Adrian Edmondson and Rik Mayall originally planned to call the series 'Your Bottom' - so that viewers would be heard to say such things as, "I saw Your Bottom on television last night".

A fourth series was written sometime after the third, but was never commissioned by the BBC. Over the years, Rik Mayall and Adrian Edmondson repeatedly considered to return as their Bottom characters. According to Edmondson, one of those ideas involved an elderly Richie and Eddie living in a retirement home, "[where] we will be hitting each other with colostomy bags". This idea never came to fruition when Mayall died in 2014.

The last episode of the second series Bottom: 'S Out (1995), featuring Richie and Eddie camping out on Wimbledon Common, was due to be broadcast on 5th November 1992. However, a real-life murder on Wimbledon Common shortly before transmission meant that the episode was pulled, and was not seen on TV until after the third series in 1995.

Adrian Edmondson and Rik Mayall came up with the concept of Bottom while on tour with 'Waiting for Godot', where they played the two lead characters Vladimir and Estragon. They remarked Bottom to be a cruder cousin to the famous stage play. Incidentally, Christopher Ryan, who played Dave Hedgehog in this series, played Lucky in that production.

Adrian Edmondson performed the stunt which Eddie falls through the ceiling in Bottom: Burglary (1992) himself.

The third episode, Bottom: Contest (1991), was originally the pilot. The noticeable differences in the set with the organ being on the "fourth" wall, stairs opposite way, and the fact Richie has shorter hair than usual as well as Eddie visibly showing hair and missing his sideburns indicate that this episode was filmed much earlier than the other episodes in the series.

Adrian Edmondson became a notorious spokesman on alcohol abuse.

There was a recurring gag in the show, which Eddie was asked if he was related to Adolf Hitler and Eddie would reply "Yes!" and had thought that his mother's name was Adolf, although Eddie had been abandoned as a baby. In real-life, Adrian Edmondson's father was named Adolf.

Years after its final release, Adrian Edmondson and Rik Mayall began writing a Spin-Off series entitled Hooligan's Island, after the third stage show. The series was written but Edmondson opted out of it last minute to 'pursue other interests'.

The scene in Bottom: Smells (1991) which Eddie tries to pluck out one of Richie's nostril hairs with a pair of pliers in the bathroom resulting in a brief fight was not filmed in front of a studio audience.

Some of the gags were reused from Rik Mayall and Adrian Edmondson's Dangerous Brothers sketches in Saturday Live (1986).

The series was not released on DVD in the US until 2005.

Nigel Planer, Rik Mayall and Adrian Edmondson's The Young Ones (1982) and Filthy Rich & Catflap (1987) co-star was offered the role of Spudgun, but passed.

Unlike the live stage shows which have the 18 certificate in the UK. The show got the 15 certificate in the UK for it's comic violence, sexual content and profanity.

All 18 episodes excluding Bottom: 'S Out (1995) end in a freeze frame.

Adrian Edmondson shaved his head for the show because his character Eddie Hitler is bald. In 1993, prior to the first live stage show of "Bottom", Rik Mayall and Edmondson appeared on The Big Breakfast (1992) which Adrian Edmondson had a full set of hair on his head, which he later shaved off for the late stage show.

Rik Mayall and Adrian Edmondson developed the Eddie and Richie characters over the course of their career, loosely based on their own friendship. The names themselves come from Edmondson's and Mayall's own nicknames for each other; many of Mayall's characters are referred to by some variation of the name Richard, and Eddie is taken from Eddie Monsoon, Edmondson's nickname since university.

The scene in Bottom: Apocalypse (1991) which Eddie disguises himself as the Grim Reaper and enters Richie Bedroom and tricks Richie into allowing him to no longer pay the rent and also tricks Richie into giving him the remaining £300 and Richie's copy of "Girly World" mocks "A Christmas Carol" by Charles Dickens, which Ebeneezer Scrooge is visited by three ghosts in his bedroom on Christmas Eve Night.

Rik Mayall performed the stunt of Richie falling down the stairs in Bottom: Carnival (1995).

The story that Richie tells the Gasman in Bottom: Gas (1991) goes: Once upon a time, there was a big forest and in the middle of the forest, there lived some trousers called Dave.

The final season aired 20 years after Rik Mayall and Adrian Edmondson first met in 1975.

Bottom: Contest (1991) was filmed in 1989 and was the original pilot episode.

In New Zealand, Series 2 is the only season of Bottom (1991) to be given the R16 rating when it was released on VHS and DVD. Series 1 and 3 were both given the M rating.

The ending of Bottom (1991) mocks the ending of Blake's 7 (1978). Brian Croucher whom played Ted Nugent in Bottom: Parade (1992) played Travis in that series.

Rik Mayall and Adrian Edmondson gave the series a break at the end of Series 2, so they could focus on doing a live stage show of the sitcom - Bottom Live (1993). The sitcom returned in 1995 in it's 3rd and final season.

The fictional newspaper Richie and Eddie reads is called The Hammersmith Bugle. In the Marvel comic book "Spider-Man" Peter Parker works for a tabloid newspaper called "The Daily Bugle" and funny enough, In Bottom: Culture (1992) Eddie uses a Spider-Man doll as a chess piece.

In some shows, Richie and Eddie and other characters commit some crimes - In Bottom: Gas (1991), Eddie has an illegal connection to their neighbor Mr. Rottweiler's gas supply. In Bottom: Apocalypse (1991), Eddie schemes to steal Richie's inheritance for himself. In Bottom: Burglary (1992), Richie and Eddie's flat is burgled. In Bottom: Parade (1992) Richie and Eddie attack the Chief Inspector in the pub toilet, so they can mug him. In Bottom: 'S Out (1995), Mr. Tent shows off his genitals at Richie and Eddie in the park at Wimbledon Common. In "Bottom" (1991) {Dough (#3.4)}, Eddie illegally forges money. In Bottom: Finger (1995), Richie and Eddie steal and drive off in Cannonball Taffy O'Jones's car and con the hotel staff as Cannonball Taffy O'Jones and his bride and in Bottom: Carnival (1995) there is a riot in Hammersmith, which Richie and Eddie go looting and they decide to blackmail the Prime Minister of Great Britain, when a dirty video of the Prime Minister falls into their possession.

Christopher Ryan also starred with Adrian Edmondson and Rik Mayall in The Young Ones (1982), where he played Mike.

In Bottom: Digger (1992), in the scene which Richie pretending to be an eccentric billionaire and Eddie pretending to be his butler meets Natasha. Eddie says "That's right. I'm Bruce Wayne". A plausible nod to the Batman comic books created by Bob Kane. In the Batman comic books. Alfred Pennyworth is the butler of billionaire Bruce Wayne whom is secretly the masked vigilante Batman and aids him.

4 years after the sitcom ended. Rik Mayall and Adrian Edmondson brought Richie and Eddie to the big screen in Guest House Paradiso (1999) which in that film, Richie and Eddie are the owners of the worst hotel in the United Kingdom. The film was Adrian Edmondson's directorial debut. However, Rik Mayall and Adrian Edmondson changed the surnames of their character. Richie's surname was changed from Richard to Twat (Which is a recurring gag in the film: Richie says it's pronounced Thwaite) and Eddie's surname is changed from Hitler to Ndingombaba.

In the show, Eddie is asked if he is related to Adolf Hitler, which he says "Yes!". Adrian Edmondson had played Baron Von Richtoven in Blackadder Goes Fourth: Private Plane (1989). Rik Mayall also appeared in that episode as Squadron Commander Lord Flashheart.

There is a recurring gag in the show. Eddie's last name is Hitler (No relation to Adolf Hitler), but when people ask Eddie if he is related to Adolf Hitler, he answers "Yes!" and thinks Adolf was the name of his mother.

The live stage shows of the sitcom could disregard the final show, as if Richie and Eddie's onscreen demises had never happened. However, Eddie and Richie also survived a major fall in Bottom: Hole (1995)), so realism was not really an issue in the series.

The final scene in Bottom: Carnival (1995) which Richie and Eddie are surrounded by the Anti-Terrorism Squad and are shot and killed in slow motion, which ends in a freeze frame mocks the ending of Blake's 7 (1978). Which in the last scene in Blake's 7: Blake (1981), the Scorpio crew are all gunned down by Federation troops in slow motion. Avon (Played by Paul Darrow) is surrounded by Federation Troops. The scene ends in a freeze frame and gunshots are heard during the closing credits.

In Bottom: Culture (1992), Richie doesn't know how to play Chess and asks Eddie how to play the game. But, in Bottom: Apocalypse (1991) Richie suggests to Eddie whom is disguised as The Grim Reaper that they play a game of Chess, which Eddie doesn't know how to play and Richie tells Eddie that he will him teach how to play the game.

Had Bottom: Carnival (1995) not been the final episode, and had Rik Mayall and Adrian Edmondson decided to do a 4th season, then the show could have continued by revealing that Richie and Eddie getting shot by the Anti-Terrorism Squad at the end of 'Carnival' was a dream (mocking Dallas (1978), where it was revealed that Bobby Ewing didn't really die and it was all a dream in Pamela Ewing's mind). Another option was to have Richie and Eddie simply survive their shot-wounds, and let the show continue as if nothing has happened.

In the final of Bottom: Carnival (1995), when Richie and Eddie make a telephone call to the Prime Minister, when they attempt to blackmail him. They don't mention about the dirty videotape of the Prime Minister. But, the police and the SAS that surround the flat somehow know about the dirty videotape and they demand Richie and Eddie handover the dirty videotape or they will kill them both. How did the police and the SAS know about the dirty videotape, if Richie and Eddie did not tell The Prime Minister on the telephone?