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  • I was very disappointed when this show was cancelled, because I thought it was excellent. The cast members weren't only gifted actors, but very talented musicians and singers (they played their own instruments and did their own singing). I think it's a shame that the networks don't give shows a chance to find an audience these days. This show was pulled after only 12 episodes, which sometimes isn't enough. If you're ever able to find an episode on TV or available at the video store, I highly recommend it. And if you're really lucky to come across the soundtrack to this show, buy it! I bought it when it came out in 1992 and still enjoy it today. In addition to "How Do You Talk to An Angel," it has many, many great songs.
  • When this show came along the hype was far greater than the substance. Being a musician I was more ready than most in my area. The theme was awesome at the time and as mentioned did much better than the show itself. Going back and watching the video will make you laugh. The guy that played Harry appears to be madly in love with Jaime Walters during the video and that dufus pretending to play drums really screwed that up with the contorted face. Other than that the story was believable if not a bit dark, like 90210 in ways. I think it lasted as long as it could have, after all once you saw it, did anybody really think it was going to go beyond one season?
  • bastiangeorg10 November 2009
    Oh man, this brings back some years. This show made me picking up a guitar and wanted me to become a rock-star. I was in my teenage years and planned my run-away to California to found a band and to live to life of Rock'n'Roll.

    Well, the show ended much too early, or maybe -in retrospect- at the right time. I'm not a rock star and did not do the runner to California, and did not set up a band. Guess I turned out alright - but when I listen to songs like "How do you talk to an angel" it really takes me back - and makes me wanna be a Rock'n'roll star all over again.

    Great show, nice memories - but I'm not surprised it got sacked. Even good bands don't make it to their second album. Did really anybody expect the Heights to do more than one season? I didn't.

    Anyway, can you buy it on DVD? Is worth it.