[Frank is using Sam as a shield as Noelle aims a gun at him]

Frank: Did you do it for Noelle, or for the money?

Sam: She is cute, isn't she?

[Noelle shoots Sam]

Sam: Ahh! You hit me, you bitch!

Noelle: Sorry honey, but I did it for the money.

Frank: Looks like she fucked us both.

Sam: Yeah. Hey, you want her back?

Warden Holliday: [to Frank] You non-conformists are all alike.

Frank: Can I be frank with you? You couldn't turn me on if I had a switch.

Sam: She's not bad looking.

Noelle: [jumping in his lap] Is she cuter than me?

Sam: Much, much cuter than you. But your teeth are sharper.

Noelle: That fucking bitch was out of line.

Sam: Hey, are you OK?

Noelle: No, I want a hug.