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  • Once again, the Van Toor brothers deal with an important social problem in this engaging and well-written TV series. Far from capitalising on the traditional portrayal of the 'mad professor', they show a retired scientist continually unable to face the world and reality, forcing him to resort to crime. This is a detour from the traditional Van Toor films, where the chief protagonists Bassie and Adriaan take up the egregious Baron. It tones down the traditional dialectism of the series in favour of a far more subtle approach. In the process, we see how the tortured figure of the crying professor slowly falls to pieces and succumbs to his own delusions. But there are many more sides to the story, making this the most sincere of the Van Toor productions.
  • In this episode of B&A they visit the United States of America.

    You get a beautiful impression of all the nice places in the country, like New York, San Francisco, Las Vegas and the Grand Canyon.

    Of course the villains Baron, B100 en Handige Harry are also in the USA to try to catch B&A with a big bomb.

    This was to be the last adventure of these Dutch comedians and it is certainly one of the best.

    A goodbye to two legendary TV- icons of the Netherlands!
  • Oh yes, you won't get any better than this.

    Superb adventure and fun in Greece with the dutch masters of children comedy.

    Paul van Gorcum steals the show with a brilliant appearance as the villain "the Baron".

    The best serie I have ever seen.

    An absolute must for every Dutch kid.
  • This serie is absolute entertainment like all the Bassie and Adriaan-adventures.

    In this adventure we see the villains B-100 and Handy Harry for the first time.

    Bassie and Adriaan travel all over Europe to find secret packages.

    Great fun !
  • When i was a little kid i always watch Bassie and Adriaan,

    the first series the boogeyman was too scary,

    but the diamand serie and the secret of the key was more thrilling fun, not so childish like in later series, with the arrival of crook fast Japie.

    B1 and B100 are my favorite crooks. B1 was a more obscure figur also because i like more obscure characters as a kid also yes. B100 has a skinny face and yells the whole time i always have bad luck!. the most Childish character of the show was Fast Japie he is soo irritating.
  • This bassie en adriaan series really is one of the best of many Bassie en Adriaan have made in the past. The whole atmosphere is just great, the Van Toor brothers vary thrilling and humorous moments in a way every kid loves it. And not only kids love it, I still love it too. Tho' the soundtrack is ripped of various other movies and series, it fits this series perfectly. The images of the area of the professor's secret base combined with Tubular Bells or Vangelis music are just great. In my opinion the old series are much cooler than the newer Bassie en Adriaan. In the new series (based around a trip throu Europe and the USA) it's more about education and stuff, the old series like this one are more just entertainment. Also the bad guys in the old series are waaaaay more evil, in the new series they're just a bunch of stupid weird guys.

    Great series!
  • This is a great movie/episode of Bassie en Adriaan. When I was younger I always loved this particular one, it was thrilling for me then. Why I don't know, perhaps because it has the Halloween theme music all the time during this movie/episode. Well I would advise you to see this when it is on the television even if you aren't a kid anymore.