Following the first season, Dominic Lucero was diagnosed with lymphoma. He left the show for treatment and returned for several episodes in the show's third season. At Lucero's request, his illness was never mentioned on the show. The final show, however, was dedicated to his memory. Despite his absence, Lucero's name remained in the opening and closing credits throughout all four seasons of the show.

Each episode concluded with a cast member saying "Reprise the Themesong and Roll the Credits." At this point the band would play, there was a short choreographed number and the cast would dance, mime at the camera, and go up to the studio audience.

The crew from this show stole the famous Big Orange Couch from the Nickelodeon Studio Tour in Orlando and hid it in the prop room for Clarissa Explains It All. The missing couch was quite the controversy and the authorities were even called to investigate its theft.

Apart from airing in the United States, the series also aired in Australia, Brazil, Canada, Germany, and Japan.