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  • I have three Nuku-Nuku videos now, all that seem to have been released over here. Like most anime, the storyline has a slightly goofy premise, but the characters are unique, a bit demented (each in their own way) and every episode is good for plenty of laughs. I strongly recommend getting the subtitled versions over the dubbed versions. Somehow, anime doesn't seem as funny when it's dubbed.
  • starfyreweb10 October 2008
    I have all six of the Japanese videos with English subtitles, and the three English dubbed released by ADVision. The original Japanese with the subtitles are extremely funny, and as stated before not so funny with the English dub.

    I originally got the video because of the trailer I had seen on another video that I had rented at Blockbuster, I mean how can you pass up video that has trailer that starts with:

    The heart-warming story of a Boy and his Cat...

    ...and a major Military Equipment Manufacture

    and having watched Project A-ko, Dirty Pair, Ranma 1/2 et al, I know how entirely warped Japanese comedy can be, and this seriers is worth getting and watching.
  • This is a truly great show. Megumi H.'s portrayal is cute, sweet, and will certainly draw ears from fans of her other work. The story is leisurely, with comedy, action, and just a tad of human emotion. All in all, definitely one of the better animes out there.
  • Coelina8 January 1999
    This is still my favourite Anime to date, and I have seen a lot. One for the cat lover, and possibly the cyborg lover. If you haven't seen it, go for it!
  • Warning: Spoilers
    I own the ADV version of the OVA as well as the four DVDs for the TV series, and I can say the OVA is the superior Nuku Nuku. The plot is after a cat is gunned down in an attack targeting scientist Kyusaku, who is on the run with his son Ryunousuke after stealing a prototype android he made to prevent it from being sold as a weapon. Seeing poor Ryunouske in tears, Kyusaku decides to give him the best Christmas present by transferring the cat's brain into the android body he stole, and makes it into the shape of a magenta-haired teenage girl, Nuku Nuku is born.

    So basically, the first three episodes revolve around Akiko's plot to get back Ryunosuke, which are thwarted by Nuku Nuku herself. The fourth episode introduces Eimi, an android with a defective body who want to take Nuku's body for her own, which causes trouble for the heroine, even coming back to fight her in the sixth and final episode. While the first three are good, the final three are kind of so-so. However, the series does well. While it is a comedy, it also doubles as action, as Nuku Nuku has to fight to protect her Papa San and Ryunosuke from Akiko's henchwomen, all while trying to be human, as she acts like a cat, which can lead to comedic situations. This is an anime I recommend watching.