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  • It was fun making this movie with Charlie as his stand-in again (did the same for Hot Shots!). Shooting it in reverse (long hair first, then short hair scenes later), sitting next to him with his pearl handled matching 45's he asks me "What do you think of this Movie, Phil?". He was always very nice and cordial to me. When I went back to the production office one day (me with long hair and him with short hair) he passes me (after shooting for days with both of us in long hair) and says "How's it going, Phil?". I didn't recognize him!

    Shooting the scenes for the "Sonora" bike run were intense! We had one of the leading outlaw motorcycle gangs respond to our casting call and they spent the night on location so they could be in the front of the pack. Lots of other extras as bikers ("Weekend Warriors" - aka Lawyers, Engineers etc. all dressed out on their shiny HD's and brand new leather!), also showed up (took their place behind the Gang). I worked Security that day (no need for a stand-in if the Actor isn't on set), and had a few "extra" bikers come riding past me to get off the set saying they were afraid of or had been threatened by the Gang members. Probably mouthed off to some of the Gang!

    A fun group to work with including Reno Thunder (Native American) who I miss today! The quintessential "Native". We did the "Jail" scene next to each other over and over and over! As I said, Charlie (and Linda) were very kind and nice to me. Great to work with/for.

    Phil Bautista, Austin TX
  • Despite the fact that he is seemingly nuts these days, I still like Charlie Sheen. Not to offend what little Ashton Kutcher fans there is left, but Charlie Sheen was the reason the show Two and A Half Men was so hilarious. When negotiations failed and Sheen left, the show went down the crapper. He has always been capable of leading a film, and here he proves why. Surprisingly this is based on a true story. While this movie is far from perfect, it is pretty suspenseful on a lot of occasions. I loved the transformation of Dan's character from an unsure rookie cop to a fully involved undercover biker that is starting to go over the edge. It made for some fairly riveting storytelling. The excellent chemistry between himself and Michael Madsen is another key component for this film. Watching the two bond was exciting to watch. Charlie Sheen is pretty good in the lead role. I have always been a fan of his, but like Platoon, this was a role he really had to dig deep into. He pulled it off quite well, and is a main reason why this biopic works. Linda Fiorentino provides solid support as the love interest, and is a hottie to boot. Michael Madsen is an underrated favorite of mine. He does psychotic like nobody can. Leon Rippy plays the unpredictable, yet idiotically caring friend to a T.

    Final Thoughts: I dug it; plain and simple. It's nothing that is gonna turn your world upside down, but it makes for an engaging 100 minutes or so if you need an above average film to watch. Charlie isn't just that Two and A Half Men guy, he's a solid actor as well. Remember that

  • titanicbuff200025 January 2005
    This movie is a keeper. I've had it in my personal collection for years now, and usually watch it every year or two. Charlie Sheen does a good job in this movie. The whole biker vs cop plot is good. If you have a couple hours to spend without interruption, definitely watch this movie. All of the actors in this movie do a very good job and are all very believable characters. This movie would be good action flick for the boys just to hang out and watch over a few cold ones. The ladies would enjoy this flick too though for its awesome action scenes."Beyond the Law" will keep you on the edge of your seat for quite a while. This movie definitely deserves more recognition. Enjoy!!
  • I would just like to say that Beyond the Law is in my opinion Charlie Sheens best movie. I have watched this numerous times, and coming from that type of Lifestyle, all I can say is take a long hard look, this movie is as real as it gets. I would also like to say that believe me, there are short bikers out there and they can kick butt right along with the rest of them. Its a shame that Sheen didn't get the recognition that he should of for this movie. It shows that he can be a dramatic actor right along with the best of them. He played the role of Dan Saxon better than anyone could, and I take my hat off to him. This is a movie that I own and truly appreciate.
  • Long before he went on his "winning" streak, Charlie Sheen was actually a pretty decent actor and while he's always had a wild side to him, he was also a little bit down to earth (at least more to down to earth than he is now). One of the movies that Charlie starred in in his hey day was a little movie from HBO called "Beyond the Law" in 1993. In it, Charlie stars as Daniel Saxon, a small town cop who's struggling with demons from his past as well as his identity of being half Native American when out of the blue, he gets an offer from a federal agent (the underrated Courtney B. Vance) to infiltrate a brutal biker gang known as the Jackals. With the help of a biker misfit named Virgil (the constant scene stealing Leon Rippy) Saxon is able to learn how to act, think, and look like a real mean biker. His performance is so good in fact, that the club's leader, Blood (played by the always menacing Michael Madsen) actually offers Saxon membership in the club.However, the deeper Daniel goes undercover, the more trouble he has in keeping his soul from descending into the dark hell permanently. The story is also able to draw on the character's Native American roots and provide a spiritual allegory of losing one's self to the darkness and finding it again.

    What's more, this was apparently based on a true story; however, like a lot of Hollywood true tales, I'm sure the filmmakers decided to add a little embellishment here and there. Still, the real life agent (his real name being Dan Black) did serve as a technical adviser and does appear somewhere in the film as an extra. Another thing that adds to the film is the surprisingly good soundtrack that accompanies the action. I say surprisingly because, for the most part, the soundtrack is done by unknowns but it just goes to show you that you don't need famous musicians to do a good soundtrack; sometimes just any good musicians will do the trick. Also starring the beautiful Linda Fiorentino as a photo journalist who helps lead Daniel away from the darkness and in a small role, the legendary Rip Torn, "Beyond the Law" is a nice way to kill some time by providing you with a good story and some really nice motorcycles. 9 out of 10. P.S. watch out for those outlaw bikers.
  • This movie is a bit like the over the top Brian Bosworth film "Stone Cold". The main difference is that this one is based on a true story and is more serious fare than that film. Charlie Sheen does a surprisingly good job in the lead role, a guy who goes deep undercover to try and infiltrate a biker gang. He does so very well as he makes his motorcycle from scratch which using one already assembled and retrieved from a police lock up has nearly deadly consequences for a man who did not go quite as undercover as Charlie's character. Also in this one is Michael Madsen, who plays the biker leader very well. He has the aura of a biker dude, something Lance Henrickson did not have in "Stone Cold". There is a bit of action in this one, but this film is primarily a drama and it is a good movie too. "Stone Cold" was a fun movie to watch, but just not the same caliber as this movie. No, this one is the superior film on almost level, it is a bit surprising to see Charlie Sheen pull off a biker dude, but he does so very well. So all in all a good undercover cop drama.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    I also felt this was a great story and very underrated. At the time, it was an A- movie and never appeared in our local theaters. My first experience with it was on video. I've watched it several times since then, in various venues, and think it's some of Charlie Sheen's finest work. It is unfortunate that he did not win any awards for his work int his film. His real life character seems to parallel the life of the character in the story, which may be why he was able to do such a fine job with it.

    Another interesting note about this story, as we are told at the end (And this is not really a serious spoiler)is that the real Dan Saxon appears as an extra in the movie, and the whole story is true. More than 200 people were arrested as a result of this Officer's work.

    The real Dan Saxon lives in Northern California with the girl he fell in love with during the story.
  • Ghenghy19 February 2002
    And before he lost it. But, this is by far the most realistic biker movie I've ever seen. Charlie plays a real life undercover cop with issues that infiltrates a top gang run very effectively by Michael Madsen, minus the obligitory hair and tatts. Charlie's descent into a self-imposed hell is a real treat for fans. Makes you wonder where all that passion went? 9/10
  • Without a doubt one of the best movies ever transposed from a true story. The cast was awesome. The locations were right on, and the storyline and ending was extremely well played out. I can't remember the last time Charlie Sheen was in top form as he was in this film. The "bikers" were true to form and the law enforcement portrayals were even realistic. All I can say is hats off to the real Dan Saxon for even attempting such a feat as was portrayed in the film. He is a true credit to law enforcement and the war on drugs. Also hats off to the entire cast, crew, and extras that made this very awesome movie a success. I just bought the DVD and can't wait to watch it again.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    See this movie 7 years ago, and I still loving' these... I don't remember another biker's movie (and I have seen a lot) with these story quality. Started follow the Sheen's career thanks to this film. Love Harley motorcycles, and all surround its world. Correctme if I'm wrong, the real Dan Saxon is the FBI agent who's kicking off(the fiction) Dan Saxon in the San Carlos ride... -Is he???? If not, -Big mistake !!! -Dont'you think? I don't know why, but when I feel sad, I see this movie, over and over again. I heard that Mr. Sheen had drugs troubles at the time of the making of this movie. This must to be why he interpreted Dan Saxon so real... That's right, this movie is about the one men fighting against himself. He wanted be like Blood, but he wasn't, instead, he was a law-servant. Best regards to everything who loves this movie. I wish to get the soundtrack album of the movie... and never founded it.
  • the other person that reviewed this said it was a guy movie. i don't think this is so, the story is really deep and emotional as far as sheens character does, madsen is his usual self, bad-ass lol its one of those movies that really gets to you and takes you through the emotions of sheens character, for instance when he thinks things are getting good u sit up and take notice of how good things are, then things turn crappy and u really feel it, i agree with the other review tho that Charlie sheen should have definitely won some award for this.. he plays the part so well, i see him as a comedian but in this movie its strictly serious and its probably his best movie ever

    Micky D
  • I'm a biker mind you as well as a motorcycle mechanic and have a thing for crime/drama. This movie is by far my favorite movie ever. Charlie Sheen is amazing in this role. I have watched this movie no less than 50 times. It's incredible. Everything about how sheen played this role is awesome, from the starting when Virgil was saying you're not dirty enough, you're not crazy enough to the point where he grabs the cop and slams him against the's just pure gold. I have done some hunting online as well to the validity of this story and like some people have commented, I'm sure that saxon isn't his real name and that Hollywood did "make" it more "movie" however the story is fantastic and i'll be watching it another 50 times i'm sure.
  • Charlie Sheen plays Dan Saxon, a small town deputy who is fired and recruited by the Arizona Attorney General's office, Special Investigation Division (SID) to go undercover to gather evidence of illegal activities of outlaw motorcycle gangs. At first he is a complete failure until he meets Virgil, a Harley mechanic who helps him transform himself into a biker. Dan Saxon takes on the aka of SID and infiltrates the Jackals, the local OMG.

    No film would be complete without a love interest and Sid finds it in Renee Jason, a photo journalist who is writing a book on OMGs. She's hot and they hook up.

    Throughout the film, Saxon struggles to maintain his identity as he becomes more immersed in his undercover operation.

    I rented this movie then immediately went out and bought it. It has great scenes and a great plot (as it is based on a true story). I wasn't a Charlie Sheen fan before this movie, but I am now. Some corny lines and a little over-acting, but the rumble of Harleys and a sound track by Asphalt Ballet make up for any imperfections.

    Oh yeah. SID doesn't urinate on his jacket, Virgil does after he says SID is "too clean to be a biker." A must see.
  • This movie is based on a true story about a single man who sat his life on stake to go undercover in the dangerous biker community. This touching story show a ordinary man go so deep in that he don't know what is right anymore or which side he is on.He also has to make the choice to betrayl a friend or doing what is right.

    In the leading role we find Charlie Sheen as Dan Saxon,we also get to see Michael Madsen in a very cool role as the leader of the biker gang.

    The fact that this movie is based on a true story just makes you connect more with the main characters.

    At the end I have to say that this is a great movie that shows how far an ordinary man is willing to go.

    7 out of 10.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Screenwriter Larry Ferguson ("Highlander", "The Presidio", "Alien 3") debuts as director with this fairly absorbing true crime drama.

    Charlie Sheen does a creditable job playing the lead character, Dan Saxon, an Arizona cop who gets fired by his crooked boss. Soon after, he's approached by the attorney generals' office for an undercover gig. He'll infiltrate a biker gang that has been responsible for dealing in all manner of goods, from guns to drugs. Dan already has his fair share of demons, having been abused as a child by a racist uncle. As he works the case, he gets in deep enough that he begins to question his identity; he's becoming no different from the lowlifes with whom he's associating. Eventually he has to make a choice regarding what to do with Blood (an engaging Michael Madsen), the leader of this gang.

    "Beyond the Law" has the benefit of on location shooting in Arizona, as well as plenty of local colour that helps to give the supporting roles a great degree of authenticity. It's well shot (by Robert M. Stevens) and features a pretty kick ass soundtrack. It's also got romance and sex as Dan hooks up with Renee (Linda Fiorentino), a writer living with the bikers, who's working on a book about her experiences with them. It's got some real heart thanks to the fine performance by character actor Leon Rippy as Virgil, the well meaning mechanic / biker who befriends Dan and helps him create his persona. Courtney B. Vance is solid as the ambitious Conroy Price, Dennis Burkley is fun as the intimidating "Oatmeal", and Fiorentino is appealing as the love interest, but Rip Torn is sadly wasted in a role that turns out to be rather unimportant. Director Ferguson appears on screen as Sheriff Kelly. Madsen is a natural for roles like the one that he plays here, and he gives his character some effective charisma. And Sheen shows here that he does indeed have some real acting chops as he immerses himself in the role.

    The real Dan Saxon, whose work led to the arrest of over 200 people, appears in the film as an extra.

    Seven out of 10.
  • airplanefixer2215 September 2005
    This is my favorite movie. I wish they still made movies like this. The acting is so well done in this movie that it almost seems like they are not acting. The chemistry between blood and Sid is awesome. I ride a motorcycle and every time i go to a rally i have to watch this movie. There is a wedding scene in this movie that is far out. I cant believe that no one else ever thought about getting married that way. If you ever wanted to know how to build a motorcycle then this movie is definitely the one to watch. Also something that is really funny, is that my dad looks exactly like Sid. We give my dad a hard time about it and he thinks it is funny. If you like action and suspense then this movie is the way to go.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    A must see for any American made motorcycle enthusiast, I have watched this movie more times than possible to remember, as a matter of fact I am watching it as I write, Right now Highside is getting hitched to Bubbles! I hope that sparks your interest enough to watch this great film. The basic them of this film is an Outlaw motorcycle club's( gang's )connection with drug and weapon sales and the law enforcement's attempt to stop the trafficking, The main plot of the move is a little deeper, Dan Saxon (Charlie Sheen) Starts out as a part of the Lakeville Arizona police force, Due to his American Indian heritage he end's up unemployed, but gets a offer to go undercover for the Arizona attorney-generals office by Conroy Price ( Courtney Vance ) at first he rejects the offer but soon reconsider's, so Dan gets moved to Phoenix and is supplied with thirty thousand dollars to start his investigation, but cannot get any bites, as he sits at a bar contemplating what to do next Virgil ( Leon Rippy ) sits down and offers to help that's when it starts getting fun, I will not go any farther or give any spoilers because I hate it when someone dose that to me. Do yourself a favor don't rent it, buy it before they go out of print, and try to get it on DVD there is some great info on the cast & crew in the special feature section, if you are having trouble finding a copy email me I will do my best to help.
  • This was overlooked by most people, who dismissed it as just another action movie. However, I found it to be alot more. It's the story of a cop who infiltrates a biker gang and finds himself being seduced by the lifestyle and unsure of where his loyalties lay, while haunted by a childhood trauma and finding his life mirroring an old Indian tale. Sheen does a good job with his character- we really see in him a gentle man who finds himself going over the edge, but Sheen never goes over the top and is always convincing, and I found myself really caring about what happened to him. The biker gang is full of colorful characters (Michael Madsen and Leon Rippy are both especially good), and Linda Fiorentino is sexy, though underused as the woman Sheen falls in love with. But the most surprising thing about this movie is that though it has a number of violent confrontations, its plot ultimately is resolved not through a recycled action scene, but through genuine human drama.
  • Sheen easily should have been nominated for Best Actor for this movie. He sure was better than Pacino in that Scent of a Woman thing. This is one of my favorite movies of all time, but it is definitely a "guy" movie. It is gritty and action-packed, but not at all in the usual cheesy way. Sheen's character is totally believable (probably because it is based on a true story), and Michael Madsen is excellent and tough as usual. This is a MUST SEE!!
  • Maybe the worst casting of C. Sheen I've ever seen. Here we have a twenty something cake-boy, Beverly Hills born with a silver spoon in his mouth, trying to look tough as an undercover cop in a motorcycle-gang. His acting skills resume to walking around frowned in a leather jacket and delivering his lines without regard to circumstance, while the 80's no brainer flick narrative style delivers scene after scene of stereotypical action.

    There is a scene towards the end when he is presented to a police crowd as the secret deep under-cover agent that he is...truly laughable; he walks in like a moron and remains inert like a deer in the head-lights while the entire room gives him standing ovations...apparently he was the last one they suspected. This while he stands there in his shiny new leather pants like a late kid at a costume party.

    The only upside I would say, is Linda, and I admit, the only reason I watched this travesty to the end.
  • This movie was better than I anticipated.

    I actually thought it was classic.

    If you are a sucker for the Biker Gang stuff: Girls, Money, Drugs, Guns, Killing type of atmosphere, this is for you.

    I didn't think it was that cheesy, it kept it's seriousness in it as it continued it got deeper and deeper.

    When it started and I saw that Charlie Sheen was the main actor I was somewhat suspect with him in this type of roll, but he did one hell of a job.

    He is a cop who goes undercover into a Biker Gang to try and get them to sell him narcotics.

    But as he continues to try to get closer he gets deeper and deeper into it, so deep that he has turned into more of a biker than a cop, and while this is all happened his deep secrets as a child haunt him to come back and play into the movie.

    I would recommend watching this is you already haven't.
  • I am a big fan of Charlie Sheen's work and in my opinion this was his best roll ever. The fact that the movie had so much suspense in it and all these bad ass bikers would make you think it was just made up but it is actually a true story which makes it so awesome to watch. Charlie Sheen and Michael Madsen really make this enjoyable to watch and you will appreciate the acting especially for an older action movie. The very sexy talented Linda Fiorentino was also in the film and she did a great job on her roll. I don't want to give away anything about the story so I wont tell anything. Just keep in mind cops, bikers, guns, and drugs. If you want to buy the movie on DVD or rent it don't ask for Beyond The Law. The name of the movie was changed to Fixing The Shadow and its pretty rare to find now so you may have to do some hunting for it (its worth it) 10 out of 10 for the best true story film I have ever seen!
  • This film represents an accurate portrayal of undercover police work. Unlike several other films of this genre that go for flashy violence and gunplay, this film gets the audience to witness what it's really like to be so much undercover that it's possible to lose one's identity. The behavior and atmosphere are not overly done, and each element combines to make a gritty and strong impact. Michael Madsen and Charlie Sheen both have done a superb job playing their respective roles. I understand that this film co-ordinated the largest motorcycle run ever filmed. A great project, too bad it was understated enough to never hit theatrical release.
  • 7.5 stars!

    While I can't say I've seen everything he's done, this certainly stands out to me as the best acting I've seen Charlie Sheen do. I can't help but be curious how accurate the portrayal of the character and story is (it's based on a true story), but given the nature of it, I don't see why they'd have to exaggerate or take license with anything.

    It may seem to start slightly expeditious, but it doesn't feel rushed once it gets going and, again, it's a true story and screen time is limited, so it really does a great job of setting everything up and getting the viewer into the bulk to the happenings and through them.

    Great atmosphere, well-paced. Raw and engaging. A good script and the directing is more than solid in every aspect (he gets TOPS out of all of the actors, the use of music and sound is outstanding, non-intrusive yet evocative camera work, etc.) It's somewhat minimalistic which allows the great acting backed by all of it to shine through. It almost feels like a play in the desert.

    If you've thought to yourself "eh, Charlie Sheen in some crime movie? looks like B-cheese I'll pass" or similar, you should re-consider. It's not easily-digestible crime-actionflick fare either.

    This movie is serious, dark, and kind of like a surprise hit in the gut if you aren't ready for it.
  • Shiva2013 April 2010
    Love it
    I love this movie. I have seen some reviews now that say its a guy movie. Well i'm a girl and i love it. The story is great. Besides the action there is a good and emotional story to it.

    When you meet the character of Charlie sheen its kinda hard to read him, but as the movie passes you get to know him and see how hard it must be to life like that. It's a complete story where you get drawn in to the hard decisions, hard life and love of it all. Good VS bad is an understatement or this movie, it is much more then that. Because what makes good good and bad bad? Decide for yourself.

    I know it under the title fixing the shadow. (The title of the DVD i own on this movie). You have to have seen it!
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