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  • If Nickelodeon had never had a Golden Age, children of my generation would be seriously screwed up, most people with talent would have been out of a job, and this show would have never seen an audience. Combining actual musical talent with sketch comedy, "Roundhouse" proved to be a success. However, fate ran its course, and this show was pulled off the airwaves just in time for a parade of mindless c**p such as "Catdog" and "Spongebob Squarepants", and countless other Nicktoons. This show, which some consider to be a spawn of the classic "You Can't Do That On Television", ended up being the gap between YCDTOTV and the mindless "All That". Now, if "All That" were to end and reruns of this and YCDTOTV were to come back, the next generation to vote in the year 2010 would be all too much better. My generation would be all too much better.
  • FilmDiva622 April 2003
    This show was one of the best shows ever. My mom and I watched it to gether. It was something new and exciting. It was lots of fun. Roundhouse had the best music. I loved the theme song. I still remember the theme song and some episodes, which proves how much I liked this show. I was nine when it was on and now I'm 19 and I wish it was still on b/c it didn't matter what age you were. That's how great a show it was. The acting on there was fanominal! They were all so great.
  • "Roundhouse" was the best show Nickelodeon ever had. It was witty, upbeat, hilarious, and thoroughly entertaining!

    When "Snick" used to be on, I would usually only watch 'til 9, 'cause "Roundhouse" always satisfied my hungry TV head. (By the way, that was a pun intended....does anyone remember the song Dominic(r.i.p.) -sang, called "TV Head"?)

    I am a TV head, I watch it day and night------ And when I go to bed I use it as a night-light---- TV HEAD, TV HEAD, WATCH IT 'TIL MY EYES TURN RED----- TV HEAD, TV HEAD, PLEASE DON'T MAKE ME GO TO BED----..................................(and so on..).........

    I didn't even mention how good these performers' voices were.. All of them were singers, dancers, AND comedians! Allthesame, they were physically diverse, though the chemistry between them was ALWAYS there. That's why the show seemed to work so well. I truly believe that my life will not be complete if I don't see just one re-run of "Roundhouse" in my lifetime.

  • I can't believe i'm the only one who commented on this show!!!! It was sooo good. This show was on when Snick first came on, you know, back when Nickelodeon was actually good!!! This show stood out from the rest of the early Snick shows (all of which were good, but the evil Herb Scanell took off!) The off-beat sketches here hilariouse!!! I used to sing the theame song all the time. The cast was wonderful, especially Ivan (whom I LOVED in Newsies, which is the greatest film of all time!) and Dominic Lucero (rest in peace! We love you and miss you!)Nick just doesn't have good quality shows like this on anymore. All that Nick has on is crap. I was soo sad when this show was cancelled, and when I learned that Dominic had died. I hate Herb Scanell, (the evil president of Nick) He took off all of Nicks good shows and must be destroyed!!! Grrrr LOL well, anyway I urge anyone who reads this to bombard Nick with letters demanding they bring back their great shows like Roundhouse and Space Cases!!! Pretty please?? :::gets on knees and begs:::
  • Roundhouse is a show that defines the good days of Nickelodeon's history. A sketch comedy show that had young talents making you laugh like crazy every second! This show was always something to watch back in the early days of Snick when that started nearly 10 years ago. This show was always on at 8:30 P.M. every saturday, and i couldn't miss one episode! IT WAS SO FUNNY! I was shocked to find out about Dominic's passing, we miss you man! I was so angry when they took this gem off the air. That Herb Scannel can REALLY tick people like myself off. And it's true! Nick does suck anymore. They don't have any good shows on anymore, and they allienated some of their best shows ever like "Ren and Stimpy (which Nick ruined on purpose!) "You can't do that on television"(which i think is the BEST SHOW NICK EVER HAD ON!!!!), AAAAH! Real Monsters (which isn't on since i think Nick has that thing with gross-out cartoons like Ren and Stimpy), and "Clarissa Explains it all (Which was Melissa Joan Hart's groundbreaking begining to stardom, but is being sucked through a straw due to her other show "Sabrina the teenage witch.) Let's face it: HERB SCANNEL WAS THE DEATH OF NICK'S GOOD DAYS, AND COULD BE THE DEATH OF THE NETWORK AS WE SPEAK! But anyways, Roundhouse was indeed a awesome show, and i give it 10/10! Peace!
  • hellraiser725 May 2015
    The great thing about improv is that it gives a group creative freedom, for the actors to pretty much do what ever they want or can think of in a matter of mere seconds. But also though it, it almost feels as though there is a real sense of honesty due to how much energy and heart they put into there performance.

    This is another one of my favorite skit shows I really like that I think is under the radar. Granted this show wasn't totally overlooked but as time went on it's became forgotten.

    What makes this skit show stand out is how unique it truly is because this is a show that's based on improv comedy. It sort of reminds me a little of the Fools Play Improv from the Dead Gentlemen Production group at my collage PLU whom were great. Having this kind of comedy as a live TV show wasn't the easiest feet let alone what they all had to do throughout the show. OK, may'be not all of it was improved most of it was obviously rehearsed and some parts scripted but not all, because those things were mainly guidelines afterward the actors and actresses we're on their own. So if you think certain things their saying or performing are loose and unscripted, they really are.

    The cast was great, they were young, energetic and really talented all were practically a triple threat as they can also sing and dance which they were able to blend in and balance in the show very well. I do like the songs most of them are memorable that you almost want to sing and dance to, I wouldn't mind have a few of them on an Ipod, my favorite is the song on not wanting to give up the TV in the TV on trial skit.

    Each episode has a boatload of skits all crammed together and all done at a quick pace to the point it looked like the cast was starting to run out of breath; which is actually more than any skit comedy where the usual episode only holds a sum. Also what's interesting is each of the skits are performed on live stage and with limited sets and props at hand which I'll admit is an unorthodox move but it works because it fits in with the nature of improv comedy since part of it is based on using our imaginations more and on a technical point of view for the amount of skits they have to perform, there is no way professional sets would be produced on time or depending on the skit might not even be possible.

    Also each of the skits weren't totally random each of them were based on a social issue the show was tackling which is also something different because it makes the show educational in a good way; because what the show does is satire and parody on the social issue along with presenting a good message with suttlety without being heavy handed or preachy.

    The only comedic character in each of the skits that stands out is the Dad character whom is my favorite and is just hilarious. From just how deliciously vulgar and crass, yet strangely sensible he can be. But just how he's literally the ultimate couch potato, with that motorized Lazy Boy that just has everything you would want without the need to get up much.

    And some of the skits are memorable, like the "TV on Trial" episode which was funny but I really like how it has a great message that the visual media is a right and not the cause of social problems we have. And there is the "Gang Violence" episode what makes that episode stand out is the ending where everything was just total silence, which I'll admit gave me a sad chill because it really hammered the point on how serious a problem it really was and it was no laughing matter; though what makes that ending sadder is that it's still happening today.

    I've said enough, Roundhouse is a house of fun to come into.

    Rating: 3 and a half stars
  • I used to watch this show when I was growing up. I remember it pretty well. Although it was a short-lived series, if you ask me, it was a good show. I also remember the opening sequence and theme song pretty well, too. In addition to that, everyone was ideally cast. Also, the writing was very strong. The performances were top-grade, too. I hope some network brings it back so I can see every episode. Before I wrap this up, I'd like to say that I'll always remember this show in my memory forever, even though I don't think I've seen every episode. Now, in conclusion, if some network ever brings it back, I hope that you catch it one day before it goes off the air for good.
  • Roundhouse was one of my favorite shows ever back in the day when I was just in third grade! My favorite actor on the show was Dominic... and he suddenly disappeared! Disappointed, I still enjoyed the show. I was saddened to learn that Dominic had died! I just found out this past weekend, 6 years later! R.I.P. Dominic... you were the best!! :-)
  • This show was an original show of NICK's SNICK, along with Are you Afraid of the Dark?; Clarissa Explains it All; and Ren & Stimpy. It was incredibly hilarious and made me fall over laughing. My favorite was, uh, I forget who it was, but he was the person who played the father and rode around in the moving chair. The least Nickelodeon could do is air the reruns.
  • I remember back when I used to watch Nickelodeon for about ten hours a day. They had such great shows. What happened?? "Roundhouse" was one of my favorites. It was such a cool mix of sketch comedy and dancing/singing. I absolutely loved it and I would still probably be watching it if it was on television. It was a really one of a kind show with a wonderful cast. I doubt we'll see a kid's television show like it again.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Nickelodeon's first foray into the variety series genre was "Roundhouse". Each episode of the series tackled a subject familiar to most kids and teens with originality and imagination. The multi- talented cast was stellar, ranging from their signing abilities (Shawn Daywalt and Crystal Lewis)to their hip-hop, dancing in the streets style of dance (Seymour Willis Green, Alfred Carr, Dominic Lucero, Micki Duran, Julene Renee, and lead choreographer Ivan Dudynsky), and the comedic talents (Jon Crane, Mark David, and David Sidoni) of the cast were superb. All the topics (some which would be considered taboo in the modern PC culture) were done in good taste topped with enough immaturity to make it appealing to younger kids. The series signature wit, timing, and elaborate use of the scarce sets and props (most of which was cardboard boxes made to look TVs, etc) showed why one point Nickelodeon was a cable leader. Sure the series looks dated complete with the grunge elements of the early 90's but the series doesn't loose its charm when you remove your nostalgia goggles. Roundhouse was truly one of the greatest shows on TV in the 1990's.
  • Round House was my favorite show and honestly had a profound impact in my life it help make me who I am give me strength and confidence, it taught me a lot of lessons and the songs were wonderful to this day I still sing them because they are a part of me... it is what i fall back on and remind me who I am. What did happen to those great shows? I have to admit that I loved the cleverness of the show the comedy, the life lessons the dancing. Everything about the show was clever. And had a very moralistic message, and sometimes, things to just make you think, and you were entertained. I loved the characters and the singers. I think everyone could relate to the show and should be brought back on the air because the themes are timeless.
  • I remember watching Roundhouse seasons 1-3 on "Snick" when I was a wee preteen-teen. Although it was catered to the young Nickelodean audience, I remember it having a lot of smart and witty pop culture jokes that would have humored older audiences. The actors were also very good--especially the actors who did voice impressions. I remember Clinton, Perot, Bush, Beavis and Butthead, Ren and Stimpy, Dan Quayle and other impressions that were dead on. There was an awful lot of dancing and singing as well, and sometimes the singing was very badly lipsynced. However, the show was impressive and fast-paced. Perhaps it could have found a better "home" on MTV, since the actors appeared to be in their late 20s and there was a heavy concentration on singing and "hip hop" dancing. I remember wanting to have the Motorized Recliner that the Dad character tooled around in. It would be nice if Nickelodean would still air some "early 90s" shows like Roundhouse, Salute Your Shorts, Hey Dude, and Ren and Stimpy., well not really. It aimed to be SNL but never made it. However, it was much better than its replacement, the lame All That.
  • I loved Roundhouse and remember the sets were movable and fun. They would always break into song and Crystal Lewis was the star cast! Her voice the most prominent in the opening song and she often had solo's. She's still big in the Christian music scene. I haven't seen any other characters in anything since, but I wish they would bring back the show for its nostalgic fun!! I'm sure there are plenty of people who would watch!!
  • When I was 10 this show was on Snick. I watched Snick religiously. I really liked "Are You Afraid of the Dark?", too. Roundhouse was one of my favorites. I miss it! Clarissa Explains It All, Ren & Stimpy, Hey Dude!, etc... They were part of my childhood.

    I saw the blonde girl from the show on a recent (2003/2004) commercial and it brought back memories! I loved the dancing so much! I used to dance and I loved to watch their really cool moves. I tried to copy them. Gosh, what memories! I really miss those days. I'm sure I'm not the only one!

  • Given i was eight at the time and really didn't understand the humor. But i loved to dance thanks to this show and the good version of Janet Jackson. Ivan is such an amazing Choregrapher and he showed it a lot in the show. The sketch comedy was funny and it was more in-depth in keeping the audience hooked and also this was for teens and young adults not the all that generation or the madtv/SNL folks it was for people that liked a little more adult humor. The whole cast was great they could sing, dance and act a triple threat to all. This is when nickelodeon's main focus was not cartoons but live action shows and game shows. In other words the 90's. Recommended for a good laugh! ~!
  • I can still remember the theme song, word for word. I can still see the set and everyone dancing. It was the BEST show! I'm 24 and can still remember how this show made me feel as a kid. It was great! I would give almost anything to get this on DVD! Talk about great memories: Clarissa Explains It All, Ren & Stimpy, Hey Dude!, Are You Afraid of the Dark? and Roundhouse. Talk about smart, quality shows for teens! Ah, those were the days...
  • roundhouse was so great, one of the greatest sketch comedies of the early 90's. it was like "in living color" for teens. good luck finding reruns, cause herb scanell has a strangle hold over any and all snick shows of quality (roundhouse and space cases, those were the days!) it must suck to be him, with so much resentment directed at him. anyway, roundhouse fans tend to like newsies and space cases as well. word to roundhouse.
  • My sisters and I used to watch this show all the time. We loved it. Nickelodeon here in Australia used to play episodes every weekend but they stopped it last year. We are very upset that we can't see it anymore. The song they sang at the end of each show kicked arse: "Whenever my life gets me so down I know I can go down to where the music and the fun never ends. As Long as the music keeps playing you know what I'm saying, I know that I can find a friend down at the Roundhouse".
  • I have just recently rediscovered this show, and it has brought back SO many memories, like Ivan with his "Machine wash warm tumble dry!" and Mark's Mayonnaise Helper! It's an amazing show. The song parodies are so clever, and the dance bumpers are sooo cool. Plus, David Sidoni, Mark David, Ivan Dudynsky, and Dominic Lucero (God rest his soul) were all in NEWSIES! The best movie of all time. Ahh, memories . . .
  • why did they get rid of this wonderful show? I loved Roundhouse and I still do! Dom, Ivan, Mark, and David were all in my favorite movie as well (Newsies). Dom was by far my favorite, may he rest in peace and never be forgotten. There are so many fans of this show out there, they should bring it back. I mean, I remember the days when Nickelodeon had good show...what happened?
  • I really enjoyed this show as a junior hign and high school student. I had the opportunity to view this as long as it was on and for me it was a bridge between high school humor and the sophmoric humor of the mid-ninties SNL.

    At a point the show became cheesey (when they tried to sing), but I will never forget the Pauley Simon skit or the intelligent use of (then) current pop culture. Great Stuff.

    I have been able to get a hold of two seperate episodes in recent weeks (Jan 2001), and have enjoyed every minute. Non-stop laughs and great energy within.
  • this was a great, great show. it was funnier than "snl" and "in living color" and the cast was so diverse and extremely talented, that it was hard to choose favorites. i watched it through-out high school, and i can't imagine how i would've survived those years w/o Roundhouse. i miss the show, the cast, and the wonderful music, and especially the awesome "dance bumpers". i wish all the people who worked on the show good luck in the future and hope i can see them soon, successful and happy. Bye!
  • Roundhouse, by far one of the best shows ever on Nickelodeon! Of course, during Nickelodeon's best years. The show had an amazing cast of extremely talented actors, dancers and singers. Roundhouse was full of creative and funny skits, mocking everything from politics to homeshopping items, but the show always had some sort of a lesson to be learned. The show stayed on for four seasons, but the first season was the best.
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