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  • The show was very funny, and anyone who DID watch the show agreed. Most people who said they hated Tom Arnold would have loved this show. Tom played an arrogant and stupid TV star. He was only 50% of the show. The character who played the 'writers' of the show were great at cutting down, putting up with, and tolerating Tom Arnolds character. From what I new about the show it was a spoof of 'Rosanne' and how she acted behind the scenes.

    I love to buy up the tapes for my self because they didn't make enough for a rerun stand.
  • I wish they'd offer these shows on a DVD, cause I failed to tape them when they were on. This show was killed off way too quick. I think it went way above most peoples heads. I remember when they had the direct lead in from the Rosanne show, when Rosanne and Jackie went to see the Jackie Thomas Show.

    Add this to the lisft of some of my favorite shows like, Life's Work, the Crictic, and Doctor Doctor, that didn't make it.
  • Tom Arnold plays Jackie Thomas, the star of his own sitcom, and this show is about the behind the scenes look on the show. Truth be told, I don't remember much about this show, just that it was funny, and I enjoyed it. In fact, I remember a good majority of my friends enjoying it as well. However, it was on immediately after Roseanne, and ABC didn't feel it was doing well enough to hold on to. I remember reading that while Roseanne was #1 in the ratings, Jackie Thomas was #20 or so, and they felt this number was pitiful following a #1 show. But most of us felt this show could have improved ratings-wise had it been given the chance it deserved. Remember all the shows that started off at the bottom of the barrel and climbed to the top, I.E.: MASH and Cheers. Sometimes networks will give a struggling show a chance, so long as they can see that it is genuinely a good show. I just wish they would have done it with this one.
  • I am in no way a huge Tom Arnold fan, but this show was great. I have a feeling that when Tom and Roseanne (who, at the time, had the power of ABC behind her) were splitting up, this became one of the first casualties. A real shame.
  • I saw another comment,but it wasn't fully correct.His show was cancelled because of Roseanne's pull with ABC.They were going through a divorce,and she was ABC's queen at the time.His show had a rating for the entire season of 21.This was great for a new show.Tom Arnold wanted to renew this show on another network.ABC would not release it.So he made the new show Tom.It was never given credit for how funny it was.It had a great theme.Both shows were hilarious,but only people with a sense of humor would realize this.We all know that the ratings people have not got one.I do not know anyone normal that can sit down and not have a smile during these shows.
  • I actually worked on the crew for this show. I was crazy. I was working on Roseanne at the same time. The supporting case was great ! Too bad they didn't give it another season or two. I actually liked Tom Arnold so much more than Roseanne.
  • Tom Arnold's finest hour. This series was tailor made by the producers of "Roseanne" to fit the special kind of comedian who already delivered tabloid gold as one half of the Barr/Arnold crazy train. The Jackie Thomas Show had potential to grow into a TV staple, but sadly the plug was pulled once Roseanne divorced the star and apparently assured none of the 18 hilarious episodes would ever air again. At the time, I thought there was nothing funnier on TV than the wacky adventures of that wild and crazy Jackie Thomas and his long suffering team of writers. Reminiscent of The Dick Van Dyke Show, which had a similar premise. A real shame that we never saw more of this.