Eimi: Darn you. I won't lose. I will aquire your body.

Nuku-Nuku: How do you think you can get in my body, anyway?

Eimi: I'm too stupid to worry about that. I'll kill you anyway.

Boy #1: What's you're favorite food?

Nuku-Nuku: Dried mackerel and horsemeat.

Boy #2: What's your favorite hobby?

Nuku-Nuku: Sitting in the sun.

[Eimi crouches down to open her bag of Christmas gifts]

Eimi: Turn around and close your eyes, I will give you a big surprise.

Nuku-Nuku: Okay!

[Eimi snickers]

Nuku-Nuku: Now?

Eimi: No, not yet.

Nuku-Nuku: I am really excited.


Nuku-Nuku: Now?

Eimi: [whips out a *(huge* minigun] Yes, now!

Nuku-Nuku: What's this?

Eimi: Merry Christmas, outdated android.

[opens fire]

Nuku-Nuku: [dodges gunfire] Th-that's dangerous, Eimi.

Eimi: Shut up! I can't have a Happy New Year unless I kill you!

[Kyusaku stares grimly at the charred fish Akiko cooked]

Natsume Akiko: I had to cook the fish a lot to make sure it was dead.

[Kyusaku glances over to the natto covered in ketchup]

Natsume Kyusaku: Cooking's not the same as murder! And you don't need to put ketchup on natto.

Nuku-Nuku: [opens the rice cooker] Look at this! The rice is perfect. I even smell a hint of lemon.


Nuku-Nuku: Why do I smell lemon?

Natsume Kyusaku: What did you use to wash the rice?

Natsume Akiko: I washed the rice with lemon-scented dish soap.

[Akiko shoots at Kyusaku with a tank, and Kyusaku produces a futuristic-looking rifle]

Natsume Kyusaku: Nuku-Nuku, you don't need to hold back. I want you to use this.

Nuku-Nuku: What's that?

Natsume Kyusaku: It's a custom-engineered accessory, that means only you can use it, Nuku-Nuku.

Nuku-Nuku: I can't do mean things to Mama-san anymore.

Natsume Kyusaku: I see, I'm sorry. I usually treat you like a human being, but sometimes I treat you like a machine. Now then...

[whips out a small Nuku-Nuku doll]

Nuku-Nuku: What's that?

Natsume Kyusaku: It's a compact Nuku-Nuku, which I call "Chibi Nuku". I made it for just such an emergency.

Natsume Kyusaku: Ryunosuke! Are you finished peeing yet?

Natsume Ryunosuke: [muttering] Geez, he's not class at all.

[Kyusaku accidently burns Nuku-Nuku's hand with a lit cigarette]

Natsume Kyusaku: Nuku-Nuku... that's hot.

Nuku-Nuku: Ah!

[both giggle]

Nuku-Nuku: [very loudly] Hooooot! Was that right?

Natsume Kyusaku: Yeah, yeah, yeah.

Arisa: We office ladies can get really stressed out, you know.

Kyouko: How do you get off calling us office ladies?

Arisa: Simple, we're the Secretarial Department's Flying Column, which abbreviates down to O.L.

Kyouko: Just how do those words abbreviate in to O.L.?

Arisa: I guess they don't.

Akiko: In six hours I will be killed by a laser beam because my husband is an idiot!