experimental prison, where each convict is assigned a permanently attached electronic collar which contains an explosive device. Each collar is electronically connected to another inmate. If any inmate tries to escape from Camp Holliday and separates from the other connected inmate by more than one hundred yards, their collars will explode. Frank learns that the inmate to whom he is connected is Tracey Riggs (Mimi Rogers). The two of them escape with their collars intact. On the run from the authorities, Tracey and Frank find they are being pursued by Sam and Noelle, believing Frank will lead them to the diamonds, which he has hidden. Can Frank and Tracey get to the diamonds without separating from each other more than one hundred yards?
    —Daniel Williamson