Bridey: Oh, take me Auggie! Take me to Disneyland.

Chester: Beautiful day, isn't it!


Chester: If the bomb doesn't fall.

Deadpan: You're so damned happy in your safe little circle. Do you know where you'll be thirty years from now? Exercising...

[begins snapping fingers]

Deadpan: ... bargain hunting, 3-D TV in your back-pack jet. You'll have a boss on your neck, kids at your feet, head deep in debt, can't get to sleep. Cause you'll be thinking back to now, going, "I remember then...", but you don't, you missed it, and you'll miss it again. So when you're lying there crying out... "Where is enlightenment?" Just remember how... I told you now; it's in the sound... of one hand.

[fingersnap flourish]