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  • This movie rocks! Crappy looking, but very funny and outrageous. The parody of the Kevin Costner speech is brilliant, and its callback at the end of the movie is a little bit of genius. Constantly parodies the genre, so it's not "stealing" it's mocking.
  • Rick has to make $3000 in two weeks to prove to his father that he's not a loser and that he does not have to join the family business of selling hemorrhoid cremes. His first great idea is to sell suntan lotion at the beach. He gets the money for this venture from a pal who pawns his grandpa's crematorial urn. Business is very slow. But, wait! Three nerdy customers not only buy some suntan oil, they make a deal with Rick. If Rick can turn them into chick magnets, they will give him the necessary dough. A challenge? You bet. Things get even more complex when Rick meets the girl of his dreams and must impress her, too. Can Rick rise to the occasions? This low budget film should be neglected by the true film lover but, somehow, it works. The humor is as insipid as possible but who can resist such scenes as a blow-up cutie doll decking someone at the drive-in theater? Any judge will convict you as guilty for staying with this one to the end, yes, but sometimes one wallows in watching absolute nonsense. Anyone with strong family values does not want to come near this one. If your fraternity is planning for a lost weekend, think it over, but this movie will be the hit of the party.
  • This is a classic B movie. It has everything. Two guys trying a get rich quick scheme, a beach, women, and three nerds. Squirley, Larry and Joe are hilarious. I wish this movie was bigger than it was. Many people are missing out on Body Waves by not watching it. The cover totally misrepresents the movie, if you see this movie, be sure to rent it.
  • This movie is hilarious at times, really funny. There are times when it doesn't move fast enough but it is crazy and stupid and so dumb its really a hoot. The three nerds are off the farm insane. Their plan at the end to keep themselves from looking like complete losers is just downright classic. This is one of my favorite comedies of all time just for the scenes at the drive in. Body Waves is really low budget but the writing is truly outstanding. From the rating here I would guess its not for everyone but if you love weird humor with a dash of Three Stooges thrown in..this is a can't miss film. You may laugh so hard you'll make yourself sick.
  • There is nothing funny about this movie. Two losers try to sell sunscreen on the beach and three nerds become music stars. That's about as much as there is to this stinkpile. If you like T&A comedies, Bachelor Party and Screwballs are much better choices.
  • "Rick Matthews" (Bill Calvert) is a young man who may not know exactly what he wants in life but one thing he is sure he doesn't want is to work in his father's business selling hemorrhoid cream. So when his dad decides to take a vacation and gives him an ultimatum to make $3000 in the 2 weeks he will be gone Rick teams up with his good buddy "Dooner" (Jim Wise) to invest in a "get rich quick scheme" which ultimately leads to complete disaster. Fortunately, it's then that three nerds come along and offer to pay him a lot of money for his help scoring with the local girls. Eventually, one thing leads to another and in order to give them some much needed confidence he invents a special cream out of odds and ends which he pretends will help them attract girls. What he doesn't realize is that the stuff actually works. Now rather than reveal any more I will just say that this was one of the worst films I have ever seen. Not only was it totally boring but for a comedy it had absolutely no humor at all. That being said, I cannot in good conscience recommend this film to anybody and have rated it accordingly. It's really bad and a complete waste of time.