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  • This is a great movie to watch during a New York City winter, especially if you can't afford to travel. Now that I see the date it was made, I realize I must have seen it on Spanish TV here in NYC shortly after it was released. The scenery, a Mexican beach resort, is great. A minimum of plot and a maximum of sun, sand, and waves. If you're straight you get to watch the four pretty Garibaldi ladies spend almost the whole movie in bikinis or other revealing outfits; if you're gay (Yo soy) you get to watch the four very hot Garibaldi men spend almost the whole movie in Speedos, shorts, or open shirts! Just a win-win situation all around. It's kind of silly but a lot of fun and also a great way to brush up on your basic Spanish. I just got the video from the local library & I am enjoying it all over again (in another NYC winter).
  • MJM94 November 2001
    i saw this movie about 7 years ago and remember it being sort of corny but fun. it's also the only movie that the mexican singing/dance group garabaldi has done. and, don't fret that the movies's in spanish because the garabaldi girls are beautiful in any language.