Nora: Wait a minute, we get naked with each other and touch each other and you get inside of me and you can't tell me how much rent you pay. Your landlord knows, you're not even fucking him.

Max: All I know is that when I'm not with you I'm a total wreck.

Nora: And when you are with me?

Max: I'm a different kind of total wreck.

Sherri: You know, our Max is quite a catch. How did you manage it?

Nora: I give a good blowjob, I guess.

Sherri: Hmm... I bet you do!

Nora: And I bet you don't.

Max: There's no dust in her Dust Buster!

Judy: Come on, I wanna know how you two met.

Nora: I picked him up in a bar. How's that?

Max: I was drunk, and she was drunk, and I liked her looks so I convinced her to let me bring her home, and I seduced her on the sofa bed, and it was magic, and I keep coming back for more.

Max: [Drunk and desperately wanting coffee] How can you be out of coffee?

Max: What if I told you, I have no interest in getting laid right now?

Neil: Interest in getting laid is the human condition!

[Nora is going to meet Max's friends for Thanksgiving]

Nora: Alright, I'm gonna go in there, I'm gonna say 'Hello, my name is Nora and you can all go fuck yourselves, I'm not Janey.' How's that?

Max: Perfect.

Nora: Honey, I got everything you need.

Max: If I choose to be celibate, it's none of your business.

Neil: This isn't celibacy we're talking about, it's fucking necrophilia!

Nora: [talking at bar] Do you swim?

Max: What was that?

Nora: I mean are you a swimmer? You're not real muscular but you're strong am I right?

Max: You're drunk.

[grins back at her]

Nora: yeah, soon I will be falling all over you.