Michael: Hey, I thought of one I know you guys definitely haven't heard of.

KyleJosh: What?

Michael: And I happen to know it's true.

Kyle: No wait a minute, this isn't that dumb story about the time you and your friends found that pirate ship in an old cave?

Michael: No, it's better than that.

Josh: I brought some video game cartridges.

Kyle: What're we supposed to do with video game cartridges?

Josh: Play video games.

Kyle: On what?

Josh: Oh yeah, I forgot about that.

Uncle Harry: Well dunk my bread in the gravy. How'd you manage to get yourself in a mess like that?

Uncle Harry: Those kids are just showoffs. They're all bark, no bite, and I'll tell you something else, I have a feeling they're going to get what's coming to them sooner or later, their kind usually does.

Farmer Spivey: I don't take kindly to rodents like you, stealing my fertilizer, and messing up my fence!

Gordy Belcher: Oh yeah? I'm not the idiot who just blew a hole in it!

Farmer Spivey: Next time I'll catch you in here, I just might blow a hole in you. Make you a member of that there Vietnamese boys' choir.