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  • It's the follow-up to "Top of the Heap" which is a spinoff of "Married... with Children". Vinnie Verducci (Matt LeBlanc) is no longer living with his father. He starts working in construction with his lifelong friend and roommate Bobby Grazzo (Robert Torti). Mona Mullins (Joey Lauren Adams) is still around and counting down the days until she's legal.

    This is a follow-up more than a spinoff from Top of the Heap. This one no longer has any cameo from Married. It's good to drop the country club. I don't mind the dad character but he's not that necessary. It's nice that they kept Joey Lauren Adams. Vinnie actually got smarter in this show. Bobby is the dumber one in the duo. I know the show is going for Dumb and Dumber. Matt LeBlanc is great for that. Bobby needs to be a nicer person. When push comes to shove, he is loyal to Vinnie and that's the best part of his character. That's why the initial idea that he's squatting at Vinnie's apartment came out wrong. He's not a good friend when he takes advantage of Vinnie like that. As for the construction crew, John Pinette is great and the others are solid. Somebody at Fox obviously saw the value in Matt LeBlanc and they gave him two attempts at launching the same character. This summer replacement show had no real chance. Luckily for Matt, he hits the jackpot in two years' time.