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  • I loved this little show, knowing full well that it was not destined to last long. I found it hilarious and all six of the main characters worked really well with each other.

    Even now, when I think of certain scenes from the various episodes, I have a smile on my face.

    Too bad that FOX never gave it a better time slot, because it was one of the best shows that network had to offer at that time.
  • Tomlonso6 December 2005
    This show had two iterations under the same title, but there was only a passing relationship between them.

    The first try was a delightful ensemble comedy that, in the right hands, could have made "Friends" seem like a cheap rip-off. In one episode that I remember clearly, even 12 years on, the girls in the cast are dared to go topless on the beach. It was promoted with FOX's usual nudge-nudge wink-wink subtlety, but it actually turned out to be a thoughtful essay on the value and cost of friendship.

    The second time the show appeared, it had been tinkered with in the same way my 2 year old tinkered with my VCR. I can only remember watching about 5 minutes of the first episode. What had been a nice ensemble comedy had been reduced to a "let's get the fat guy laid" teen-movie.

    "Down the Shore" - we hardly knew ye.