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  • This was a very creative cartoon. The whole show revolves around a little kid named Bobby, his family and his imagination. This show was much better than anything on the Fox Kids line up. It's a shame this show is over.
  • Inliten1 June 2003
    This was one of my favorite cartoons as a kid... the adventures Bobby found himself in were always interesting, and the animation was neat in its own way. Certainly one of the better kids shows that have been thrown out over time.
  • Bobby's World was one of my favorite cartoons. It is a journey into the imagination of what I think was a six-year-old boy. So, we are forced to things as a young child would, which makes it loads of fun. The stories involve Bobby, his big dog and boy's best friend, Roger, his obnoxious brother (with a rattail) Derrek, his shopping mall Valley girl sister and her boyfriend, the funky mom, Bobby's frequent playmate and uncle Ted, Bobby's red headed friend Jackie (who shares his later adventures), and finally Bobby's dad (Howie Mandel). It's no surprise that the show lasted 8 years.

    Bobby's World also threw in those last minute moral stories the way the G.I. Joe cartoons did. Although sometimes, they were more like show closers similar to what Ren and Stimpy had. The real Howie Mandel would be interacting with cartoon Bobby as they said good bye to their audience or reiterated to children some important lesson.

    It is one of the great cartoons that Fox had to offer. If you ever get an opportunity to rent the videos (I think they eventually started putting some of the seaons on tape) or catch the reruns on television, you're in for a treat.
  • Man! those were the days when I watched Nickelodeon for hours. I can't say I was a fan of the channel but it featured some really witty and tender at the same time cartoons.

    "Bobby's World" is a prime example of how kids and their imagination can provide a colorful world filled with adventures.

    The situations were really creative and were more fantasy oriented rather than displaying the "real" life a boy of that age.

    Bobby in my opinion was a good role model for kids because although he got in "some problems" he was always decent with his family.

    Overall, a very good cartoon for kids. It's clever, witty, funny, and features plenty of good messages.
  • This is my favorite cartoon....and it wasn't when I was a kid. I probably enjoyed it even better than my daughter, because the humor appeals to adults of the "retro" generation. Actually spent a month designing and sewing my little girl a "Bobby" doll. Heard it's coming back in 2007!! WHO ARE THE OTHER VOICES??? Only the extras are listed on IMDb. Loved the mom's Upper Mid-western Scandinavian accent and phrases, where I have lived all my life....HOW TYPICAL (and no, we don't all sound that nasal). . And what episode was that with "Former Baby Brothers of America"? That's a classic they should play for all children, in prep for a new baby in the family. With all the full-length cartoon remakes out there, BOBBY'S WORLD SHOULD DEFINITELY PUT OUT A FULL-LENGTH MOVIE!!
  • Cartoons. I hate cartoons. They're all so cute and cuddly. But not this one. This is probably one of the most creative cartoons to come out, since, well... EVER!I hope the reruns keep in syndication, I'd hate for another generation to miss out on the fun.
  • I loved Bobby's World. Howie Mandel has a really talented and creative mind. Gremlins was another movie of memorable ideas from his mind that we will never forget. I mean who could forget that cuddly little Gizmo(No food after midnight). I even enjoy Howies stand up acts. Saying things like how " On the third day of Christmas my true love gave to me nothing cause she died". I mean come on how does a mind think of something like that spontaneously. It only took a few episodes of Bobby's World for me to speak exactly like the big headed kid from the cartoon we all came to love I sure do hope that we see more hits from Howie in the future. Keep on Keepn on Howie we all love ya.- Ronnie