The film takes place in 1978.

The film was made and released about seven years after its source novel of the same name by Michael Mewshaw had been first published in 1984. The book was semi-autobiographical. Mewshaw is a former Newsweek correspondent.

Debut American / Hollywood English-language film lensed by Italian cinematographer Blasco Giurato.

First English language movie to feature former real-life Italian Prime Minister, the late Aldo Moro, as a character.

The picture was made and released about thirteen years after the real life events, on which the film's source novel was based, had taken place in 1978.

The picture was filmed entirely in Italy. The film's crew and supporting cast were predominantly Italian.

The film's opening prologue states: "Rome - January 1978. Italy is in chaos. A group of terrorists calling themselves the Red Brigade has brought a shocked society to a state bordering on revolution. It is the . . . VERLIEBT IN DIE GEHAHR - YEAR OF THE GUN".

The name of the fictional novel that David Raybourne (Andrew McCarthy) wrote was "Year of the Gun" - the same as the film's title.

The expression "Verliebt in die Gefahr" seen in a title card at the start of the movie is the film's "Year of the Gun" title spelled in German.

The film's closing epilogue states: "Fifty-four days after he was kidnapped, Aldo Moro's bullet ridden body was found in the trunk of a car parked in the center of Rome".