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  • Just looking over some of the other reviews, and if I may humbly suggest, I feel like maybe you're missing the point. It dosen't say "Citizen Kane" anywhere on the box. It's "Troma" for God's sake, what do you expect?

    This is just a big, dumb, loud, stupid movie. But how can you not like a herd of zombies chasing down an ice-cream truck filled with raw meat? Or a bus load of blind kids who act like real people instead of just some sympathy factory? If nothing else, the pure inventiveness of simply stapling a zombies mouth shut (He can't eat you if he can't open his mouth) is one of the best things I've seen in ages!

    The plot is, at best, thin. Most of the acting is so wooden the actors/actresses should be sprayed for termites. A group of thirteen-year olds with a $50 budget could do better special effects.

    But...this film always makes me smile. It succeeds wonderfully in what it was made to do. That is, be an exploitation/horror/comedy/b-movie joyride. Just check your brain (and your good taste) at the door.
  • There are some movies that have a novelty that is undescribable. Chopper Chicks in Zombietown is definitely one of those movies. Although the movie is not necessarily intended to evoke laughter, it does so with relative ease. This is one monster movie that won't have its audience engaging in "let's wake the dead" scream fests (no pun intended).

    One liners are essential to this movie's hilarity. "And for the record, I'm the dyke. Blow me." "If you were supposed to do normal things, God would have made you look like a normal person" (in reference to the ubiquitous midget...a necessity for a funny movie!). And of course, a slide whistle theme song brilliantly used during the zombie scenes is essential as well.

    So, watch the movie. Be entertained by its outlandishness. Or rent it just because of the title. After all, that's why I rented the movie in the first place.
  • Ok, this is not a movie for everyone. This is a B-Movie, which means low budget. However, I really enjoy movies like this. The actors aren't over paid for bad acting. It is kinda cheesey but that just adds to the flick. It will also give you something to laugh at! The Chopper Chicks are a riot and the doctor that creates the zombies is too funny! Like I said this is a B-Movie, if you don't like these types of movies you won't enjoy this one.
  • The Cycle Sluts roll into a small town to stop and get refuelled before hitting the road. Not only do they find that one of their number has a husband in the town (and was a home-coming queen in her day) but they also find that something is going on in the mine. A man has discovered valuable radioactive material in the mine and has been using zombies to harvest it. However when the zombies escape the Cycle Sluts might be the only ones able to stop them.

    I didn't know anything about this film when I taped it. To be honest I was drawn to the title as much as anything else. I didn't expect a great deal from it, but my heart still sank a little when I saw it was a Troma flick. I have never seen a film from this stable that has risen above the low standards that have become synonymous with them. From the cheap, nasty opening credits through to the rubbish special effects and laughable `undead' this film is trash in every sense.

    Sadly it hasn't got the sense to really send itself up in the way enjoyable trash usually will. Instead it just seems to wallow in it's own low standards with no desire to actually improve any part of it. The plot is meaningless and is made up of poor gore, no scares and no meaningful themes at all. Add to this a really cheap look, direction so poor that `lack of direction' is not so much a criticism as an aspiration and a total product that cries out to be labelled `banged out'.

    Against all this, the acting of the leads isn't awful – they look good in comparison! The `chopper chicks' themselves are actually pretty cool and mostly pretty sexy/good looking – Gretchen Palmer being the cutest and most fresh faced (definitely not a woman who has ridden a motor bike across America!). The zombies are a total laugh – just walking slowly with basic makeup and groaning. The most notably actor (but not for his performance) is Billy Bob Thornton, who must look back on this now and thank God that he has risen above this type of work.

    Overall, anyone watching Troma films should be ready for the low standards and lack of spark that generally come with them. I was ready for something poor but even still I was caught off guard by just how poor the whole thing was. Worth watching if you've never seen a Troma film, but other than that it's not worth the bother and is about as sh*t as you'd expect.
  • Midgets, blind children, biker chicks and zombies. Throw them all together and you get one heckuva fun movie. A deft mix of parody, gross-out humour and hokey melodrama makes this one of Troma's better efforts. Watch for Billy Bob Thornton in an early screen appearance.

    IF you don't then you are either going to be killed by:

    A. Lesbian bikers B. Flesh eating zombies C. A bus-load of blind orphans!

    This movie says something that I've been saying for a long time, there simply aren't enough movies about a gang of gay bikers (bikettes?) who have to attack a load of Zombies who could possibly threaten a whole town, not to mention the busload of blind orphans.

    If you liked TROMA'S other masterpieces such as TROMEO AND JULIET, or THE TOXIC AVENGER, this may be more to your tastes. Obviously, if you liked this movie then you should check out the other two that I just mentioned.

    It's funny, if you can watch it in the right spirit.
  • Well, what can I say about this film. I can say that it was entertaining for the most part. I thought it could have picked up a little earlier in the film than it did. However, that didn't dissapoint me so badly. I enjoyed watching this film. I am yet to find a Troma movie I haven't enjoyed watching. I gave this an 8.
  • I didn't expect much from Chopper Chicks in Zombietown. Actually, that's a white lie. I did expect something from the thing, at least something that did not take itself in a SECOND as really being serious. It's not to say that this isn't a flawed movie, or with inanities that could make someone who wants total coherence, fully plausible characters and, say, a 'message' have an aneurysm. It's got the word camp almost inherently in its consciousness. I wondered halfway through (having a tape and not DVD) what the trailer must be like. How do you string together scenes of take-no-s*** lesbian bikers (some at any rate, others you-know-what), cheapo zombies, blind orphans, a dwarf, an incoherent mad scientist, and effects and side characters with only face-value interest? The movie itself plays out like, basically, a biker movie with zombies, where plot- though there- never gets in the way of a trashy killing scene, and establishing shots of the dead ones put to weird carnival music (kazoo included).

    To describe the different character relationships would be moot; all need be known is that one biker is domineering/cowardly, another very attached to his man (Billy Bob Thornton, yes, ol' Billy Bob) up to a point, and one that doesn't get past any point becoming, basically, zombie bait. It is of note that the man who starts up the zombies in the town, played by the great Return of the Living Dead alumni Don Calfa (included with fully weird eyes and a hick accent amid his Frankenstein mode), basically can't seem to control these things, even as the townspeople almost don't give a damn ('eh, they're family' they say). In the end the Cycle Sluts end up saving a bus full of abandoned orphans (what they're doing out there don't even ask), and finally muster past the reluctance to save the town. It makes me grin seeing the back of the cover, perhaps in an all too ironic way, at seeing this movie compared to Seven Samurai, even just in "shades" as the critic says.

    Along with being camp it's really an example of flawed but pure exploitation film-making. And coming from Troma, a film company that will churn out almost anything in similar capacities that porno movies do, it's definitely not a bad entry. The biker chicks are convincing enough, even as writer/director Hoskins does a flair for the dramatic (i.e. long close-up on the lead biker chick as she prepares to flame up some zombies in the big brawl in the streets), and the oddities help bring so much to laugh at, unintentional or not, that it's hard to find stuff wrong with it on such so-bad-it's-good grounds. It's far from being exactly memorable as a genre film, but for its time it does deliver some stupid fun, with a 60's or 70's biker movie formula wedging in room for both cool and ludicrous living-dead movie set-ups. In short, a terrific premise given decent treatment, no more or less (well, maybe less depending on your point of view).
  • This is the kind of film that televisions were designed for. Though the plot is a little slow at first, it soon begins moving at a comfortable pace. The plot is, well, 'minimilistic', and the zombies are hillarious, not least for the wonderous 'musac' that accompanys their movements round the town. The bicker chicks, are dealing with the zombies, the zombies are being zombie-like. Best watched after copious quantities of beer. A nice little moovie. I would recomend this moovie to anyone who wants to watch films of the living dead, zombies, vampires and the like. It won't fail to hit the spot.
  • AJ-B18 March 2002
    This is probably the funniest zombie movie I have ever seen. This movie is an beautiful example how a over the top zombie horror should be. The zombies got their own music tune, and their moves are spectacular compared to the classics as Dawn of the dead and return of the living dead. If you're a fan of zombies...well you better go rent or buy this movie!

  • Chopper Chicks in Zombietown...the title pretty much tells the story itself. We've got motorcycle babes, townsfolk, a busload of blind orphans, and a dwarf all fighting zombies in a run-down mining town. It's utter ridiculousness. But it's utter ridiculousness starring Billy Bob Thornton, Don Calfa, Lewis Arquette, and Howard the Duck himself, Ed Gale. That's a great cast for a goofy B-movie. I can't believe Billy Bob is in this, but then again, you gotta start somewhere. We aren't dealing with genius material here, but what do you expect from a Troma flick. You expect numerous silly gags which usually aren't funny, gratuitous nudity, and gore. You will get all of this, but there is a strange lack of nudity (except on Calfa's part). And with this title it's just expected. The movie didn't quite live up to my expectations (Joe Bob Briggs recommended it and he's never steered me wrong until now) but it's growing on me. Actually, I think I'm forcing myself to like it to justify the thirteen dollars I spent on the DVD. If you like your flesh-eating films serious, then stay away. If you're more into over-the-top humor and horror, you should probably still avoid it.

    Note to genre buffs: I came to the same conclusion of an earlier reviewer that this film is a comedic combination of O'Bannon's Dead and Buried and Hammer's Plague of the Zombies.
  • A load of biker chicks end up in a town where zombies roam about

    That's it; plenty of gore, no nudity, and a very early performance by Billy Bob Thornton!

    I suppose the best one can say is that's it only 80 minutes long
  • The music in this movie is annoying. The plot is not great. The cast is interesting. Ed Gale from Child's Play and Howard the Duck re-unites with his cast mate, Don Calfa(Weekend At Bernie's!), from Return of the Living Dead. Linnea Quigley did not return, but would have been perfect for the biker's leader, Rox. Earl Boen(Dr. Silberman from the Terminator trilogy), Billy Bob Thornton(redneck in many movies), Lewis Arquette(father of Patricia, Rosanna, and David), and Hal Sparks(from Queer As Folk and Dude Where is My Car?) all appear. Earl and Lewis in small roles with Billy and Hal as more important characters. I have never heard of five of the six biker girls with the exception being Lycia Naff(Dixie from Lethal Weapon). All six are memorable, although I enjoyed army/coitus girl the most. This is not a bad movie for lovers of 80's B movies. Do not expect much.
  • this is one of the best bad movies out there. the acting is horrible, the plot non existent yet the film has charm. In particular the use of whimsical music complete with slide-whistle whenever the the zombies appear on screen. notable for the appearances of Ed Gale(Howard the Duck) and Billy Bob-Thornton. The film-makers appear to have went out of their way to make this bad in a fun way- not for everyone.
  • Right. Let's just get the "plot" out of the way. The 'Cycle Sluts', a bunch of rowdy, western style bikers, arrive in Zombie Town. The beginning of the film is slow and takes a while to get going, but when the 'zombies' (which look like they are just people the crew pulled of the street) go after the girls, after being let out from a Cave (Believe it!) you can't help but laugh at the stupid ways the 'Cycle Sluts' kill the creatures. Look out for the grenade munching zombies! Any film with a midget shooting zombies and an unexplained buss-full of blind teenagers who help save the day has to be seen to be believed! I also think the second half like BRAINDEAD (1992) to a small extent. Where the HELL do Troma get their ideas from? 7/10 :-)
  • Warning: Spoilers
    "Chopper Chicks in Zombietown" is a whole lot of fun and definitely a guilty pleasure entry.


    Riding into a small town, Dede, (Jamie Rose) Rox, (Catherine Carlen) T.C., (Lycia Naff) Jewel, (Vicki Frederick) Jojo, (Kristina Loggia) Rusty, (Gretchen Palmer) Tanya, (Nina Sonja Peterson) and Lucille, (Whitney Reis) members of an all-girl biker gang, find themselves treated with scorn from the townspeople. Trying to get repairs made so they can move on, they incur the wrath of them and are forced out of town, and while recuperating, find that several of them are missing back in town. They eventually find that mortuary owner Ralph Willum, (Don Calfa) has been using the dying townspeople to crate a race of zombies that will dig in his mine due to the radioactivity, and when the rest of the people refuse to help them since they're all family, they take on the rampaging creatures themselves.

    The Good News: This was a pretty enjoyable entry that had a lot going for it. One of the best positives is the fact that it's just so endearingly cheesy it becomes fun after awhile. From the fact that the film deals with the headstrong females, who take to leather, motorbikes and the general kind of attitudes one would expect among those who do it for a living as they do, which just makes it all the more camp. Some other scenes of the campy attitude come from the inclusion of the wise-cracking blind kids and their encounters with the zombies, which are actually nicely done and come off as great comedic relief. Handling the mini-gun against them, the fact that they unexpectedly encounter them while stumbling around early on yet never do, and a whole slew of great lines makes for some nice, campy moments. Aside from the camp, what also makes this one definitely enjoyable is the way it manages to stay interesting despite not having a lot of action going for it. There's really only two big action scenes in the film and both are in the later half, but the fact that it doesn't get boring in the beginning is a nice touch and makes it far more enjoyable otherwise. The film also manages to put in some nice action scenes with the zombies, which is a great way to help this one. As well, there's also the way in which this one has it's action scenes merge into one big fight at the end, starting with the burning house sequence, where they battle the zombies and make a great escape before being confronted by the irate townspeople before dealing with them from then on by themselves, it allows for a ton of excitement and entertainment through these scenes. It's hard not to be entirely entertained by them, which always fun and definitely has a lot to enjoy with these scenes. The final fight in the streets, complete with tons of high explosives, lots of hand-to-hand fighting and a rather fire-based conclusion are just the icing on the cake here for how well this one ends. That it also manages to squeak in some nice gore amongst all this is the last big plus for it. There's some nice limb devouring, a couple of acceptable decapitations, tons of wounds on the zombies, a rather impressive impaling with a shovel and the big one, where a zombie hungrily devours the victim in an orgy of blood-splatter, compared to what came before and is certainly a lot of fun. These here are what really worked for the film.

    The Bad News: There wasn't a whole lot really wrong with this one but it did have a few flaws. The main issue is the fact that the film tends to have the majority of it's zombie action at the very end, making the beginning incredibly sparse with it's zombie action. The first half to this is really based around their actions against the townspeople, and while it's not entirely boring, those looking for a fast-paced zombie encounter will be sorely upset at the film for not putting it into the film at the junctures where it would've worked. This is especially more noteworthy since the zombies are unleashed and willing to do something quite early on, much earlier than expected, and deciding to feature their battle with the residents will upset some. Also quite hard to overcome will be the film's rather hard to understand plot-line with how the zombies got released. It's not all that hard to believe, but it's hard to understand the science to it. That's where it really doesn't gel that well, making it hard to figure out. It really could've used a few more scenes to fully get all the understanding from it out in the open, but otherwise, these are the film's only flaws.

    The Final Verdict: Certainly a more worthwhile entry than expected, this one was certainly a lot of fun and definitely delivered more than expected. Give it a shot if you're a fan of the cheesy films of the 80s or these kinds of zombie films, while those who aren't that big on these should heed caution.

    Rated R: Graphic Language and Graphic Violence
  • maniac-82 August 1998
    Biker women who can't act too good ride into town and end up fighting off a whole bunch of really pitiful looking zombies. Oh yeah and don't forget the busload of blind children in tow!
  • I expected there to be a fair amount of slapstick humor in this given the film's title, but it is actually quite reserved in almost all aspects. It may be a Troma flick, but do not expect Lloyd Kaufman-directed levels of absurdity. The humor is bland. I only managed to laugh at two gags throughout the movie's entirety.

    For a zombie flick, it is also very lacking in blood and gore. There is some (barely), but those looking for a gut-ripping gorefest will be very disappointed. Like on a scale of 1 - 10, 10 being Dead Alive, this would maybe be a 2. 2.5 at best.

    For a flick with "chicks" in the title, it is also severely lacking in showing any skin! There's some sex scenes but absolutely no nudity. ...actually, I take that back. You do see Don Calfa's butt, but was anyone really hoping for that?

    So you have a biker/zombie exploitation film that's not gonna make you laugh, won't please gorehounds, and won't please the pervs hoping for some nude scenes. So what are we left with? Well, not much at all really. The title is cool. You get to see Billy Bob Thornton in one of his first roles, and get to see him take a knee to the groin. Um... There's a midget? (I'm sorry, dwarf). It's watchable, just boring, or at least not nearly exploitative enough to my liking.

    This film does seem to have some sort of cult following given a few of the reviews here, but it wasn't my thing. There's way better (but also way worse) Troma movies out there.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Another great exploitation title, another boring film from the Troma stable. You'd think that it would be difficult to make a film containing not only biker girls but a dwarf and a busload of blind children boring, but the producers and director of this film succeeded in their job admirably. The poor acting, over-reliance on dated '80s rock music and lack of budget in terms of sets/costumes/special effects/actors help to sink this one from the beginning.

    Now, you may have noticed the word "zombie" in this title's genre description. While these zombies are reminiscent of the dead in Romero's popular trilogy, here they are played for laughs rather than chills, in much the same way as RETURN OF THE LIVING DEAD 2. I never thought I would see a film that made ROTLD2 look like a work of genius by comparison, but here it is. Every time the zombies appear on screen, comedy music plays in this film, complete with a sound effect of someone laughing uproariously. While this does create a skewed, absurd atmosphere successfully, it's this kind of humour that also killed off the zombie film (noticeably, only a handful of such films have been made since then, most of them on a low budget).

    As a reason to have all these dead shambling about, the scriptwriter threw in some baloney about a mad scientist, but his sole role is to provide a human opponent for our good guys to fight. Sadly, the lead characters of the biker girls are some of the most obnoxious and grating females ever seen on screen, and the poor amateurish acting of the actresses doesn't help either. Fittingly, the entire cast is also packed with unconvincing amateurs (especially in the place of those playing the zombies, I hasten to add). The only fun comes from spotting a pre-stardom Billy Bob Thornton in a supporting role (looking embarrassed) and THE TERMINATOR's Earl Boen in a cameo as a mad zombie butcher.

    The first hour of this film consists of many melodramatic confrontations, disagreements and fights between the biker girls, which really cause the plot to idle in neutral for a very long, boring time. Some shots of zombies are interspersed with these actions but again, the zombies don't do much. There is a slapdash battle between the girls and the walking dead at the end of the film, which delivers a few unconvincing splatter effects (bouncing heads, spraying arterial blood, severed arms and legs) which sadly come too late to make this any good. The inclusion of the blind children (oddly they also happen to be excellent shootists) is an interesting, unexpected plot twist but nothing is done with their characters either. Although this film is comparatively short, it seems to go on forever with no end in sight. A disappointment all round.
  • There's a fine line between trash and trashy, and it takes some creativity to make a movie that's trashy to the max but not trash. This movie is about as trashy as you can get, but is good entertainment.

    Very athletic and slightly mannish but not butch women ride into town on their very nice looking motor cycles, not knowing that this town's mortician is making zombies out of corps. Soon they find out the gory truth when they encounter the mortician and the zombies that have escaped from the hidden cave.

    Plot is really thin, as there are not much more to it than what the title suggests, but there's story to each scene, and they play it to the max. I liked the humor of the story and the gusto the chicks displayed at every scene.

    This was pretty good entertainment, but definitely not for everyone. It's unique escapism, and you can get away from reality for 90 minutes because there's nothing resembling reality throughout this entire movie. I loved the energy that the actors and the maker of this film put into this movie.
  • Not bad, at least for a Troma production, but far from great or even remotely memorable. That's pretty much the consensus on "Chopper Chicks in Zombietown" and I have very little to add to that. I expected something far worse, that's for sure, but I really can't say that I intend to recommend the film to anyone else. A bunch of wannabe rough and tough biker chicks, respectably calling themselves the Cycle Sluts, passes through a secluded little desert called Zariah with a population of 127. They stick around for some reason, presumably just to shock the hillbilly locals with their bad girl attitudes and parade around in leather pants. Five miles further down the desert, however, a wacky mortician is developing a serum to bring the dead back to life. Basically, this nut creates zombies by drilling a hole in the cadavers' heads and filling it up with radioactive goo before lowering some type of antenna in their brains. He doesn't do all this for the sake of glory or money, but just because he's completely crazy and that are his own words. Suddenly, a truckload of zombies break through the door of an old abandoned mine and slowly begin to wander their way to town. From then on, you would expect an exciting zombie showdown horror movie, but no, understandably it takes an enormously long time for the zombies to reach Zariah. Also, whenever they are shown dwelling through the desert, a really absurd little country and western tune plays. Meanwhile, back in the town, the biker chicks are adapting to small town life. As to be expected in an all-girls society, there's rivalry, jealously, arguing and eye-scratching aplenty as well. When the zombies *finally* come marching in, the townsfolk actually hire the biker chicks to exterminate them, because the walking corpses are all deceased family members and/or highly respected former community members and killing them would be just too painful. That's actually one of the few really interesting little twists in the plot. The comical parts in the script are not exactly funny, with the exception of the zombies attacking the bus of an orphanage for blind children, but the zombie action (at least when it finally kicks in) is quite cool. Referring back to the part with the blind orphan kids, I really laughed hard with that. Defending themselves from danger they cannot even identify, one of the kids says: "Great… Blind, no parents and now this happens!". The evil mortician has a creepy dwarf as an apprentice and the isolated desert setting definitely contributes a little something. Unfortunately, however, the film is generally lacking. For example, it takes the chopper chicks ages to establish that it takes destruction of the brain in order to effectively destroy a zombie. I guess they were too busy being tough all those years and never watched a horror movie before. There exist very few good reasons to seek out this obscure 80's film, expect maybe to witness one of the first roles of Billy Bob Thornton as one of the chicks' hard- drinking rednecks. Watch Billy Bob getting beat up by a biker girl!
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Troma presents biker babes with attitudes, a desert town of both hostile locals and their redneck zombie family members, a mad(..mad, mad, mad, mad)scientist, a dwarf, and blind orphans..yep, it's CHOPPER CHICKS IN ZOMBIE TOWN. What more could we ask for?!?! A dusty mining town, Zariah, whose population has dwindled thanks to a series of questionable deaths, is visited by a raucous female biker gang looking for "meat" and relaxation. The town's mortician, a deranged scientist, who had just recently moved there, is reanimating the dead(..injecting a battery in their brains!)with help of his oft-mistreated dwarfian isn't for science, or knowledge, or glory, or immortality, but because he's JUST PLAIN MEAN! Well, soon, the chopper chicks find themselves endangered by not only the town's citizenry, but an army of flesh-eating zombies..they'll have to stop fighting amongst themselves in order to contend with their numerous developing challenges.

    Zombie goremedy headlined by the wonderfully bug-eyed hammy theatrics of the great Don Calfa(Return of the Living Dead)as the demented scientist out to control an entire town, Ralph Willum. Catherine Carlen is the leader of the "Cycle Sluts", Rox, the "bull dyke", obviously cloned after rocker Joan Jett..she even has a moment where she dances and sings to a jukebox song in the local town's diner, as patrons mourn the loss of a friend whose lain dead in a casket inside the joint! Jamie Rose(..the hot red head of Lieberman's Just Before Dawn)is her rival in the gang, Dede, Zariah's former Homecoming Queen, who is often exchanging insults and fisticuffs with Rox over mundane things. The marquee name of the film is Billy Bob Thortnon, in his first role, as Dede's grave-digger husband, Tommy. Little man, Ed Gale(Chucky of Child's Play, and Howard the Duck personified)is Bob Littleton, Willum's victimized assistant who soon joins forces with the biker gals.

    Those familiar with these types of zombie comedies know what to expect..flesh-eating, limbs and other parts ripped from bodies, sight gags regarding the undead associating themselves with items they once belonged to when alive, etc. The inclusion of parent-less blind kids(..such as Hal Sparks as the wisecracking, cigarette puffing leader)is a nice touch, who become besieged by zombies within their bus, only equipped with their driver's machine gun, needing help from the biker girls. Radioactivity within the town's closed down mine is injected into the story-line. The film's music score, when the zombies are shown canvasing the area around the town, is very goofy and the tone is quite loopy..kind of a RETURN TO HORROR HIGH vibe, to use an example. Plenty of memorable, quotable zingers. It fulfilled my quota of beheadings as Dede swings a mean baseball bat. Showstopping image could be the "flaming zombie bride" ignited from the flare gun, fired by Rox. Anyone entering a film such as this expecting anything more than an entertaining bad movie will be sorely's no surprise Kaufmann and Hertz distributed it under their Troma moniker.
  • I was excited to find CCIZT on DVD. Unfortunately, the movie is mediocre B-movie fare. All the elements that make a great B-Movie are here--a soap star(Jamie Rose), a great character actor (Don Calfa), a future star (Billy Bob Thornton), and Lewis Arquette as a cop. Other elements are sadly missing--over the top camp, extraneous gore, even gratuitious nudity. There is a hidden easter egg (Cannibal Lesbian Hoedown) on the disc that contains all of these The casual 80's slasher fan would do better to check out Slumber Party Massacre. For a celebration of zombie B-Movies, check out The Dead Hate the Living. Chopper Chicks in Zombie Town is a great movie title and the disc is a must have for the B-movie collector, but not a great zombie film or a great B-movie.
  • I first saw this little gem a couple of years after it was filmed. Many of the Zombies and few of the townspeople were cast in my home community So it was a real kick to see such a zaney plot scurrying the "lifeless" all over the hills and what not. To bad the plot wasn't a little more developed, I just didn't find myself rooting for anyone in this flic and it was a bit predictable. I do like the use of effects being kept to a minimum; computer generated effects have never impressed me much. Had the profanities been kept at bay then this could have been OK for TV around Halloween maybe. The make-up and wardrobe are what really made the illusion of realism work here. The odd mix of characters and a sort-of "way backwoods" aura make me think twice before traveling the unmarked fork in the road when I'm far from home! Will probably have to see this one again. Michael
  • This movie had everything, Drama, Comedy, Action, Romance, Motorcycles, Lesbians, a Musical number, Mad Scientists, Midgets, Zombies, Blind Orphans, and most especially, CHEESE! Lots and lots of cheese!

    This movie doesn't just fall into the 'so bad it's good' genre; it pretty much defines it. Right from the beginning we see the Biker Gang that the movie revolves around get berated by their leader "You're the Sluts! Try to act like it!" From there, the Sluts are let loose in yet another small town, not realizing that this is Zombietown, run by the evil Mad Scientist and his Midget henchman. From this unlikely start, the movie can only go downhill. It does so with nary a look back, and not a scrap of good taste.

    If you like cheese, this is the movie for you.
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