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  • I read through some reviews for this episode and saw that some folks hated this episode...and its overall score is very low compared to other episodes. I think a lot of this is because it's so unlike all the other episodes. However, I thought it was just terrific...and I liked that instead of murder, the plot was about 'erotomania'...more about that in a minute.

    Unlike any episode I can recall, this one did NOT begin with showing a criminal meticulously planning and executing a murder. Instead, it's at Columbo's niece's wedding. Following the reception, the bride and groom adjourn to their hotel room....and something weird happens. After the new husband finishes shower, he comes out to find his wife is gone! Where is she?!

    Soon it becomes apparent that the woman was kidnapped...but why and by whom? Well, it turns out she's NOT being held for ransom but is the object of a sick freak with erotomania...a fixation that the wife is in love with him despite no evidence of her love for him. But this guy is sicker than the average erotomaniac...he's also giving off murderous vibes. So, it's a case where Columbo and his fellow cops are in a race with time....they need to find her before it's too late.

    First of all, you DON'T see the usual sort of Columbo banter. Second, it's much more of a team effort...much like an episode of "Law & Order"...with a team and showing them step-by-step as they follow the clues. In fact, that is what I loved about the show. Instead of showing a detective using lucky guesses and finesse, this one is much more about old fashion (and much more realistic) police work. Overall, extremely tense, exciting and, for once, not a show about murder!! Well worth your time.
  • Although I didn't think much of Grand Deceptions or Last Salute to the Commodore and was underwhelmed by Dead Weight, even they had their few interest points. Which is more than I can say for No Time to Die. And I say this as a huge fan of Columbo. I give it points for its striking filming, Joanna Going's hotness and while Columbo is nowhere near as interesting as he has been before and since Peter Falk still does his best, though he has been much better. However there are too many things wrong with this episode to list, starting with the title. Very misleading, I agree that something like The Vanishing Bride(slightly generic perhaps) would've been far better. As for the pace, I wouldn't say it is one of the dullest entries of the series, I'd go as far to say it was the dullest, even beating the overlong and sluggish Last Salute to the Commodore, it starts not easy to get into and ends just as unsatisfyingly. At least Commodore had the sailing jokes, No Time to Die has nothing remotely interesting, intelligent, clever or funny in its writing, it all feels very humourless and aimless. The story is another attempt at a change of formula, and fails utterly, with the story getting increasingly implausible and stupid and no delightful scenes between Columbo and the villain. The characters are some of the blandest of any Columbo episode, the victim is completely lacking in personality and the villain is a right wimp it is difficult to feel anything for him. The music feels obtrusive and doesn't add much to the atmosphere, and of the acting the only one who acquits himself close to adequately is Falk. In conclusion, a failure and perhaps the worst of the series. 3/10 Bethany Cox
  • The Columbo mold was broken in this story. Usually it's Columbo taking a leisurely pace in finding a killer, someone who has already done the homicide, watching the perpetrator slowly trip himself over those "just one more thing" details.

    That Columbo catchphrase was not heard at all. Peter Falk's nephew Thomas Calabro also a cop marries Joanna Going and she is kidnapped right afterward.

    In this however Columbo heads a team of police racing against time to find Going because there is no ransom note, this is someone just fixated on Going who is a model.

    A lot of little things break this case just as in a regular Columbo episode. A white van spotted by a man working late in the hotel Kitchen, a systematic elimination of suspects at the wedding and reception, and a college ring among other details.

    The perpetrator is one real serious fruitcake and deadly. But this is the first Columbo story where no one dies. An achievement itself.
  • I notice a number of fans have slated this episode of COLUMBO, describing as the worst of all time. I can't help but disagree with them. I've seen plenty of other episodes that were less entertaining on account of them being duller than this one. Cheesy and dated I can cope with; dull is the biggest no-no in my book.

    NO TIME TO DIE is one of those 1990s TV movies that attempts to shake up the familiar order by offering twists and a new template for the dogged detective. I wish they hadn't experimented like this - there's no point trying to improve on what was pretty much a perfect formula - but at least it helps NO TIME TO DIE stand out from the crowd. There's no actual murder here but rather a kidnapping for the star to solve.

    The episode has a number of problems, a completely ineffectual villain being the biggest of them. However, watching Columbo lead a task force is quite a novel experience, and Falk does well in the part, playing up the humour with physicality in a script that gives him virtually no funny lines. The strong supporting cast includes Doug Savant (TRICK OR TREAT), Donald Moffat (THE THING), and cameos for Juliet Mills and Don Swayze.
  • Columbo is attending the wedding of his nephew to a budding young model. After the celebrations Columbo is about to head home until he gets paged by nephew Andy who tells him that he came out of the shower to find Melissa missing. Columbo looks around and finds evidence of a kidnapping. He starts investigating further while Andy calls in other officers to help out. Meanwhile, as tensions built between the men, Melissa wakes up bound and gagged in a strange room with her captor planning to make himself her second husband.

    If you loved spaghetti bolognese and someone told you that that they were going to make it with potatoes instead of spaghetti then you may rightly say "whoa, slow down chef boy – don't mess with a winning formula". So as a Columbo fan, when one of the films goes way off the usual formula, it gives me pause to worry that perhaps it is not the wisest thing. However, despite knowing this was not a normal episode, I decided to give it a go because just because something is different doesn't mean it isn't any good. The fact that it is different is a problem though – too many characters, no cat and mouse stuff and none of the opportunities for Columbo to be, well, Columbo. It doesn't help either that the story is poor – it is not clever but rather solved by simple, plodding police work; nothing wrong with that but it doesn't make for an interesting film. The cuts to the kidnapped Melissa are no help at all as they rarely have anything approaching tension. I hate to say it but I was genuinely bored by the end of it – it rarely had anything typically Columbo about it and it failed to be what it apparently was aiming to be.

    Falk does his best to lift this thing but without any frame of reference his character is a bit lost and his performance isn't up to much. The vast array of supporting characters undermine him and reduce his screen time significantly. Calabro is OK but nothing special while Going is a strange mix – she does "frightened and a bit spooked" quite well but other than that is as expressive as a blank piece of paper. The support features a surprising amount of familiar, if not famous, faces. Don Swayze is a strange find but his one-note psycho with a singsong voice gets old very quickly. The rest are bland but does include Frasier's Bulldog (Butler), Clear Present Danger's President (Moffat), Red For Red October's Davis, baseball player Pierce and the A-Team's LeGault – shame none of them add anything other than a distraction to the dull story.

    Overall one of the weakest Columbo films I've seen. It goes miles from formula but offers nothing else of interest in its place. I understand the difficulty for writers to reproduce the same formula every time while also making it fresh and entertaining so I can understand why they tried to do something else. However I cannot fathom why they wanted to jump so far away from it and try to be something completely different. Only one moment really worked for me and that was at the very end when Columbo asked "what time is it", only for the time to be typed on screen as it had been all film – at least it showed that someone was keen to have a laugh and poke some fun at the rather turgid, humourless affair that had gone before.
  • Seriously what were they thinking? Over the course of years the Columbo series has tried out some new things and diverted away from the usual successful formula but this movie really overdoes it. This movie is basically very different from any other Columbo movie but the differences are not for the good of the movie.

    Main thing that of course makes this movie different from any other Columbo movie is the fact that there is no murder being committed. The entire premise of this movie is totally different and it places the Columbo character in a totally different environment and situation. Also the overall is just totally different and more 'modernized'.

    Director Alan J. Levi did some other Columbo movies in the past, which all very much sticked to the usual formula. It also makes it an odd choice that he got picked to direct this movie.

    The Columbo character himself also feels quite different, perhaps because of the reason that he gets placed in a totally different environment and situation, when he helps out his nephew after his bride disappeared right after the wedding. The absence of some good relieving and trademark Columbo humor also doesn't exactly make this a good or enjoyable watch.

    In all honesty, the movie doesn't begin too bad but the movie starts to become more and more ridicules with its story as it progresses. It's such a stupid written kidnap-thriller with a story that starts to become more and more unlikely. It also makes the movie more and more unwatchable. This is a very little interesting Columbo entry that also really doesn't know to entertain its viewers in any way.

    It also doesn't help much that the supporting actors aren't the most talented ones around. Despite the fact that his character is put in such a totally different situation and the movie is shot in such a completely different style, Peter Falk still holds up well and his presence still somewhat saves this movie. Can you just imaging how this movie would had been without him? It would had been an extremely bad and ridicules cheap movie I can tell you.

    An odd Columbo entry, which could be described as a failed experiment to divert from the usual formula.

  • Highly unusual episode has no murder: Instead, it involves Lt. Columbo(Peter Falk) who is attending the wedding of his nephew, a detective named Andy Parma(played by Thomas Calabro) who has just married his fashion model wife Melissa(played by Joanna Going) when she is kidnapped from their honeymoon suite by an unknown man that is discovered to be an uninvited guest with a disturbed mind, but how to track them down in time... Notorious episode remains unpopular with fans for breaking the formula, though this isn't really bad, it's mainly hurt by an utterly clichéd, superficial depiction of the loony kidnapper. A shame, since this otherwise showcases solid police work among Columbo and his team.
  • PLOT: The bride of Columbo's nephew (Joanna Going) is kidnapped on their wedding night and Columbo has to find out whodunit before he & his team can track her down and execute a rescue.

    COMMENTARY: While several Columbo episodes experiment with the 'Howcatchem' formula, this one and "Undercover" (1994) are the only two to completely abandon it. This can be traced to both scripts being adapted from 87th Precinct mysteries by Ed McBain. Falk & the producers were no doubt getting bored and wanted to experiment with the series. But is "No Time to Die" any good?

    As noted, there is no murder at the beginning as usual, but rather a kidnapping. The detective story starts as a Whodunit and eventually turns into a Howcatchem with "can they make it in time" suspense at the close. Actually, the plot doesn't stray from formula as much as "Undercover." The episode simply exchanges a murder at the beginning for a kidnapping. From there Columbo & crew have to sort out the evidence to figure out who the culprit is, locate his whereabouts, and liberate the girl. Some reviewers point out that there's no murder; true, but there is a killing and that's all I'll say on that.

    The first time I watched "No Time to Die" I thought it was below average. Maybe because I was turned off by the deviations or perhaps I just wasn't in proper Columbo mode. Seeing it again, I was surprised at how good it is. It's a solid Columbo flick and I appreciated the changes. It's not the same old, same old. It's fresh. And it's superior to the mediocre "Undercover."

    GRADE: B
  • Warning: Spoilers
    This is a radical departure from the typical Columbo episode. It tries to mix a little creepy suspense with pulling all nights & racing the clock. The reason it is so different is the script was written by Evan Hunter. Hunter wrote the screenplay for Hitchcock (The Birds) and the novel Blackboard Jungle. The only other Columbo he would do is 1994's Undercover.

    In both cases his script plots for this series did not involve a murder as the central theme to the crime. The subject in this one is Kidnapping of a bride. He writes a story of a strangely obsessed man whose obsession is the bride of Columbo's nephew. Even though the story has no recognition that she even knows who he is, he is planning to kidnap her, marry her, & then murder her. The ceremony and the number of photos he has of her are creepy.

    There are some things which are consistent here. Columbo's bird dog efforts to find the kidnapper and his bride for one. The day & time of each event is shown as the episode progresses logically. It starts with the Wedding on Saturday night and then winds all the way through chronologically until the climax on Monday at Noon. Columbo enlists the entire police department on his kidnapper hunt.

    What is unlike Columbo is that he hides a shoe that he finds on the fire escape when the kidnapper took the bride and never explains why to the audience and never uses the shoe for any reason in the story. Then, he talks to a witness who saw the white van the kidnapper took, but waits a long time before telling anyone on the force about the witness.

    The bonus early is trying to decide is Columbo (Faulk) should be dancing with the stars as he dances at the wedding reception. Then, you get to see Columbo manage to annoy several people who are not the criminal which is a radical departure for this series. That is what is missing here. The "just one more thing" doesn't come in this show.

    It is Columbo trying to solve a kidnapping but without any ransom demands. That's because the kidnapper gets what he wants at the start, the girl. That is her second penalty, the first is the dance with Columbo at her wedding reception. The third for her is having an obsessed man steal her from her husband, and then try to set up the most sickening wedding since Dr. Phibes. Yikes!!!
  • elshikh420 August 2017
    Warning: Spoilers
    This is a very good episode after all. I loved how they knew and found the kidnapper from scratch, the breathless pace, and most of the performances. However, what stood alone was the try to change the forever format of Columbo.

    During the course of the series, which contained 69 movies from Prescription: Murder (1968) to Columbo Likes the Nightlife (2003), there were rare examples for breaking the Columbo mold. Double Shock (1973) hided who the killer was till the last scene (it's always known in the first one), A Matter of Honor (1976) hided the killer's motive till the end, Columbo Goes to College (1990) hided the way of killing till the very end, Rest in Peace Mrs. Columbo (1990) told the story by many flashbacks.

    As you see, all of these episodes changed bits and pieces, here and there, yet inside the same format of "Someone thinks that he or she committed the perfect murder, then how Columbo proves that he or she is wrong". This round, there is no murder in the first place. It's a kidnapping. And our lead must use his super smart mind to search and locate before it's too late. Now compared to the aforementioned episodes, this is not a mild change, inasmuch as a revolution!

    Nevertheless, there were 2 downsides. The first is, for sure, the character of the kidnapper. Who is that guy, and what does he want, and why he got THAT crazy??? He has no back-story, no singularity, no taste, and I hated when they made him use that lipstick; as if "wild madness" is an enough answer for all the questions!

    The second one is that we don't have Columbo around. Yes, the Columbo-ish moments are available; being interweaved into the new fabric. For instance, the "one more thing" moment is present, silently, when the forgetful lieutenant remembers something in the police station, and returns to bring it. And for another, he doesn't lean to use his gun, as usual, accompanied by a sarcastic smile this time. But generally, this is not Columbo which we know and love. Because this one has different pace for moving and talking. Moreover, we aren't accustomed to seeing him working in police stations, among team; mostly we don't get to see anyone but him. Hence, he became Kojak, not Columbo anymore!

    Ironically, there is an episode of Kojak with nearly the same plot. And I mean "Birthday Party" the first episode of season 4, which was aired for the first time on 26 September 1976, and centered on kidnapping Kojak's niece, and his efforts to get her back.

    No Time to Die (1992) isn't a bad episode of Columbo. It's just bad in terms of not enjoying our dear Columbo. Changing the format is one thing, but changing the lead character is another. However, as an episode that really breaks the mold, it's million times better than Undercover (1994), which killed the mold, along with Columbo too!
  • Warning: Spoilers
    The only Columbo episode that completely ignored the mold, and it's not that bad, though I'm also glad they didn't do more like these. One the biggest strong-points of the series is the elaborate perpetration of the crime at the beginning, in which the viewer learns who the killer is (etc.), and Columbo is (usually) still far away. The attraction of it is that every episode begins like an atmospheric thriller, and not until quite a bit later turns into a detective story. But, for 'No time to die', this is not the case.

    This episode is about the hunt for a crazy kidnapper, who might be a killer - well, for sure he is, as we find out. The two familiar 'Melrose Place' faces leading next to Peter Falk is somewhat strange, but it works fine in a somewhat cheesy way. The same goes for a familiar 'Frazier' face, a familiar 'The nanny' face and even a familiar 'The A-team' face, and there's more, even. Joanna Going has a familiar face as well, though I couldn't find out where exactly I've seen her before - as a '90s model she fits in perfectly, though.

    The story relies heavily on coincidences once again, but it's hardly a problem. Not a great episode, but as a 'now for something almost completely different' within the Columbo saga, it's perfectly doable.

    A small 7 out of 10.
  • Its not like the original first three or four seasons. It was good to see Peter Falk, but, some of the dialogue was rather dated (eg Who in blazes is knocking at my door? Who the devil is asking?) also having heard a modern expletive in a scene. Also the old stereotypical crazy loner and Colombo being the only brains in a team of other detectives kept it from being an 8.
  • lbowdls31 August 2021
    I really don't understand the negative reviews of this episode simply because it's not the usual formula. It's a great twist and shows how brilliant Columbo truly is when he is confronted with something different and something close to home. This is a tour de force for both Columbo and Peter Falk himself. This and upcoming episode Undercover are similar and has Columbo getting gritty. I love these twists on the usual as much as I love the classic usual.
  • Is this the worst show ever made in the 70's or am I having the worst luck ever? Every time I remember to tune in, it's the worst piece of schlock ever! Oh I see it says "1992". Ah! That's even worse, then! Heaven help me, I have tried to enjoy this show but I just can't! Unkempt Peter's Columbo is likeable enough but the fomula is tiresome. After you've watched a couple, you begin to wonder why, like Samantha dragging on through 25 minutes instead of twitching her nose and be done with it already, he doesn't just arrest the bad guy after 5 min:

    "Dude! You're the ONLY suspect I keep annoying, so both you and me and the audience KNOWS you did it, let's get outta here: BOOK HIM, DANNO!" I mean what am I watching this for? They give away the bad guy from the start. I just can't get used to that any more than I can watch a movie or worse, a play, where they have to sing every line.

    This is more formulaic than Bewitched, minus the fun stuff: no Endora to annoy Columbo and give him donkey ears before he goes interview the bad guy for the 17th time in 5 min, no cool tinkling bells to announce sorcery is happening, no charming Aunt Doorknobpolisher (forgot her name) and no cute Tabitha. No cool clothes here, just the frumps with the raincoat and no gorgeous blonde witch. Just say no to Columbo!

    For this episode I have no idea what's going on, mostly because, as usual, I keep flipping channels. The symmetric bride is annoying and that makes her homely; they're filming without decor whatsoever (in front of a white wall!...???) and the bad guy is creepy in a not good way. And why am I seeing Columbo's nephew?? Like Peanuts teacher, I'm not supposed to see his family. Not that I care one way or another, but with all these flaws, Peter Falk just seems out of his depth. 2 stars because I still feel sorry for the guy. I mean he was only 4 when he lost one eye. Poor guy!
  • Perhaps the best of the 'late' Columbo movies. I enjoyed the 'police work' that involves a team of real cops working together, a captain, a station house... the usual Columbo formula makes hims a sort of outsider and the other police vague walk on figures. The opening is NOT the 'murder reveal' formula and so we go on a suspenseful journey that involves a great deal more emotion than just watching Robert Culp or Jack Cassidy squirm - frankly the formula was getting threadbare by then. Columbo is still recognizably Columbo but with an extra level of intensity, emotional involvement in the story and an easy aura of authority that the other cops and even the captain respects. It is both creepy and suspenseful and you must remember that the previous year The Silence of the Lambs had come out and surely that inspired the writers. I cannot think of another outright psycho as the Columbo quarry, it was about time.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    If I'm not mistaken this is the first Columbo episode where a murder does not take place. I was personally glad because the more I got into the episode the more I sympathized with the kidnapping victim, the beautiful bride played by Joanna Going. I also believe this is the first episode where we see Lieutenant Columbo dancing. He seems to be having a good time at the wedding reception as he dances with the bride. In this episode we also see Columbo working as a member of a team with other police officers instead of doing the whole investigation on his own. We also see what is most likely the most perverted and demented perpetrator of any of the episodes. Finally, if I'm not mistaken we see Columbo holding a gun in his hand for the first time. In the scene where they rescue the bride Colombo's nephew shoots the bad guy but we do see Colombo standing there with a gun in his hand. I was personally satisfied to see that. I was glad that Colombo didn't show up to rescue his nephew's while just having a finger to point at the guy.
  • An uninspired and undistinguished "new" Columbo which sees the man-in-the-mac attend his nephew's wedding, only for his bride to disappear on their wedding night. Columbo investigates...

    And that it is about it: indifferently plotted and surprisingly laden with a flat script, given that it is written by Robert Van Scoyk, who penned the highly enjoyable Columbo story "Murder Under Glass" in the detective's heyday; there is not even a murder to speak of and the greatest amount of ingenuity afforded to Columbo by the script-writer is the narrowing down of suspects via the photos taken at the wedding, which include everybody who was there!

    Devoid of every Columbo trait possible, I thought I was watching an episode of Hill Street Blues. An insult to the history of the series, with appropriately soap-opera style acting. Very avoidable stuff.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Once the bad guy is revealed it goes down hill. This bride is marrying a cop and has the ability to take a door off its hinges but she can't fight for her life when the crazy guy gets close and threatens her with a scalpel. He also gives her an opportunity to poke him in the eye when he hands her lipstick after he puts some on his lips. All she does is take the lipstick and fearfully obliges him. If there was an award for limpy scenes this episode could be a candidate. It's one an episode full of one limpy scene after another. And yes i watched it to the end due to the fact that i am a fan of Columbo.
  • I am a huge fan of Peter Falk and Columbo. I will watch episodes over and over again because the writting and acting are top notch. As with all series shows there has to be a bottom of the pile episode. "No Time To Die" is the episode that fails actiss the board. The plot is simply lame, and despite Peter Falk's efforts, this one just stinks. I am so disappointed in this episode, and it simply is the worse of the series.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    It's not just because this is the one episode that poses -- at least for the first half -- as a whodunit that fails so miserably. It fails in virtually every other way too. A plot with more holes and loose threads than a Goodwill sweater. A plot with no murder, just a crime so ridiculous and a criminal so absurd, and yet so disturbing and lurid, that it's hard to believe this "Columbo" ever got made. I guess the network suits loosened up a bit after "Twin Peaks"...

    Every other "Columbo" starts out with a murder and ends with the murderer getting his comeuppance -- but very much alive. In this sorry caper the bad guy was a sicko but he didn't come close to killing the girl. But boy he sure got killed something good didn't he? Because ... why exactly? He kidnapped a cop's wife on their wedding night? Hell, nowadays you'd get your own reality series for that. Or maybe it was that crappy music on the tape.
  • What were they thinking? They weren't. Terrible Columbo, maybe the worst. Lame and stupid premise, badly scripted and dreadfully over-acted. It looked more like an over-cooked daytime soap opera. Lame and stupid. Waste of film.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    So Peter Falk wanted to try something a little different with this one. In the immortal words of Jack Nicholson, "SO FREAK-KIN WHAT?"

    Peter Falk was as good as ever in this one. Joanna Going, who played Melissa (the Bride) was not only GORGEOUS, she did a terrific job of playing her part. Thomas Calabro (the Groom and Columbo's Nephew) was great as the Cop who wanted to marry this BEAUTIFUL LADY!! I say SO WHAT if, out of ALL the Columbo outings produced, this ONE show didn't stay with the "set in concrete" FORMAT? If you look at this show as just some Cop Show, it would have been one Helluva Cop Show! If you look at it as a "Columbo", Falk was as great as EVER, with the possible exception of not doing all of the character's regular "bumbling" shtick. When you look at the quality of the writing, the acting, the direction, the lighting... well, just EVERYTHING, the "Columbo" crew turned out one GREAT show this time around! Regular Columbo viewers are extremely familiar with "THE FORMAT" of just about every one of the rest of the shows. This one was made when Universal was able to bring the show BACK TO LIFE(!) AFTER A NUMBER OF YEARS OUT OF PRODUCTION! When this one was made, you could tune in ANY week and see the standard style of show, with the "bumbling" Detective (who was really TWO steps ahead of everyone else!). That was NOT what you saw here, and I, for one, found it to be quite refreshing!! And for once, a couple of things happened that you NEVER saw before - 1. Columbo pulled out his gun (though he did not fire it), and 2. you got to see the squad room at the L.A.P.D., where Columbo worked. Think about it. You NEVER saw either of those things before!
  • This episode is certainly different than all the other Columbos, though some of the details are still there, the setup is completely different. That makes this Columbo unique, and interesting to watch, even though at times you might wish for the old Columbo. I liked it a lot, but then, I like almost any Columbo.
  • Hmmmm...this is a real curate's egg. If only this wasn't marketed as an episode of Columbo, then it would actually be a perfectly acceptable standalone kidnapping movie. The thing is, although "No Time To Die" features Lieutenant Columbo, it's not stylistically or structurally a "Columbo" show as such, and doesn't really deserve to be viewed as part of the series.

    What it does do is reveal just how important the normal formula is to the success of the show. Although I have no issues with experimental variations on the basic formula, a Columbo without a murder is just not a Columbo. When you sit down to watch an episode of Columbo, you want the familiarity of the basic plot structure so that you can really get into the characters and how their lives have become enmeshed in the horrific aftermath of a sudden homicide.

    "No Time To Die" just doesn't work in the same way. The whole format is so different from normal that if you're in the mood for a traditional Columbo, this is bound to leave you feeling short-changed and a bit cheated.

    On the other hand though, if you're fully aware before viewing that "No Time To Die" is a kidnap movie rather than a murder mystery, then you'll probably find it quite a gripping story. And at the end of the day, Lt Columbo's presence will only add to your enjoyment.

    I compare this to a musician's guest appearance on another artist's album, as opposed to their own release. It's like Lieutenant Columbo is making a guest appearance on a totally separate movie, rather than being the star of his own.
  • Most definitely the worst Columbo ever dreamt up. No murder and the abandonment of the tried and tested formula makes this a real drag. Falk looks bored throughout and so will you be if you waste anytime watching this.
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